Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eli "Paperboy" Reed @ Boogaloo Club Highgate London 30/8/07

My mate Nick Sands has just mailed me to say he met up with Eli "Paperboy" Reed in London last night:

"He has asked me to inform you that he will be playing The Boogaloo pub/club in Highgate tomorrow night thursday 30th August at around 9pm


He will have his latest single for sale which comes as a neat package of vinyl '45' (with spider) and cd together in a plastic bag.

The Boogaloo looks kinda cool too....check out their Jukebox

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Steve Connor's Playlist @ Orwell 24/8/07

One of the reasons why the Orwell is such a good night is because the Orwell Collective of DJs is such a strong lineup with Steve Plumb, Barry Maleady, Flanny and Steve Connor.

I thought I'd post Steve's playlist because he was on top form again last Friday:

Hesitations Is This The Way To Treat A Girl GWP
Bobby Cutchins Leaving Lasso
Barbara Hall You Brought It On Yourself Innovation
Annette Poindexter Wayward Dream Twinight
Jackie Wilson I’m The One To Do It Brunswick
Innersection I'm In Debt To You Group 5
Jesse Gomez Lace Mankind
Seville Show Me The Way Kayo
Connie LaVerne Can't Live Without You Babe GSF
John Edwards How Can I Go On Without You Kent
Jeff Perry Love Don't Come No Stronger Arista
Edwin Starr Running Back & Forth Gordy
Four Tops Just Can't Get You Off My Mind ABC
Martha Reeves Love Guess Who Gordy
Satin Your Loves Got Me Sheel

He did play a couple of other tracks but I got distracted and forgot to note them down - I wouldn't make a good reporter!!!

I'll be back with Soul Sam's playlist who was one of the guests last week - after I speak to him because 50% of what he played was new to my ears!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ronnie "Sportcoat" Overton & Ronnie McNeir Jazz Cafe Detroit 28/8/07

Ronnie McNeir has just let me know he is performing in Detroit tomorrow night with Ronnie "Sportcoat" Overton:

The Jazz Cafe is the most significant contribution to music in southeastern Michigan in recent memory and call it the most important jazz club to open in America this year. It is open from 4:00 p.m. to midnight, Tuesday through Saturday.

It’s Discovery Series is broadcast on WVMV 98.7 every Sunday at 11:00 and is the highest rated radio show in Detroit in it’s time slot.

Hogwash LA 6/9/07

Got a bulletin to let me know:

Thursday 6th September
The Bordello
901 E. 1st Street
Downtown Los Angeles

The two finest funk boxes in Los Angeles collide and go head to head at LA's most unique and stylish hangout.

Come along and dance hard to duo sets from Andy Cobb and Greg Belson - with nearly 25 years experience in rocking the joint come see and listen to what makes a club 'Jump'.

All this and it's **FREE**

Over 21's w/ID

Funky 16 Corners Soul Message

After you have been to Flea Market cut back to Larry's place and grab the Soul Message

Flea Market Funk Mix Puttin' Game Down

Get over and grab it from Flea Market

Jimmy Guilford in Indianapolis Tonight & Every Monday

Jon Dembroski

Jon Dembroski has been in touch after seeing one of my posts on Jimmy:
Northern Soul legend Jimmy Guilford performs every Monday night from 7:30-9:30 at the Sangiovese Italian Ristorante

4110 E 82nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 596-0731
Bill Meyers on Bass, Jon Dembroski on piano.
From Lo Woods:"Think of it; enjoy a legendary singer who's been in this biz for 60 tears and still has it with a virtuoso pianist and exemplary bassist and not once have a drunk fall over you. And Brenda (Jon's little wifey) was just beautiful as usual. I highly recommend this gig on Monday nights to everybody."

Les Baxter Wild In The Streets

Les Baxter Wild In The Streets

I have been trawling around the Net this PM looking for material for my next mix as well as delving into my collection for sounds.

While searching around I fell on this groovy theme song to the 60's cult classic film Wild In The Streets - things seemed so straight forward then!!!

Herbie Goins & The Nightimers Crusin'

Herbie Goins Crusin'

Herbie Goins was a stalwart of the UK R&B scene back in the 60's. The song reminds me of dark, dank clubs where girls in mini-skirts danced around their handbags.

Barrio Soul Podcasts

Check out the Barrio Soul podcasts - some splendid Latin Soul in the mixes.

Frankie Beverly Love (Your Pain Goes Deep) Gamble

Frankie Beverly Love (Your Pain Goes Deep) Gamble
I came across this photo in my archives and placed it with one of my favourite songs by the Frankie Beverly.

While searching around and found that the 45 had been issued in the UK by Soul Jazz back in 2004 - passed me by that one!!!! Some crackers on there - check it out on Amazon and Volume looks good as well.

Da Doo Ron Ron Last Night Brighton 15/9/07

Just read about the above event - shame it is ending because I have herd good things about this night.
Checkout their website Da Doo Ron Ron

Sound Experience 40 Acres And A Mule Soulville

Sound Experience 40 Acres and A Mule Soulville
I have recently collated a number of 45s containing a political message for the IDR Mix over on Souled On. One of the songs which didn't make the mix was the above.
Wikipedia explains the concept of 40 acres and a mule and why it still has political resonance for African Americans:
40 acres and a mule is a term for compensation that was to be awarded to freed African American slaves after the US Civil War — 40 acres of land to farm, and a mule with which to drag a plow so the land could be cultivated.
By June of 1865, around 40,000 freed slaves were settled on 400,000 acres (1,600 km²) in Georgia and South Carolina. Soon after, President Johnson reversed the order and returned the land to its white former owners.
Because of this, the phrase has come to represent the failure of Reconstruction and the general public to assist African Americans in the path from slavery to freedom
You can read a fuller explanation on Emerging Minds.
Sound Experience consisted of Arthur Grant (vocals); Reginald Wright, Leroy Frailing, Anton Scott, Melvin Miles, Johnny Froman, Gregory Holmes, James Lindsay. They formed at Baltimore's Morgan State College in 1970.
During the early '70s, the group hooked up with producer Stan Watson and his Philly Groove/Soulville labels, and moved to Philadelphia to record with him. Stan Watson attended Glen Mills Reform School in Philadelphia as a teenager in 1952. 20 years later he returned with Sound Experience for a live show that would surface as an album on New York’s GSF label. They recorded two further LPs with Watson; studio sets for Buddah called Don’t Fight The Feeling (1974) and Boogie Woogie(1975). Collectables issued a collection called the Soulville Years back in 1994 and which you can pick up off Amazon etc.
I am currently working on a second mix consisting of politicalised soul songs.

Freda Payne Jet Calandar 1974

Freda Payne The World Don't Owe You A Thing Invictus
Love to have a full set of Jet magazines from the 60's and 70's - there was always loads of articles and pics on soul stars which you wouldn't see anywhere else.

The magazine is now part of Ebony.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Billy Watkins Iceman Era

Billy Watkins Iceman Era

The iceman is one of those mythic characters in African American folklore equivalent to the travelling salesman and the milk man in the UK. Someone like the Jody character who would sneak in to the house and have illicit sex with the wife while the husband was out at work or somewhere else.
This mid-60's take on the story was a big Northern sound circa 1977.

Vampisoul Party@ Siroco San Dimas Spain

Soul Shakers Rare Soul Club 1/9/07

Lagos Disco Inferno

Had a message through:

On my last trip to Benin, I accidentally tapped into a larger cache of Nigerian Disco-Funk, Disco and Boogie records... initially, I put them all in the resale box but somehow it became a guilty pleasure of mine to play this stuff over my cranked up house system...

Raj over at just put up a one-hour mix that I made from some of these records so if anyone's interested, please surf on over, check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Please go and broaden your mind!!!

Breakout Soul Club 21/10/07

Club Kaulberg Dancing In The Moonlight 28/9/07

On The Real Side@The Orwell Wigan UK

Picked up this flyer last night from the Orwell - another cracking night especially because of the 2 guest spots from the guys below!
Soul Sam & Dave Thorley messing around at the Orwell

I will be back soon with another post highlighting the tracks played last night. But before I go, it was great to meet up with my cousin Wendy which goes to show soul runs in our family!


Louis Jordan Bullitt Pzazz
One of my favourite movies produced an atmospheric theme tune by Lalo Schifrin but my preferred take is by Louis Jordan.

Double Dynamite Allnighter Riverside Hamburg 31/8

Budos Band Album Launch: Lucky Cat Brooklyn 31/8/07

Nurnberg Soul Weekender 7/8 December 2007

Village Soul Goes Italian!

Last night when I was out, someone told me they were going to the above - very envious - soul music and Tuscany - winning combo!!!!!! I had my honeymoon in Tuscany - one of my favourite places on the plant.

Spellbound Riverside Club Hamburg

Check these nights out here if you are in the Hamburg area:
Here is what is on the club this August to give you a flavour:

Friday, August 24, 2007

Eddie Parker Love You Baby Googa Mooga

Eddie Parker Love You Baby Googa Mooga

Back again with the European picture sleeves. This time around we have Eddie Parker's perennial classic issued on the delightfully named Googa Mooga label which used to conjure up all sorts of exotic images in my mind.

