Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Karime Harris

In the last post, I mentioned that Karime Harris would be appearing a the next Cleethorpes Weekender in June.

Over the past few years she has been performing as the lead singer of the funk group the Killer Meters, but has now come to terms with her parents’ music which she had previously revered so much that she was loath to perform it. However Kent Records’ recent and future reissuing of her mother’s 60s and 70s recordings has put that music back to the forefront and seeing Duffy, Adele and Amy hitting the charts with US soul style songs has made her determined to claim back her birthright and perform a special tribute to her parents’ work.

Here's a bit more information on Karime from her MySpace blurb:

I started my career in singing back in the 90's during the Acid Jazz period in L.A. I did a couple of projects which got me interested in coming to London where the scene was hot. I got lucky after three weeks and met Gilles Peterson who hooked me up a record deal. I went a little out of control and changed my sound not to the likings of the head of Mercury (wanker) so I was on my own with no record deal. But what I had with me were my masters and that meant Gilles could hook me up with Roni Size and DJ Die who I had hung out with on tour anyway.

Dj Die was young and hot with dope ideas so he took my song 'Chemical Imbalance' and remixed it and that is how it all started and my career has lead me via Gilles Peterson again to working on Red Snapper's album entitled 'Our aim is to satisfy Red Snapper'. Those cats were awesome live so i snapped at the chance and learned how to work under extreme pressure. It paid off too. I love live performance and i think thats when I really really shine. I was working with Shawn Lee who has penned some big tunes for Sugar Babes, Girls Aloud and recently Will Young covered his tune 'Happiness' which is a shit hot tune.

Shawn Lee and I came over from L.A. together and he helped me become a better writer and a singer for that matter. I have worked with Matt Cooper on a tune called 'Resist' which is still getting me Royalty checks too. We have talked about putting together a project this year so who knows. I have been in the dance charts with other material which you can google to find out. the list is a good size so check it out.

2005 I hooked up with Carl Ryden and recorded 'Mercy on Me' released on Onephatdiva . I had another single called 'Deliverance' produced by Tyken out of Gothenburg the team is Carl Ryden and Dj Nibc. If you check out Dj Nibc on Myspace you can have a listen or simply google my name. The video was on rotation in Scandinavia and Europe on MTV. But now is where I am. I am part of a fantastic Funk band called The Killer Meters. We revive the funk and are working on a album featuring some classics and original music.

Check us for gigs etc. on:

Things are going great for us and 2007 was fantastic year just making our mark. We have set 2008 up nicely so time to record and continue playing live everywhere. We played at Cargo for new years eve and it set the pace. Watch us bring funk to you like no other especially with me at the front and Sparo on drums.

Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender 6-8 June 2008

Ady Croasdell has sent me details of the above event:

The 2008 6TS Northern and Modern Soul Weekender at Cleethorpes boasts an impressive three act live performance at midnight on the Saturday all-nighter.


The opening act sees us witness the start of a new musical career for a very talented young singer. Karime is the daughter of top LA songwriter and producer Kent Harris and the legendary LA singer Ty Karim. She has actually now made north-west London her home and lives 2 miles from Ace’s offices.

Over the past few years she has been performing as the lead singer of the funk group the Killer Meters, but has now come to terms with her parents’ music which she had previously revered so much that she was loath to perform it. However Kent Records’ recent and future reissuing of her mother’s 60s and 70s recordings has put that music back to the forefront and seeing Duffy, Adele and Amy hitting the charts with US soul style songs has made her determined to claim back her birthright and perform a special tribute to her parents’ work.

She has inherited her mother’s husky, deep (for a woman) voice and will perform her biggest Northern and Modern tracks including ‘Lighten Up Baby’, ‘You Just Don’t Know’, ‘You Really Made It Good To Me’, ‘Wear Your Natural’, ‘Lighten Up’ and ‘I Ain’t Lying’ aka ‘Ain’t That Love Enough’. It will be a memorable night for both us and her.


Speaking of big voices, we are proud to be bringing New York singer Frank Dell over to Europe for the first time. Frank is a soul collector’s household name on the strength of his one superlative Northern Soul smash ‘He Broke Your Game Wide Open’. Though he has been a singer throughout his life, his career has mainly been on the jazz circuit, which has been our loss and their gain.

He recorded with New York stalwart producer Phil Medley, most famous for penning the original ‘Twist And Shout’ and Dave Blake the guy responsible for the Quotations and Jackye Owens recordings, among others. Apart from HBYGWO he cut the uptempo ‘Baby You’ve Got It’ which is soon to feature on Kent’s “Northern Soul’s Classiest Rarities Vol 3”. He recorded more sides with Phil and Dave in the 70s, some of which mysteriously came out on the Guinness LP devoted to Frank. More tracks were laid down that never made it onto vinyl like the excellent two-stepper ‘You’ve Got To Deal With It’ and one that came out as a Valise label 12” only, ‘What More Can I Do’, which is getting a lot of Modern soul action right now.

He also had a pair of singles for the Philips and Blue Rock stable of labels under his surname of Murphy; his real name being Franklin Delano Murphy. As Big Frank Murphy he cut 'It's All Over But The Pain' while as Big Frank & The Essence he recorded the magnificent 'I Won't Let Her See Me Cry', one of the monsters of the Stafford inspired "60s newies" Northern Soul scene in the 1980s. It will be an honour to hear these recordings performed live.

There's no doubt that Frank’s deep rich voice is going to thrill Cleethorpes and this charming and talented New York singer will show the soul world his vast talent.


Our headline act this year is none other than Cincinnati’s fabulous girl group the Charmaines. Lead by Gigi Griffin this notable outfit has been present at some of the most ground breaking moments in soul music history, supplying backing vocals to many of James Brown’s legendary King sessions and working with the great Herman Griffin/Lewis in Detroit and Chicago in the mid 60s when those cities ruled the airwaves. This will be their first ever European appearance singing their uptempo soul songs.

Though the girls had an impressive series of 45 releases throughout their career, it is three unissued (one unheard) tracks that have shot them into the spotlight in recent years. Firstly we discovered a throbbingly tough version of Ike Turner’s ‘I Idolize You’ in the Fraternity tapes that Ace purchased and though the song was given a release number, no vinyl appears to exist of it. That was until acetate plays at London’s 100 Club turned it into the monster R&B/Northern crossover record that eventually lead to it being released as the 6TS 23rd anniversary single. It’s now very hard to find and quite expensive too. A similar path was lead by the girls’ stupendous 1966 Date recording, ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose Him’ a previously unissued track that was cut by Gigi’s future husband Herman Lewis at the same session as the issued stomper ‘Eternally’, a Wigan monster once bootlegged as by The Sweet Things. ‘Lose’ eventually saw life onto vinyl 4 years late as another 100 Club world exclusive. The third mystery track of the triumvirate is Gigi’s original version of the Andrea Henry and Janice Northern Soul classic ‘I Need You Like A Baby’. It’s a song Dale Warren wrote for the Charmaines that got as far as the demo stage but was then used on Andrea Henry. Sadly the demo version has not been heard since it was cut, but Gigi remembers Andrea copied her performance completely. Dale also wrote ‘Guilty’ and ‘Girl Crazy’ for the girls in this period, two great Columbia singles that will also be sung live at Cleethorpes along with their great reading of JJ Barnes’ ‘Poor Unfortunate Me’.

And if that ain’t enough for you, original group member and Gigi’s sister, Gerri Jackson, was the girl responsible for the wonderful duet with Herman Lewis (Griffin) version of Clara Ward’s stomping Wigan classic ‘The Right Direction’. And she’s going to relive that rare soul moment with us too.

So I feel this year’s Cleethorpes live show will be a remarkable and entertaining experience for us all. You might even catch me with a smile on my face.


Full info on weekender and all things 6t ish can be found at links below

Blue Note Record Sleeves

There is nothing quite like the album sleeve as a concept. I love looking at pictures of albums and one site that has plenty to ooze over is one devoted to the Blue Note Jazz label - go and take a look!

Powerstation Allnighter 30/5/08

Universal Soul Club 5/5/08

Chicago Soul Trip USA 2009

The Bamboos In Australia June 2008

100 Club Picture Show 11/5/08

I was dropped details of the above exhibition:

100 Club Picture Show Friday 9th May – Sunday 11th May
Curated by Emily Beaver
Main Show for Public:
Friday 9th May – Sunday 11th May
12pm – 4pm
Free Entry

Announcing a new permanent display for the walls of the world famous 100 Club.

For 3 days the 100 Club will open the doors through the afternoon, giving the public unlimited access to view the work and venue for free.

Photographs from the club, spanning the last 60 years will include Jazz and Blues by Walter Hanlon, Terry Cryer and Chas McDevitt, The Punk Festival of 1976 shot by Barry Plummer, Ray Stevenson and Jill Furmanovsky and Rock and Indie acts by Paul Slattery, Dean Chalkley and Ross Halfin. Bringing you The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Siouxsie Sioux, Metallica, Oasis, Humphrey Lyttelton, Gallows, Chuck Berry, The Damned, Primal Scream and The Horrors to name but a few.

Still standing after 60 years the 100 Club has earned a long overdue show of appreciation, not only for being a place of historical importance for music, but also for remaining a personal treasure to many. The inspiration for the exhibition came from The Rolling Stones on stage at the club in 1982, images of which were donated to the club by Carole Lateman, only to be stored away and forgotten for over 20 years. Recently discovered, they sparked the desire to put them where they belong on the walls of the club for the public’s enjoyment.

With a capacity of 300, the 100 Club shows are always intimate and accessible. This show serves to update the famous walls, rather than transform them, keeping the existing style of the interior.

Wiley & The Checkmates We Call It Soul

The latest CD from the Rabbit Factory featuring Wiley & The Checkmates who are one of the bands at tonight's Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans backing Hermon Hitson, Roscoe Robinson and Ralph Jackson.
They call it soul, and we do too -- a pretty good approximation of older southern soul modes from the 60s and 70s -- served up by a group who really gets it right! The set was recorded at the legendary Playground Studios -- and in Memphis too -- and the overall feel is stripped-down southern soul, without any of the too-glossy, or too-modern touches that show up in other recent proponents of the genre. There's also a nice undercurrent of funk, too -- thanks to some tight backings -- and vocals are by a male and female singer, who shift during the set. Titles include "Up In Heah", "I Did My Part", "I Want Your Love In My Life", "Tryin To Get Next To You", "Have You Been Crying", and "Set Your Mind Free" Dusty Groove
The band consist of Herbert Wiley- vocals, band leader; Matty Crockett - congas, percussion;
Tricanna McGee- vocals; J.D.Mark - guitar; Matt Patton - bass and Anthony Amp Wortham
- drums.
Drop over to their MySpace to listen to tracks. Here's their blurb:
Herbert Wiley formed the Checkmates in his hometown Oxford, Mississippi in 1960. After a dozen years playing a circuit that stretched from the Gulf Coast to the Midwest, Wiley quit music to run the family business. After watching the Oxford punk band the Preacher's Kids rehearse in a local storefront, Wiley was inspired to reform the Checkmates in 2002.

Wiley and the The Checkmates have become a force of Southern soul with performances in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and the 2006 Ponderosa Stomp in Memphis, TN., where they backed soul singers Bobby Patterson and Harvey Scales and blues guitarist Fillmore Slim. The Checkmates have been feted in soul and blues magazines around the world and have appeared on the playlists of blues and roots radio programs around the U.S. as well as in England, Holland, Italy, and Argentina.

Wiley and the Checkmates full-length debut CD "Introducing..." and their "Streak-A-Lean" b/w "Deep Shit" 7-inch are available at

Nigeria Disco Funk Special

I have been playing this to death since I picked it up after hearing a track on the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show.

Massive funk from the Nigerian scene of the 70s -- and miles away from US disco of the time! These cuts represent a tighter, more uptempo side of African funk -- but they're never as polished or professional as American club or disco -- no soaring strings, female chorus vocals, or other sweetening touches that played big at Studio 54. Instead, these grooves are all still gritty -- the kind of upbeat jamming funk performed in Lagos clubs and bars at the time -- kind of a distillation of the longer grooves of Fela, pushed a bit towards an American funk sound too. Drums and guitars dominate most of the tracks -- making for a well-played, edgey sound throughout -- and although there's a fair bit of vocals on the set, the instrumental jamming is the main focus of most of these tunes. Another essential collection from Soundway Records -- with tracks that include "Take Your Soul" by Sahara All Stars, "Will Of The People" by T-Fire, "Some More" by Jay-U Experience, "Love Affair" by S-Job Movement, "Ijere" by Dr Adolf Ahanotu, "Greetings" by Johnny Haastrup, "Lagos City" by Asiko Rock Group, and "Mota Giny" by Voices Of Darkness. Dusty Groove

Mondatta Funk 17/5/08

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show 26/4/08

Ann Sexton

This week Craig interviewed soul legend Ann Sexton who has been a mysterious lady until her appearance at last year's Baltic Soul Weekender.

Erma Franklin - “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher & Higher” (Kent)
Patti Austin - “Music To My Heart” (Kent)
Melvin Sparks - “If You Want My Love” (Edel Records)
The Soul Snatchers - “Crushed Ice” (Social Beats)
Lonnie The Cat – “I Ain’t Drunk” (Ace Records)
Willie Colon & Ruben Blades – “Plastico” (Mr Bongo Recordings)
Kinny – “Back Street Lust” feat Diesler (Tru Thoughts)
The Family Fortune – “Work” (Skyline Recordings)
James & Bobby Purify - “Shake a Tailfeather” (Sundazed)
Gene Chandler - “After The Laughter (Comes The Tears)” (Kent)
The Soulvation Army Band-“Dancing On A Daydream” (Soulvation Army)
The New Mastersounds - “Idris” (One Note Records)

Candi Staton – “Love Chain” (Honest Jon’s Records)
Una Mas Trio - “Son Montuno”- Smoove Remix (Agogo Records)
Etta James - “I Got You Babe” (Cadet)

Chatting with Simon Hodge, Tuomo & Anne Sexton from the Baltic Soul Weekender

Tuomo – “Don’t Take It To Hard” (White)
Anne Sexton – “You’ve Been Gone To Long” (Soul Brother Records)

Trio Valore - “Fuoco” (Record Kicks)
Millie Jackson – “You Can’t Stand The Thought Of Another Man Loving Me (Kent)
Dusty Springfield - “Can I Get A Witness” (Spectrum)
Roger Collins - “Foxy Girls In Oakland” (Kent)
6Toys - “Voodoo People” (White)
The Country Soul Revue Feat George Soule – “It’s Over” (Casual Records)
Cut Chemist – “Buckies Pick” (Stones Throw)
Thelma Houston - “Jumping Jack Flash” (Spectrum)
Malena - “More Afro” (Freestyle Records)
T- Model Ford – “Junk” (Fat Possum Records)
Geno Washongton – “ Walkin With The Gods” (Kookooland Records)
The Apples – “Power” (Live Session)
Orgel Kvintetten – “Danish Bacon” (Acid Jazz)
Vernon Garrett – “Keep On Forgiving You” (Kent)

Marie Queenie Lyons – “You’re Thing Ain’t” (Vampi Soul)
Jeb Stuart – “I Just Love Your Work” (Kent)
Ironing Board Sam – “Man Of The Street” (Union Square) 20.25
First Choice-“Let No Man Put Asunder” Shep Pettibone Remix Re-edit (Victor)
Lester Young – “” (Kent)
Lee McDonald-“I’ll Do Anything For You” Red Astaire Mix
(Favorite Records)
The O’Jays - “I’ll Never Forget You” (Goldmine Soul Supply)
Sterling Magee - “Keep On” (Kent)
The Spellbinders - “Help Me” (United)
Dark Skin Woman – “Sir Mack Rice” (BGP)
The Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E – “Beautiful Stranger” (Acid Jazz)

If you missed the show then you can listen again here:

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show 26/4/08

Sunday Soul Selection 27/4/08

Jon Hendricks

Sunday 27th April 2008: *The Orwell Years* - Part 4
Steve Plumb & Barry Maleady's Sunday Soul Selection.
Presented by Sean O'Connor.

Donn Thomas - How can I help but love you (LP)
Chuck Cissel - Don't tell me your sorry (LP/45)
24 Karat Gold - What does the future hold (12)
Barbara Stant - My mind holds on to yesterday (45)
Brief Encounter - Sweet tender loving (LP)
Solid Gold Revue - She's so good (Baz's jumping 45!)
Delegates of Soul - Lucky guy (45)
Maurice Long - One stands here (LP)
A J Brown - Making love together (45)
Impressions - Sooner or later (45)
Dennis Lee - Sunday afternoon (45)
Van McCoy - What kind of man (LP)
Johnny Moore - Such a wonderful feeling (45)
Essex IV - My heart can't take it (45)
Duane Williams - Yes my love is real (45)
Angel - Soothe you (45)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Keep on loving you (LP/45)
Spread Love - Here I go (LP)
Village Choir - Along the beach (Fast version!) (SCM) (Tee Shirt not included!)
Jon Hendricks - I bet you thought I'd never find you (LP)
Infinity - Put everything in its place (45)
Larry Wu - Let me show you (45)
John Simmons - Aint nothing like the love (45)
Bill Spoon - I'm the one who loves you (12)
Bonnie Blanchard - You're the only one (45)
Oscar Weathers - When you see what you want (Plumby's 45 that dropped off the deck!!)
Tony Middleton - Spanish maiden (12)
Bobby Cutchins - Leaving (45)

Download Sunday Soul Selection 27/4/08

Waxpoetics Issue 27

Latest issue out with Grandmaster Flash and Eddie Harris.

James Brown Funkfest 3/5/08

Mods Mayday Soulside 10/5/08

Alexander O'Neil & Howard Hewett 24/5/08

Boogaloo Assassins & Chico Mann @ Descarga LA 10/5/08

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tony Middleton Spanish Maiden

Tony Middleton Spanish Maiden Speed

A real favourite of mine which you can find on the Chuito & The Latin Uniques From The Street album on Speed Records.

The album featured: Jesus (Chuito) Santiago—Leader, Timbales; Norberto (Benbe) Carrasquillo—Lead Latin Vocals; Danny Agosto—Latin Cord; English Vocals Tony Middleton—Vocal on “Spanish Maiden”; Robert Maldanado—Conga; Charlie Torres–Bongo-Bell; Eddie Ruperto—Bass; Auther Puerto—Piano; Jay Torres—1st Trumpet; Irving Alaman—2nd Trumpet (Solo); Denisio Santiago—1st Trombone; Richie Colon—2nd Trombone (Solo). The album was produced by Stanley Lewis and Morty Craft with Bobby Marin as music. The abum was recorded at Studio 42, N.Y. (early 70’s) Speed Records (A Division of Latin Showcase Productions LTD.) 345 West 58th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019.

I like Tony Middleton's big city voice and you can find more of his music on a CD called Paris Blues. The title song is his classic side which was massive in the 70's on the UK Northern Soul scene and was issued in the UK on Grapevine Records.

You can pick a copy up of the Paris Blues CD from CD Baby:

The blurb has this to say about Tony:

Tony Middleton... One of the most versatile performers on the entertainment scene. You will note, on this CD, Tony can be edgy or soft, amusing or seductive. Tony Middleton loves music and caresses every word he sings. Tony sings with the power, feeling and sureness that only great talents have.

Tony has been aptly described as having “a rare ability” and a “vocal talent unsurpassed”. His career has included record recording, Broadway, commercials, television, and the cabaret circuit here and abroad. He lived and performed in Paris and Europe in the jazz circuit for a number of years and gets called back time and again.

Tony started his career as lead singer of the Willows, having composed his hit recording of “Church Bells May Ring” and is still in demand to sing with the Willows at Doo Wop concerts and has done several PBS Doo Wop shows.

As a soloist, Tony is known by world class performers. Tony has performed with and the music of Burt Bacharach, whose recording “Don’t Ever Leave Me” received a Grammy Award nomination. He has performed for Quincy Jones and Cy Coleman with their music. Having appeared at the Apollo along with Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Big Mabel and Slappy White, he has also sung with Sissy Houston, Nell Carter and Della Reese.

Tony was the lead in “Cabin in the Sky” and one of the featured singers in the Broadway show “Purlie”. He performed in concert at the City Center with the Alvin Ailey Dancers in which he sang the “Mary Lou William’s Mass”, and was one of the headliners at Lincoln Center at the 55th Birthday Tribute to the late Charlie Parker.

He’s the man who can do it all……TONY MIDDLETON

Unfortunately, the above CD does not contain all of Tony's music which is a shame!

You can read more about Tony Middleton here based on an interview by Pete Burns with Tony back in 1999.

Jimmy Witherspoon Man Don't Cry

Jimmy Witherspoon Man Don't Cry Prestige

A track by Jimmy Witherspoon from 1964 with Kenny Burrell, Roy Haynes, Eddie Kahn and Gildo Mahones.

Bobby Parker In Hospital

I've received a message from Terry McArdle to tell me the following news about Bobby Parker:

Blues singer and guitarist Bobby Parker, famous for his hit records “Watch Your Step” (V-Tone label, 1961) and “Blues Get Off My Shoulder” (VJ label, 1958) as well as his two contemporary blues CDs on the Black Top label, has been hospitalized for the past three and a half weeks. Presently, he is at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. where he has undergone surgery for a mass in his stomach. Georgetown has a reputation as one of the best facilities for internal medicine on the East Coast – that’s the good news. The bad news is that Bobby has had to cancel all his immediate local engagements as well as an appearance at New Orleans’ Ponderosa Stomp. His bills are mounting.

For those in the Washington, D.C. area, there will be a benefit concert at the Surf Club, 4711 Kenilworth Ave., Riverdale, Md. on Sunday, May 11th featuring The Nighthawks, Memphis Gold, and Terence McArdle & Jumpin’ Tonight with some special guests. We plan to set up a custodial account for Bobby’s bills probably through the auspices of the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA-DC).

In the meantime, those who want help out by sending donations can writing checks payable to Bobby Parker and send them in care of the DC Blues Society, PO Box 77315, Washington, DC 20013.

You may also send cards and letter to Bobby care of Terence McArdle, PO Box 6548, Silver Spring, MD 20916 – and I will hand deliver them to him in the hospital. (I think this may be better than dealing with the hospital’s internal mailroom.) Please keep Bobby in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,

Terence McArdle

My thoughts are with Bobby.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bobby Bland Update

My thoughts are also with Bobby Bland who is currently ill in hospital in Memphis.

I had a message through from Ann Kline of Malaco Records:

Bobby will have a cardiac stent inserted Monday AM at 7:00. That should help his circulation & general health. Baptist East Hospital in Memphis.

Per Wolf Stephenson.

Best regards,
Anna Kline
Assistant to Director Of Business Affairs,
Music Licensing Assistant
Malaco Music Group
P.O. Box 9287
3023 W. Northside DriveJackson, Mississippi USA 39286
phone: 601.982.4522 x206
fax: 601.982.4528

Further update 27/4/08

Bobby's out of his Procedure and doing fine.


Nathaniel Mayer Update

My thoughts are with Nathaniel Mayer who recently had a stroke.

I picked up this message from the Dark End Of The Street forum:

Nathaniel is still in the hospital, slowly recovering from the stroke. His right side and speech have been affected. He is more alert now, and though speech and movement are difficult for him at the moment, the slight improvements he's made are encouraging. The X-rays reveal that the damage from the stroke was limited to a small area, so the doctors think a considerable recovery is possible. Nate is aware of the many messages he's recieved here. Knowing how much everyone cares about him is giving him strength. Also, listening to lots of James Brown on the CD player is doing him good. We will keep posting information here.

Take care Nathaniel and get well soon.

Sierra Hurtt On The Right Track Radio Show 27/4/08

I've had a message through from Harry from the Right Track Radio Show:

Hi everyone

Remember to tune in to The Right Track on Sunday from 8 pm - 10 pm on Salford City Radio 94.4 fm.

Sierra Hurtt (Phil Hurtt's daughter) from Philadelphia will be in the studio so if you have any questions please email them now to

We'll also be playing tribute to the late, great Al Wilson who we sadly lost this week.

As always, if you have any requests, dedications, gigs or soul events going on - get in touch. We're opening up the phone lines for the first time this week so you can always ring in on 0161 793 2944. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Get on The Right Track.

Harry & Diana
The Right Track Soul Show
Salford City Radio 94.4 fm
Sunday nights 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jimmy "Preacher" Robins RIP

I received a message this AM asking me to confirm that Jimmy had died late last year. Unfortunately, when I checked I discovered that he had died on Christmas Eve 2007.

I had several conversations with Jimmy about his life and music and I had always hoped to meet up with him. I found him to be a real gentleman who patiently answered all my questions and who I enjoyed talking with.

We have lost another great singer and my thoughts go out to his family.

I will be back with a full retrospective on Jimmy's life as soon as possible. Life is full of coincidences because I just received a comment over on my Keeping Soul Alive blog saying thanks "the great great Jimmy Robins!" That's how I felt about him - a truely wonderful singer. I will certainly include as much of Jimmy's music in the retrospective because it deserves to be heard!

Thanks Preacher!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Randy Brown

Randy Brown I'm On Sick Leave Black Magic
I am continuing to post up my old interviews on my revamped Dark End Of The Street blog. The next interview is one with Randy Brown which I conducted back in 2003 and was originally published in In The Basement in 2004. The interview is based on conversations I had with Randy and his brothers Bertram and William.
The interview contains unpublished photos and coloured versions of the photos originally used in the In The Basement article.
When I conducted the interview I only had a copy of the above 45 on 1X Chains. During the interview I didn't find out the story behind the label because I didn't know of its existence and Randy Brown didn't mention its issue on Black Magic!

Still from a video made in Memphis 2003:

Randy, William & Bertram

Al Wilson 1939-2008

I woke up this AM to the sad news that Al Wilson died yesterday.

Al had one of those distinctive voices that as soon as you heard him you recognised his singing. I was going to dig out the 45 of I've Got A Feeling until I found the above on Youtube.

You can read more about Al Wilson on Soul Express .

Al Wilson RIP

Monday, April 21, 2008

Eddie Russ Zaius

Eddie Russ Zaius Monument LP See The Light

Recently, I have been enjoy a nostalgic trip back in time via the memories of people on Essential Modern Soul who were part of the UK's Jazz Funk scene back in the late 70's . Back in 1977/78, I couldn't get enough of sounds like Eddie Russ etc as they swept through the clubs of the UK. Zaius probably more than any other track reminds me of that period when I frequented venues like the Ritz and Rafters in Manchester. I used to buy many sounds from Spin Inn in Manchester or pick them up cheap from Soul Bowl which was better known for rare soul and Northern Soul. See The Light was released in 1976 and I first heard it about late 77 when I was starting to pick up the more obscure jazz funk releases.

Eddie Russ was a keyboard player from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who worked with many jazz greats such as Benny Golson, Sarah Vaughn, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie in the sixties and early seventies before starting a solo career.

He recorded See The Light at the famous United Sound Studios in Detroit and his rippling keyboards feature heavily on this very electronic album. The ARP basslines and Solina strings dominate most tracks. Besides Zaius, the other track which picked up plays was Stop It Now but I also enjoyed the slow Salem Avenue featuring Larry Nozero on sax and Marcus Belgrave on trumpet.

He also had another good album on Monument called Take A Look At Yourself which came out in 1978.

The Drivers Mr Astronaut King

The Drivers Mr Astronaut King

Sunday Soul Selection 20/4/08

This week's show on Solar Radio was hosted by Bob ‘the Crate’ Smith. Bob featured some excellent sides as you can see in the tracklisting:

Hodges James & Smith - Since I fell For You (12”)
G.C. Cameron - Strong Love (LP track)
Art & Honey - Let’s Make Love (45)
Willie Rogers - I Want To Thank You (45)
Johnny Moore - Just Be For Real (45)
Faith Hope & Charity - Who Could Love You More Than I (45)
Intruders - Do You Remember Yesterday (45)
Clarence Carter - Warning (45)
Newban - Free Your Mind (LP track)
Belita Woods - Magic Corner (45)
Jon Lucien - Search For The Inner Self (45)
JT Brown - Like Taking Candy From A Baby (45)
Charlie Hodges - Loving You Is Beautiful (45)
Butlers - She’s Gone (45)
Foundations - Change My Life (45)
Committee - Give In To The Power Of Love (45)
Maureen Bailey - Takin' My Time With You (45)
Reggie Sadler Revue - Just Wait & See (45)
Burny Reynolds - Try Me (45)
Flamingos - Think About Me (45)
Tommie Lee - That’s The Way I Want To Live My Life (45)
Primbrock Skiggs - that was yesterday (45)
Margaret Reynolds - I’m Gonna Let You Go (45)
Tomorrow’s Promise - That’s The Way It Will Stay (45)
Dennis Landry - Mm Mm Good (45)
Cornelius & Carol - So I Can Love You (45)
Soul Children - We Got to Get Our Thing Together (LP track)
Ace Spectrum - Pick Up (LP track)
Richard Stepp - Caught Up In A Whirlwind (Expansion 45)
Ben E King - Happiness Is Where You Find It (LP track)
Bill Brandon - Love Is A Two Way Street (LP track)
Leon Haywood - The La La Song (LP track)
George & Gwen McCrae - You & I Were Made For Each Other (LP track)
Tints Of Darkness - Answer Me (45)
Fantastic Four - I’m Falling In Love (45)

If you missed the show then you can listen again here:

Sunday Soul Selection 20/4/08

The Bahama Soul Club But Rich Rhythms

I was turned onto this band by Craig Charles - drop overt o their MySpace and take a listen to their new 45.

Melting Pot 26/4/08

Mods Mayday Soulside 10/5/08

Big Joe Louis Go Go Train

Big Joe has dropped me a line to say that his great 45 of last year - Go Go Train - has been reissued by Timmion. