Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mike Terry RIP

It has been a hard year to bear due to the loss of so many of my soul heroes. The death of Mike Terry is another blow to all lovers of Detroit music. If you watch the above video you realise the important contribution made by Mike Terry to the Detroit sound. Please try and search out There's That Beat to see what Mike had to say about his music.

You can also read Rob Moss's article on Mike Terry featured on Soul Source.

Thanks Mike for all the great music!!!!!

Florence Ballard Interviews On Youtube

Check out the above and more on Youtube

This is only a few minutes of 8 hours of interviews of Florence Ballard by author Peter Benjaminson who has written a new book on Flo released in 2008 entitled "The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard" which is heavily based on the interviews he recorded with her in 1975 only a few months before her untimely passing.

Eula Cooper @ Dig Deeper 22/11/08

I've had the following exciting news through:

We're pleased to announce that this month's Dig Deeper on Saturday, November 22, will feature Atlanta, Georgia soul star Eula Cooper in her very first performance in NYC EVER, and first solo performance anywhere in over a decade, this time backed by the Sweet Divines and the Divine Soul Rhythm Band (whom several of you saw smoke behind Harvey Scales last month).

Advance will call tickets are $10 (tickets will be $15 at the door if we have not sold out), and may be purchased here:


Hope to see you there...

- honky and pomonkey

I wish I could be there!!! Here's the lady on one of my faves by her:

Eula Cooper Beggars Can't Be Choosey Note

Dynamites Album Kaboom Out January 2009

Dynamites With Charles Walker @ Jazz cafe 13/11/08

It Happened in Hitsville

Check out this article on Motown in Vanity Fair by Lisa Robinson:

After half a century, and several shelves of books about the revolutionary music label, Motown’s story is still obscured by rumors and misconceptions. Founder Berry Gordy Jr. joins a groundbreaking chorus—Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Suzanne de Passe, and other legends—to give an oral history of the Detroit hitmaking machine, the cultural and racial breakthroughs it inspired, and life at “Hitsville,” as well as a true account of Gordy’s relationship with Diana Ross and the rise of the Supremes.

Read more

Gloria Jones & Billy Butler On The Right Track Soul Show

Harry & Diana with Gloria Jones
If you missed the shows then you can listen again on the website:

Harry & Diana
The Right Track Soul Show
Salford City Radio 94.4 fm
Sunday nights 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm
email: righttrack@salfordcityradio.org
Skype: 0161 408 0757

James Booker: New Orleans Piano Wizard; 25 Years Gone

Here's personal look at James Booker by Sal Nunziato:

The name James Booker means very little in most parts of the world. In New Orleans, and to a great number of musicians, mainly piano players, the name James Booker is holy. Not bad for someone who was once called "the best black, gay, junkie piano player who ever lived."

In New Orleans, it seems as if everyone has a James Booker story. One story is that district attorney Harry Connick Sr. promised to keep Booker out of jail in exchange for a series of piano tutorials for his son Harry Jr. I'm sure it wasn't quite that simple, but it's a great story.

Read more

Blowfly on French TV

An old friend Frederic Adrian recently tipped me to a feature on Blowfly on French TV:

Blowfly On Arte's Tracks

Frederic saysHis "interview" for cultural TV channel Arte's Tracks has become a staple in the story of french TV....!!!!

Ardent Studios Donate Historic Console to Memphis' STAX Museum

Pictured at Memphis' Stax Museum are curator Carol Drake and
Ardent Studios' founder John Fry.
I picked up this feature from Broadcast Newsroom:

John Fry, founder of Memphis renowned Ardent Studios, has donated the historic recording console which was used for many years in his studios, often shaping the sound of countless Stax Records hits during a period when Ardent worked closely with the Stax label and recording studios.

The console was made by Memphis company Auditronics, owned by Welton Jetton and Steve Sage. Auditronics had supplied smaller consoles to both Ardent and Stax in 1966. The donated console was fabricated from amplifiers and equalizers made by Spectrasonics of Odgen, Utah.

The 20-input, 8-output console was installed at Ardent's location on National St. in 1969 and moved to Ardent's present location on Madison Ave. where it served in Studio B until 1985. Auditronics also supplied Stax with an identical console for their A Studio in 1970.

When the modest Capitol Theater was transformed into Stax Records in 1959, it began launching the careers of artists such as Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, the Staple Singers, Luther Ingram, Albert King, the Bar-Kays, Booker T. & the MG's, Johnnie Taylor, Rufus and Carla Thomas, and dozens of others whose influence remains vital in the music of today.

Today, the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, located at the original site of Stax Records, has more than 2,000 exhibits, videos, stage costumes, photographs, instruments used to record the Stax sound, including items such as Phalon Jones' saxophone that was retrieved from a lake intact after the fatal crash of Otis Redding and the Bar-Kays; Otis Redding's favorite brown suede jacket; Albert King's famous purple Flying V guitar; Tina Turner's gold sequined stage dress and Ike Turner silver lame suit and Fender guitar; the organ used by Booker T. Jones to record Green Onions; and Isaac Hayes' restored, peacock-blue 1972 Superfly Cadillac El Dorado complete with television, refrigerator, and gold trim. In the Hall of Records approximately 800 45 rpm single records and 300 LPs are on display.

Visitors can stand on the exact spot where much of the great Stax music was made, in the recreation of Stax's legendary Studio A, now including the legendary console from Ardent Studios which is identical to the one formerly housed at Stax.

Songs recorded on the Ardent console now at the Stax Museum includeHayes' "Hot Buttered Soul," The Staple Singers' "The Staple Swingers,"Best of Sam & Dave, Led Zeppelin III, James Taylor's "Mudslide Slimand the Blue Horizon," Big Star's "#1 Record" and "Radio City," ZZ Tops' "Fandango" and "Tejas," the Bar-Kay's "Too Hot to Stop," and hundreds of other recordings which define the sound and songs of a generation.

Eli Reed & The True Loves on Jools Holland/BBC2

I've had a message through from Eli:

We'll be on Jools Holland this week. Tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 10:00
PM London Time live and then repeated Friday night at 11:00 PM. Check
it out!

You can watch on the Net via BBC IPlayer.

There's That Beat 9

The new edition of the There' That Beat is due out soon. Here's the blurb on Issue 9:

Unfortunately this issue starts by paying tribute to four of the soul world’s most iconic figures who in the space of a couple of months threw off their mortal coils and passed on. All four of them will need no lengthy introduction to readers of this particular magazine as I’ll guarantee their names are of the household variety as far as readers are concerned. It was felt that their contribution to the music was of such significance that their passing should be recorded within our pages and the legacy of their lives can be found here as we remember, Norman Whitfield, Richard “Popcorn” Wylie, Levi Stubbs and Andrew “Mike” Terry. Gone, but certainly never forgotten.

The Unifics are a group that doesn’t get a lot of dancefloor action, but just put a needle to any one of their records and you’ve got quality soul harmony. Jason takes a look at the entire career of the Unifics past and present, as well as an entire feature about the solo projects of their lead singer, Al Johnson. This is the first time their careers have been documented in great detail.

Lou Johnson is an artist at the top of many soul fans’ list of singers they would love to see perform live. We hope that can happen but until it does, Pete Burns delivers the story of this remarkable vocalist from his early days as a youngster in Brooklyn, NY right through his days working with giants Burt Bacharach and Hal David, his first appearances in Britain on the TV show Ready Steady Go and brings us up to date with Lou’s discography.

The European Soul scene has flourished in the past decade or so producing many events that continue to grow in stature. Lots of soul 45s were released in Continental Europe, many of them in beautifully crafted picture sleeves. We thought it time that we showed this segment of the soul record collecting World in all its glory. There are some great pic sleeves featured and some of the releases beg the questions How? Why? For instance how did Leroy Taylor’s wonderful (but commercially disastrous), Oh Linda end up with a fantastic picture sleeve that could be purchased in Spain for a few pasetas? It’s a fascinating slice of the collectors world that TTB will be returning to, in order to expand the series to include many other countries releases to add to the Spanish and French ones contained in this first look at the subject. This piece was intended to include the Motown releases of the era also but, to make room for the tribute to our four departed heroes it was decided to feature the Motown releases in the next issue.

Our Philadelphia resident Hitsviller Mr. Weldon A McDougall III reports on the latest additions to the city’s Walk of Fame inductees that include a number of “our” favourite people, some of whom have featured within these pages already. Weldon has a habit of getting his camera right at the center of any action and we appreciate him taking the time to contribute.

The 4th Hitsville Soul Weekender took place in Spain in September and we record the frivolities as well as report on some of the music and 45s that saw their spotlight on the club’s Technics this year.

Pick up a copy direct from There's That Beat


Just been tipped to this by my mate Nick Sands!!

The Revelations featuring Tré Williams

I picked up the message below from Southern Soul:

How's it going everyone?! My name is Bob and I'm new to the group. I'm an A&R/record
producer in NY and huge fan of Southern Soul Music in general.

I was hoping to put you guys up on a band I'm developing called "The Revelations feat. Tre Williams". This is a new band based in Brooklyn NY whose sound is pretty heavily influenced by late-60s to mid-70s. The front man, Tre Williams, is a native of Daytona FL and the second singer is from South Carolina.

We're going for a sound built on the classic soul music but with a modern edge.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to know what you guys think...

Check out the video above then drop over to their MySpace:

"Deep Soul": The Revelations' debut EP will be available on iTunes and other digital download services on November 18th 2008
Welcome to The Revelations featuring Tré Williams (Decision Records/Traffic Entertainment). Here, there are no teenage whines, no auto tune, no samples: nothing but pure, unadulterated soul sung by a red dirt artist with the vocal chops of yesterday’s soul legends and played by a band with passion and talent. The Revelations featuring Tré Williams represents a renewed dawning in soul music, one that marries the concrete jungle grit of the streets with the midnight blues of the rural South. The rawness of Stax and propulsive drive of Motown has been re-imagined for contemporary listeners needing relief from timeless problems. Far from a historical artifact straining to use yesterday’s sound as tomorrow’s gimmick, the songs painstakingly crafted on the Revelations’ debut project, Deep Soul, are born from the pain, frustrations and experience of soul men struggling to give expression to their lives and loves through song. To cull the level of unabashed honesty present on these tunes requires a return to one’s roots to give them the proper weight, meaning and, most importantly, a resonance for the world.

Read more

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Soul on the Air #10: WVON, January 29, 1966

Drop over to The Stepfather Of Soul site for clips of Lucky Cordell and Ed Cook on Radio WVON from 1966.

You can find out more about Lucky Cordell and other African-American media personalities over on a very interesting site called History Makers.


Dan over on Home Of The Groove has an excellent feature on Earl Palmer who died in September. Please check it out!!


244 Gloucester Rd, Bristol
8pm - 1am
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=3 ... 917&ref=mf

(Breakin Bread / Scenario Records)

Plus DJ support from



The last FFTT LIVE! of the year and we really have pulled out all the stops for this one. Think of this as an early Xmas present with love from us to you as we proudly present THE KILLER METERS! London's finest purveyors of down and dirty funk started life as a Meters cover band and released the well received 'A Tribute to the Meters' in 2004 on Scenario Records. KARIME KENDRA (daughter of late soul singer Ty Karim) featured on 2 of the tracks and is now a full time member of the band. No longer purely covering the Meters tunes, also expect original material and their own interpretations of heavy funk & breaks classics. With a double 45 of their own material out before the end of the year on prolific UK funk & hip hop label BREAKIN BREAD, this is a major coup for us!

SCENARIO RECORDS & FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON affiliated DJ/producer VIRGIL HOWE aka SPARO is yet another for the purists to really enjoy. In recent years Virgil has produced for Foreign Beggars, remixed for the Nextmen and Shawn Lee as well as releasing a mix CD and solo album 'Geniac'. To give you an idea of what to expect from a DJ set, his mixtape 'Sparo Worlds' featured 40 tracks including Caveman, Mr Lif, James Brown. De La Soul, The Incredible Bongo Band, Sly & The Family Stone, Gangstarr, Anti Pop Consortium, and Joe Cocker!

As ever the usual band of resident funkateers MR LINGO, POWERCUT & EWAN HOOZAMI will be there to play some of their vast collection of 45's and funk and hip hop classics.

This is set to be the biggest and baddest FFTT LIVE so far so don't miss out!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Johnny T Thompson Girl, I Love You

Johnny T Thompson Girl, I Love You CD Snippets

I dropped by Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven and was tipped to the above CD.

You can pick it up from CD Baby:

JOHNNY THOMPSON is a native of Chicago, but currently resides in Orlando, Florida. His vast musical history is far too much to detail completely. However, a very short list of performers with whom Johnny has shared a stage are: B. B. King, Freddy King, Bobby 'Blue' Bland, Little Milton, Johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis, James Brown, Muddy Waters, Jackie Wilson and Junior Wells. Johnny's first record, SO MUCH GOING FOR YOU BABY, was on the Chess label. He later released MAIN SQUEEZE for NewMiss records, hitting the top twenty charts nationwide. This record was how the term 'main squeeze' came into being. Johnny ventured out to on his own label and production company, releasing GIVING UP ON LOVE on his Jay-Tee label. For several years, he was on the road with BILL PINKNEY'S ORIGINAL DRIFTERS, touring all over the world. Johnny is now back as a solo artist with his new CD titled GIRL I LOVE YOU, a perfect selection of music for you and your main squeeze. This CD showcases Johnny's diverse talent, exercising his expertise and smooth styling in a collection of ballads and blues.

The CD is actually from 2003 and if you want to find out more about Johnny Thompson's earlier recordings then drop over to Sir Shambling.

Donny Mann Aka Donald Armistead RIP

I received the sad news this week that another soul artist had been lost to us with the death of Donny Mann:

I was just browsing your site when I ran across the photo that you have of my uncle. It regrets me to inform you that Donald passed away on Friday 10/24/08 from a battle with cancer. But we the family of Donald appreciate the recognition that you have given him, even though he is gone from this life, it is good to know that people out there still remember our SUPERSTAR! He will be missed!

I will be back with a special tribute featuring Donny's music in the very near future.

Donny Mann RIP

George Wydell RIP

George Wydell Tribute


Do The Walk
Funny Feeling
I'm Gonna Cut You Loose
From Out Of Nowhere

Last week, I discovered the sad news that George Wydell had died after reading an article by Guy D’Astolfo in Vindy.com

YOUNGSTOWN — George “Wydell” Jones, who wrote the doo-wop hit “Rama Lama Ding Dong” and performed it as a member of the Youngstown-based vocal group The Edsels, died Saturday at his Jackson Street home on the city’s East Side. He was 71.

“Rama Lama” peaked at No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1961. The Edsels also included Jimmy Reynolds of Youngstown, Harry Green, Marshall Sewell and the late Larry Green.

Jones, who suffered from cancer, had been retired from the music industry.

Steffon Jones, son of George, is serving as family spokesman. He called his father “a loving, kind-hearted man who loved his family. Music was his passion — music, and his love for Jesus.”

During The Edsels’ heyday, the group performed at the famed Apollo Theater in New York twice, and also appeared on several national pop-music television shows, including “American Bandstand” and “Shindig.”

George Jones recorded two songs with Ray Charles: “I’m Gonna Cut You Loose” and “Do the Walk.”

“Ray Charles sent a personal jet here to pick up my father,” said Steffon.

Jones was not only the lead singer of The Edsels, but he also wrote and arranged the group’s songs.

Bob Crosby, president of the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, mourned Jones’ passing. “The Edsels were an important musical group, and ‘Rama Lama Ding Dong’ was a classic,” he said. The Edsels have not been inducted into the Vocal Hall, but meet all criteria. “Some day they probably will be inducted,” said Crosby.

Jones was born Oct. 5, 1936, in Richmond, Va., the son of the late George Jones Sr. and the late Frances D.C. Jones. As a child, he moved to the Youngstown area, where his father got work in a steel mill, and spent most of his life in the area. He attended Campbell Memorial High School.

He sang with his friends on street corners in Campbell as a youth, said Steffon.

After high school, Jones joined the U.S. Air Force, where he sang in a vocal group with other servicemen. He was in the Air Force when he wrote “Rama Lama.”

Jones’ interest in music began at a young age, said Steffon. “His great-uncles were musically inclined, playing the guitar and piano, and he worked with them.”

Jones liked to share stories with his children about his days as an entertainer. “He said that he would write a song in the car as they were going to a show, they would work it out and rehearse it, and by the time they got to the place where they were going to perform, they had it down pat,” said Steffon. “That’s how good they were.”

The success of “Rama Lama” surprised Jones, according to Steffon. “He loved the song, but he didn’t think it would be a hit,” he said.

Jones also managed several gospel music groups in later years, including The Jones Gospel Singers, which was comprised of his family members.

George Jones is survived by his wife of 41 years, Stella; six children, George II of Steubenville; Gina Jones of Springfield, Mass.; DaJuan of Steubenville; Dedera Jones-Griffin of Youngstown; Steffon of Youngstown; and Pamela Jones of Barberton; 16 grandchildren; and 17 great-granchildren.

Here is George singing with the Edsels:

Melvin Van Peebles: The Story of a Three-Day Pass Trailer

I just came across the above posted on Youtube by Xenon Films.

The Story of a Three-Day Pass is a 1968 film written and directed by Melvin Van Peebles, based on his novel, La Permission.

It tells the story of Turner (Harry Baird), a Black army man who meets a White Parisian named Miriam (Nicole Berger). The pair spends a weekend together, enjoying their romance but also struggling with the complexities of racism. Eventually their miscegenation is reported to Turner's Captain (Hal Brav) and he's restricted to barracks where he realizes the futility of such amorous adventures.

There is a soundtrack EP of the movie:

A quick cinema history lesson: Van Peebles couldn't get a movie job in the USA due to race issues, so he went to France, wrote a novel to qualify for filmmaker rights, then directed his first feature (aka. Story Of A 3 Day Pass) in France. Cue critical acclaim (both abroad and in the USA) and, eventually, a job in Hollywood. Anyway, this is the original soundtrack, only issued on 4 track EP in France. And it's a cracker! Two strong funky jazz cuts on here, one party number, and one superb Moogy organ cut in the theme. Highly recommended, top drawer stuff.

Hard Times | Wild Party | Spanish Dream | Theme de La Permission | Generique de La Permission

Also check out this DVD:

For more details visit here:

Almost Grown Southend On Sea 7/11/08

Jimmy Radcliffe Retrospective On Radio Memories

Chris Radcliffe has been in touch to tell me the following:

Radio Memories will present a portrait of the singer/songwriter Jimmy Radcliffe, starting Monday 3rd November.

The show will last 60 minutes starting at noon (12.00 CET) with repeats at the same time every day until Sunday 9th November.

The playlist of the show will contain 8 songs by Jimmy Radcliffe and also songs by Gloria Lynne, Clyde McPhatter, Tammi Montgomery (Terrell),The Riot Squad, Bert Kaempfert, Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Garnet Mimms and Tommy Hunt.

Reggie Boone The Incomparable

Reggie Boone The Incomparable Snippets

Just got turned onto this guy via Mick O'Donnell's Soul Discovery Show.

You can pick up the album from CD Baby

Here's his MySpace blurb:

Incomparable REGGIE BOONE Reggie Boone, singer/songerwriter and recording artist extraordinare, possesses a smooth, unique, soulful and dynamic sound that redefines the genres of pop, hip-hop and rhythm and blues. Reggie captivates and mesmerizes his audience from beginning to finale. The power and passion of his performance is undeniable, and his charisma unmistakable!

From the moment this gifted singer graces a stage, you know that you’re in for a night you’ll never forget! Feel the music and get to know the awesome sound of The “Incomparable Reggie Boone” as he’s never been seen before. Reggie was born in Kingston, NC, the oldest of five children, and traveled extensively with his military family before settling in Killeen, Texas. It was clear from the beginning that his destiny was music and he was without a doubt, “Born to Sing.” Reggie began singing in church at a very young age, delivering gospel ballads with a powerful propensity and heartfelt message that set him a part, even then.

While performing in a talent show, Reggie was approached by an established R&B group called “Black Gold” who immediately signed Reggie as its lead singer. The group successfully toured throughout the State of Texas, but split up shortly thereafter. Reggie relocated to Dallas, Texas and continued performing throughout the 1990’s where he was subsequently discovered by the renowned, “Steve Harvey,” an international actor and comedian. This opened the door for Reggie to appear at the World Famous, “Apollo Theater.”

Reggie has worked with numerous national and regional artists throughout his career. His musical influences include Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Sam Cook and the Isley Brothers. Reggie is a natural first and second tenor with a smooth falsetto that gives off energy personified. Hear the message, embrace the sound and experience the unique and awesome sound of the “Incomparable Reggie Boone.” You will never be quite the same again! ..

Soul Discovery 19/10/08

Chestnut Brothers

I was speaking to Mick last night and realised that I hadn't posted up the last show - get it quick before tomorrow!

Archived show is currently available 19.10.08 (209 Radio)

itune Podcast 5.10.08 (209 Radio)

Play-List 19.10.08

The Four Tops “Baby I need your loving” (Motown)
The Four Tops “Where did you go” (Tamla)
The Four Tops “Clip my wings” (Motown)
Reggie Boone “Liv’in life ain’t easy” (Contact Perk)
Extra Rich in Class “Gimme a chance” (Ericeh)
T.P.O.B “Forever” (Promo)
The Chestnut Brothers “Mountain love” (Promo)
Ladeana Michelle “From dollars to dimes” (DM)
Robert Owens “”Show me your face” (Heavenly Creative)
Reggie Boone “Love one other” (Contact Perk)
T.P.O.B “Rub you down” (Promo)
David Brinston “Sometime you win some” (Ecko)
Roy Hightower “Don’t feel sorry for yourself” (CDS Promo)

Play-List from my Special Guest Sean Hampsey
Soul Children “Midnight Sunshine” (Epic)
Chuck Armstrong “How sweet it is” (Sound Stage 7)
Creative Source “You’re to good to me” (Sussex)
Grier Rosey “How I miss you baby” (United Artists)
Little Buster “What can I do” (Bulleye)
Ann Peebles “Give me some credit” (Hi-Memphis)
Bobby McCure “To get what you got” (Hi-Memphis)
McKinley Mitchell “This place ain’t getting no better” (Sanyman)
Little Milton “Man loves two” (Chucker)
Peggy Scott/Jo Jo Benson “I can say no” (Arco)
Aaron Neville “Be so wrong” (Island)
Samuel Ewright “There’s funny going on” (Paramount)
Buddy Causey “There’s away” (Capitol)
Darrow Fletcher “It’s no mistake” (
Friday, Saturday, Sunday “There must be something” (Dig)
Clarence Reid “You knock me out” (Alston)
Sam Dees “Funny”
2001’Black Essence “Change in my life” (JWJ)
Doris Duke “The feeling is right” (Canyon)
Ryan Shaw “I’ am your man” (Sony)
Noel Gourdin “The river” (Sony)
K.Lipsey “Mississippi po’boy”
Steve Cropper “It’s impossible” (Stax)
Carl Thomas “Same thing” (Stax)
Monique Ford “No getting over me” (Hep’me)
Lyre Jenkins “Smile”
Bobby Womack “Runway” (Motown)
Tyrone Davis “You keep me hold on” (Dakar)
William Bell “Somebody gonna get hurt” (Stax)
Gregg Jackson “One for the road” (KYP)