This has to be one the most driving pieces of soul put together in the 60's by Detroit maestro Jack Ashford. To think all that sound is Eddie's vocals with wonderful backing vocals by Lorraine Chandler and the Ebonies plus Jack on piano, pulsating bass from Mike Oposki, sublime guitar runs by James Pavlack and all held together by crunching drums courtesy of Al Gordon.

Tim Brown wrote a definitive article on Eddie's releases back in the late 80's for Voices From The Shadows. You can read the article here:

Eddie Parker Pt 1

Eddie Parker Pt 2

You can also find an interview with him in Manifesto magazine.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wax Poetics Presents East Of Underground Album

Just had a mail through from Wax Poetics with news of a significant release:

In 1971, America was in the throes of cultural revolution at home and military conflict abroad. While stationed in Germany, soldiers hailing from all corners of America battled it out in an Army stage-band competition. Runner-up East of Underground best captured the spirit of a turbulent America with their sweet-soul covers of the Impressions, Sly and the Family Stone, Funkadelic, and the Undisputed Truth.

The sound encapsulated on their ultra-rare Army promotional LP was not that of powerless soldiers trapped in a quagmire, but, instead, one of hope. This sense of hope is best reflected in song choice and the songwriting genius of America's greatest soul composers, from Curtis Mayfield to Motown's Norman Whitfield.

Unlike other obscure-funk reissues and compilations, East of Underground is immediately familiar, instantly gratifying, and endlessly playable. And especially poignant today. With covers of "People Get Ready," "I Want to Take You Higher," and "Smiling Faces Sometimes," the album's charm and sincerity will evoke profound nostalgia and insight into a time when music reflected life.

East of Underground’s musicianship shines throughout this record. The falsetto harmonies, gritty guitar, and all-encompassing drums are a testament to the group’s talent and the caliber of this superior album. With only a handful of copies known to exist, East of Underground is now reissued for the first time ever by Wax Poetics Records as their debut release. Available on digipak CD and hand-numbered limited-edition 180-gram vinyl (run of 2,000).

Track Listing

01 I Want to Take You Higher (Sylvester Stewart)
02 Smiling Faces Sometimes (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield)
03 (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go (Curtis Mayfield)
04 People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)
05 Getting Over
06 I’ll Bet You (Sidney Barnes, George Clinton, Theresa Lindsey) / California Dreamin’ (John Phillips, Michelle Phillips)
07 Popcorn / Oye Como Va (Tito Puente)
08 I Love You for All Seasons (Sheila Young)
09 East of Java (Mack David)
10 Walk on By (Burt Bacharach, Hal David)

There is a release party as follows:

Join Wax Poetics on Wednesday, August 29, for the East of Underground release party. East of Underground, an ultra-rare album of sweet-soul covers by American soldiers recorded in 1971, is the first release on the Wax Poetics Records label. The event features DJs Spinna (Beyond Real) and Amir (Kon & Amir; BBE).

Wednesday, August 29From 7pm until midnightReBar (147 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY)Take the F train to York Street or the A/C to High Street

Be sure to check out the
Wax Poetics Record Rundown broadcasting live directly after the party, and every Wednesday night, from midnight until 2am on East Village Radio.

Marion Farmer Sophisticated Alabama Soup Bone Pts 1&2 Tower

Marion Farmer Sophisticated Soup Bone Pts 1&2 Tower
Johnny Brantley decided to release this as Marion Farmer when actual fact it is the Ohio Players and was eventually released on their First Impressions album which consists of tracks recorded by Brantley during the group's time at Compass. Lewis, Lewis and Farmer wrote the song so why Johnny chose to feature Marion’s name is lost in the mists of time. We are left to wonder whether Johnny recorded an unknown vocal version and left it somewhere in the can!

Eugene Blacknell CD Luv 'N Haight

Eugene Blacknell Cousin John Seaside
This CD is a very welcome addition to the Luv 'N Haight's catalogue.
Luv 'N Haight have produced a YouTube video which features rare vintage footage from 1960s/70s including shots of the band and the Oakland neighborhood they lived in.
Here is what Luv N Haight say about the release:

Oakland guitar ace Eugene Blacknell released multiple singles that ranged in style from raw r'n'b to power house funk. His musical career stretched from the early 1960s to the end of the 1980s and during that time he established himself as an East Bay original, an entrepreneur, an activist, and a family man. With so many accomplishments it's an irony of fate that he died before releasing an album despite having recorded enough material for several. This will be the first official Eugene Blacknell album, and the story of a Bay Area legend.

Check out the video here:

Here is the bio on the MySpace set up by Luv 'N Haight dedicated to to Eugene Blacknell:

Oakland guitar ace Eugene Blacknell released multiple singles that ranged in style from raw r'n'b to power house funk. His musical career stretched from the early 1960s to the end of the 1980s and during that time he established himself as an East Bay original, an entrepreneur, an activist, and in addition he was a true family man. With so many accomplishments it’s an irony of fate that he died before releasing an album despite having recorded enough material for several.As a kid he dressed sharply and drove a pink and black finned-car to school. His tunes were already getting radio play and he would become the youngest musician from the Bay Area to play the Apollo in New York. He opened doors for other African American musicians with his efforts to make sure his band was paid a fair wage and by breaking into the San Francisco club circuit. His ability to cross-over from r'n'b to blues, funk and soul put him at head of the Bay Area scene and he was often compared to the likes of Albert and BB King. He liked loud and fast cars and chopper bikes, hung with Larry Graham and Sly Stone, played for Marvin Gaye when he came through San Francisco, and is remembered by those who knew him as a stand-up businessman and an amazing musician.Without an album, which would have cemented his recordings in the most accessible format, his legacy has been kept alive by way of the stories past on from musicians lucky enough to work with Blacknell. In addition his tracks released on 7" singles have been sampled by many, most notably Beck (We Know We Have Got to Live Together” was used on “Black Tambourine.”) His singles have become DJ-favorites with the rarest fetching top dollars on the collector circuit.

Ubiquity/Luv N'Haight worked with Gino Blacknell (Eugene's son, himself a producer and member of the New Breed) to compile information, images and music. Gino dug up old master tapes to make improved mixes on several tracks. This compilation is made up of his super rare early releases as Eugene Blacknell and the Savonics, the highly sought after raw instrumental funk as Eugene Blacknell and the New Breed, his party-style vocal tracks, and a host of unreleased material including advertisements recorded to promote live shows on the radio, live recordings, and both vocal and instrumental studio cuts. Fans of Bay Area Funk will recognize the different musical periods that Blacknell goes through with comparisons ranging from acts like Johnny Talbot and Tower of Power to Sly Stone and Graham Central Station.The CD and LP booklet (plus downloadable pdf) include rare pictures and a complete history by way of interviews with his widow, band members, and Bay Area notables. Interviews with Widow Lillie Blacknell, and drummer Curtis Moore, will be made available as a stream and podcast in the weeks leading up to the album release. Rare band footage was recently discovered and may well surface via youtube or myspace.With 25 tracks in total this is the official Eugene Blacknell debut album, and the story of a musical prodigy who became a Bay Area soul, funk and blues legend.

The CD is released on 11th September.

Mr C's Soul Spectacular Show on WFMU

I don't think I have mentioned Mr C's Soul Spectacular Show on WFMU.

Love this show with its mixture of adverts and airshots from the 60's and 70's backed up with some excellent cuts and delivered with aplomb by Mr C!

Check it out baby.........

Johnny Brantley Productions Update 2

In the last, 18 months I have managed to accumulate a large amount of information on Johnny Brantley's productions. I thought I would refelct where we are at and what still needs to be done.

Index of Johnny Brantley Related Material

I am conscious that all this information is scattered across the blog and is not is easy to access. Therefore I am going to post an index when I have completed all the posts on Johnny's productions to make it easier to access the posts.

There's That Beat Article On Johnny Brantley Productions

I have already mentioned this in a previous post and it is the most comprehensive article on Johnny. This will be out in the first week of September and I keep you posted.

Johnny Brantley Productions Mix

This will appear on the blog to coincide with the publication of the There's That Beat article

Johnny Brantley Productions: Discography

Since producing on last year, I need to update this because I have discovered several more productions.

In order to complete my posts on Johnny's productions, I still need to fill in gaps on the artists below:

Jimmy Castor

I am working on a post on his involvement with Johnny.

Marion Farmer

I will post up a scan and soundfile soon of the Tower 45

Jimi Hendrix

This is a difficult one and I will post up my take on his work with Johnny.

Lee Moses

Though I have posted several times on Lee, I still need to post all the information I collected for the Sanctuary Records Time & Place CD and make it available here.

Ohio Players

I am working on a post to outline their work with Johnny.

Sam Williams

I still need to access soundfiles and scans to complete a post on Sam's work with Johnny.

Mixes Galore!

Just thought I'd remind you that Scholar over at Souled On and Mike at This Is Tomorrow have been inviting fellow bloggers to post mixes.

There is some fantastic music contained in the above mixes so please drop by Souled On and This Is Tomorrow.

Scholar and Mike have invited me to submit mixes and they are now completed and should be appearing soon.