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The Mighty Diamonds In Liverpool 31/5/09

B.R.A.T.T.S. aka The Brotherhood for the Re-establishment of American Top Ten Supremacy.

Chris Radcliffe also posted the above:

A novelty record on Toiile by the B.R.A.T.T.S. aka The Brotherhood for the Re-establishment of American Top Ten Supremacy. Studio band fronted by the voices of Carl "Cover Girl" Spencer and Jimmy Radcliffe.

Notations Feature In Sun Times

Clifford Curry (right), co-founder of the Notations, rehearses earlier this month with the group's current lineup: Marcus Gentry (from left), Bobby Thomas and Michael Thurman. The singers' biggest hit was "I'm Still Here," a ballad that peaked at No. 26 on the R&B chart. (Keith Hale/Sun-Times)
Check out a feature in the Sun Times on the Chicago group here.

New Jazzman Records Podcast From Jared Box

Jazzman Presents: Jared Boxx (Big City Records)

Podcast: Click here to download

1. El Green Hornet ~ Mauricio Smith (Mainstream) (Latin Jazz)
2. Cat Fish Bag ~ Johnny Zamot (Grande) (Latin Jazz)
3. Mia's Boogaloo ~ Ozzie Torrens (Decca) (Boogaloo)
4. Going Nowhere ~ Freddie Rodriguez (UA Latino) (Latin Soul)
5. Drag Sway ~ Jarito y Su Combo (True) (Shing-a-Ling)
6. Kush ~ Antonio (Chocolate) Diaz Mena (Audio Fidelity) (Latin Jazz)
7. De'se Mismo Trago ~ Pete Bonet & Louie Ramirez (Fania) (Salsa)
8. La Banda Llego ~ Orlando Marin (Fiesta) (Mambo)
9. Echa Pa' Aca ~ Gilberto Sextet (Ansonia) (Descarga)
10. Oh That's Nice ~ Pete Rodriguez (Alegre) (Boogaloo)
11. You've Been Talking About Me Baby ~ The Latin Souls (Kapp) (Latin Soul)
12. La Bruja Negra ~ Joe Torres (World Pacific) (Latin Jazz)
13. Wild Horses ~ Joe Cain (Time) (Latin Jazz)
14. Quiere ~ Jack Costanza (Clarion) (Mambo)
15. Congas Callejeras ~ Conjunto Sensacion (Tropical) (Conga)
16. Descarga A & J ~ Johnny Rodriguez & Angel Rene Orq. (Mardi Gras) (Descarga)
17. Cacumen ~ George Guzman (Fania) (Descarga)
18. Taste of Honey ~ Willie Rosario (Atco) (Boogaloo)

Nathan Davis '65-76

News from Jazzman Records:

Nathan Davis has been an internationally significant figure in jazz throughout the latter half of the 20th century, but to many his musical legacy remains little known. This album presents the music of Nathan Davis as it developed through the '60s and '70s, from bop through modal to world sounds and funk.

Having turned his back on the US he spent the '60s living in Europe, playing and recording with jazz luminaries such as Kenny Clarke, Art Blakey and Eric Dolphy, before returning at the end of the decade to take up a career in teaching in Pittsburgh. This collection includes recordings from his most significant albums as recorded in France, Germany, Yugoslavia, Turkey and the US. Our selection displays a variety of musical styles, with performances by Davis on tenor & soprano saxophone and flute.

The CD booklet contains previously unpublished photographs and detailed biographical information, documenting a career which has seen him forge an individual path through the history of postwar jazz and help to pioneer jazz education in the US at the University of Pittsburgh.

Astonishingly much of Davis' work never saw general release in the US or the UK, despite his albums being true gems of modern jazz. Less still has been re-released, and until now there has never been a representative compilation or career overview. And so it is with great pride that we at Jazzman present the first ever anthology of Nathan Davis.

The liner notes contain biographical detail and also details of the recordings themselves, as gleaned from our interviews with Nathan Davis and his professional colleagues. We include pictures of and information on the original LPs which are now coveted collectors items. We also answer questions as to why he turned his back on the US to develop a career in Europe, his love of ethnic music, and why he spurned the limelight and opportunity to achieve fame. We also reveal his current interests and reflect upon his life as professor of Ethnomusicology at the University of Pittsburgh, and we hope this album will be the first step toward the wider recognition that his contribution to jazz so richly deserves.

- An anthology of one of the greatest unsung jazz pioneers of the 20th century

- Carefully selected tracks from each of his LPs includes everything from deep spiritual jazz, haunting modal melodies, ethnic Turkish jazz and '70s funk

- 8 page colour CD booklet with in-depth liner notes from our original interviews and with previously unpublished photographs

- Original album artwork pictures

- Much of this music has never yet been reissued. Many of the original LPs are very rare and only available as a highly regarded LPs valued at very high prices on the collectors market

- The Rarest of the Rare - only with Jazzman because WE DIG DEEPER!

Sweet Vandals New Album

Check out the new album for the Sweet Vandals by dropping by their MySpace.

The Sweet Vandals are MAYKA EDJO: Lead Vocals / JOSE "Yusepe" HERRANZ: Guitar / SANTI "Sweetfingers" MARTÍN: Bass / JAVI "Skunk": Drums / SANTIAGO "diamond" VALLEJO: Hammond; Special Guest JULIAN MAESO: Hammond.

Here they are in action:

Bernard Purdie Article In NY Times

Check out article:

You’ve heard Bernard Purdie — better known as Pretty Purdie — perform his creation on Steely Dan’s “Home at Last,” from the 1977 album “Aja.” And you’ve heard variations on songs by Led Zeppelin (“Fool in the Rain”), Toto (“Rosanna”) and Death Cab for Cutie (“Grapevine Fires”).

Created with six bass, high-hat and snare tones, the Purdie Shuffle is a groove that seems to spin in concentric circles as it lopes forward. The result is a Tilt-a-Whirl of sound, and if you can listen without shaking your hips, you should probably see a doctor.

Read more here

Ted Jarrett RIP

We have has a lot of sad new in recent weeks and I hadn't mention the passing of Ted Jarrett:

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters) - Songwriter and producer Ted Jarrett, whose 1957 hit "You Can Make It If You Try" turned him into a rhythm and blues icon, has died at 83, a hospice said on Monday.

Jarrett, who also numbered "Love Love Love" among his hits, died on Saturday of liver failure, officials at Nashville Alive Hospice said.

Jarrett wrote hits for singers Earl Gaines and Gene Allison and had No. 1 songs on both the country and R&B charts. "You Can Make It If You Try" crossed over to pop and wound up on the debut 1964 album by the Rolling Stones.

Jarrett was also credited as a writer, producer and label chief on songs from the Grammy-winning "Night Train to Nashville" album.

You can read more about Ted Jarrett here:

Ted Jarrett, Giant of Nashville R&B, Leaves Behind a Changed City
Ted Jarrett remembered as 'godfather' of Nashville R&B
Ted Jarrett You Can Make It If You Try

Marlynns On Sitting In The Park

Bob from Sitting In The Park has been in touch about his latest show:

Hi. Today on my radio show I interviewed members of the Chicago group the Marlynns. The Marlynns were from the South Side of Chicago and formed at Hirsch high school. The group was originally called the Norvells (named after the wife of the bass singer of the Soul Stirrers) and were an unusual Chicago group as they featured a woman on lead with male backing singers. After Richard Pegue's group the Belvederes took the name the Norvells, the group changed their name to the Marlynns. After a couple of years of playing in talent shows, the group got a record contract, via legendary Chicago engineer Ed Cody, with Tower records. The group released their first single on the Tower label in 1963. The A-side of the record, "The Break", was a novelty dance track that received radio play in Chicago. The flip, "My heart is yours", was a nice Miracles inspired ballad. The group appeared on the Jim Lounsbury TV show and, via Lounsbury, did record hops for White teenagers in the northwest suburbs.

The group recorded their second single, "Come back" b/w "The very next time", a year later for James Shelton's Daran record label. Shelton was group member Terry Thompson's uncle and Marshall Thompson of the Chilites was Terry's cousin; the tracks were recorded at the same session as the Chi-Lites' "I'm so jealous". Despite both sides of the Marlynns record being excellent ballads, the track received little promotion in the wake of the Chi-lites' success. Although the Daran record was the last Marlynns single, the group did do some session work, backing Sheryl Swope on her first single, backing other Daran artists, and even doing backing
vocals for Ral Donner.

The Marlynns disbanded in the mid-to-late 60s after Thompson joined the military. A couple of the members formed a band called the Chi-TNTs that played around Chicago until 1973. Member Sheryl Henry joined the South Shore Commission, singing lead on tracks such as "We're on the right track". Terry Thompson started working as a session drummer in Chicago even in high school while with the Marlynns (he even was on staff at Vee Jay records). Thompson also worked at Chess, playing drums on a large number of Chicago soul records in the 60s and 70s. He also began producing and arranging music in the 60s, working with James Shelton, Richard Pegue, and Clarence Johnson. He continues to be involved with performing and producing music in Chicago.

You can listen to the interview on my webpage:

you can listen to previous music shows at:


Soul Revolution @ The Basement

James Trouble has announced a change to the Soul Revolution nights:

I'm pleased to be hooking up with Kate Burrell again to put on a regular event in Chelmsford. It's the same place we did the "You Know You Got Soul" parties at, so if you went to those you'll know the score. Small basement club in the city center (160 capacity), low ceiling, mind your heads, hoofing sound system, wooden dance floor, quality underground soul sounds from the 60s and 70s. Definitely worth a look if you're in the area.

At The Bassment, Wells St, Chelmsford

9pm til 2am

£5 on the door. Ltd capacity, early arrival highly recommended.

Some quality guests lined up for this, including Soul Sam in April.

If you're on Facebook, the event is listed here if you want to hook up with other members who are coming along

Lee Fields @ Dig Deeper Brooklyn 25/4/09

The Dig Deeper guys have been in touch:

Although some of you might have caught him on stage with Sharon Jones at the Apollo last year, we were thinking that the several years since Lee Fields did a solo show in NYC is far too long. From his classics on Angle 3 through to his more recent releases on Desco, Soul Fire, Daptone, and Truth & Soul, he's got an amazing catalog of work. We can't wait to welcome him back, this time backed by the lovely Sweet Divines and the Divine Soul Rhythm Band!

More details to follow, but we're excited to announce that he will be doing the first live performance of "Take me back" in...well...Lee couldn't remember the last time he played that song out, as well as his version of the Sonics classic "Shot Down". We can't wait.

Tickets now on sale here:

Still time to book a flight to NYC...we'd love to have you join us! By the way, did we mention that Bumpshop resident and New York Soul Recordings scholar Dave Griffiths will be joining us as guest DJ?

- honky

Photos and recordings of past shows -

A FATHER FOREVER - Tribute to Norman: Norman Whitfield Unissued tracks

I picked up this message from Spyder Turner over at Soulful Detroit:

Hi Guys,

My friend Vinnie put up some of the last songs that Norman produced before he passed, including some songs from the Four Tops unreleased cd There are decisions to be made so Please check them out and let me know what you think. Here is the link:

Please drop over and take a listen to some great music from one of the masters.

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Roy Lee Johnson When A Guitar Plays The Blues

This is a fabulous new release from the Bear Family on Roy Lee Johnson which compiles his early recordings with unissued tracks from the can.

From left: Dr. Felgood (Willie Perryman), Curtis Smith, Bobby Lee Tuggle, Roy Lee Johnson, Beverly Watkins, Howard Hobbs

The first, long overdue, collection of rare but sought-after singles by Roy Lee Johnson, the underground hero of guitar freaks and deep soul fans. Includes 'Mister Moonlight', known to millions by the Beatles but originally by Dr Feelgood and the Interns (vocal: Roy Lee Johnson) and the first version of 'When A Guitar Plays The Blues', since revived by Albert Collins and Roy Buchanan. Eleven previously unissued tracks including four by underrated soul man, Curtis Smith, Johnson's fellow singer-guitarist in the Interns. The most soulful of Sixties soul packaged with all Bear Family's meticulous attention to detail including a lavishly illustrated essay by über-fan and soul authority, Martin Goggin. -- Roy Lee Johnson first came to attention as the occasional vocalist with the Interns, a R&B band led by blues shouter Dr Feelgood, aka Piano Red. But there's a whole lot more to this songwriter, guitarist and singer of soul with a capital 'S'. Johnson's little heard treasures of Southern soul are finally served up on one CD. Everything he recorded for Okeh, Columbia, Josie and Philips is here; records you'd never own without spending months on e- bay and trunkloads of cash. -- There are gritty dance workouts, lilting soul ballads, ferocious instrumentals and devastating deep wrist-slashers from Muscle Shoals. Sixties soul reissues may be coin of the realm these days but few are quite as essential as this scorching collection of Roy Lee Johnson's best performances.

CD content:

1. Mister Moonlight - Johnson, Roy Lee
2. Love Is Amazing - Johnson, Roy Lee
3. Sea Breeze - Johnson, Roy Lee
4. Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze - Johnson, Roy Lee
5. Too Many Tears - Johnson, Roy Lee
6. Nobody Does Something For Nothing - Johnson, Roy Lee
7. Busybody - Johnson, Roy Lee
8. I'm So Happy - Johnson, Roy Lee
9. My Best Just Ain't Good Enough - Johnson, Roy Lee
10. Love Birds - Johnson, Roy Lee
11. When A Guitar Plays The Blues - Johnson, Roy Lee
12. Plowing Playboy - Johnson, Roy Lee
13. That's All I Need - Johnson, Roy Lee
14. Slowly I'm Falling In Love With You - Johnson, Roy Lee
15. Two Doors Down - Johnson, Roy Lee
16. Stanback Headache Powder - Johnson, Roy Lee
17. It's All Over - Johnson, Roy Lee
18. Busybody - Johnson, Roy Lee
19. So Anna Just Love Me - Johnson, Roy Lee
20. Boogaloo No. 3 - Johnson, Roy Lee
21. Cheer Up Daddy's Comin' Home - Johnson, Roy Lee
22. Guitar Man - Johnson, Roy Lee
23. Can You Handle It - Johnson, Roy Lee
24. Chunk Some Love - Johnson, Roy Lee
25. Take Me Back And Try Me - Johnson, Roy Lee
26. She Put The Whammy To Me - Johnson, Roy Lee
27. Don't Do This To Me - Smith, Curtis
28. Two Wrongs (Won't Make It Right) - Smith, Curtis
29. Come Here Baby - Smith, Curtis
30. I've Got A Feeling - Smith, Curtis

Martin Goggin has recently informed the Southern Soul list that Roy Lee Johnson is working on new material so watch this space!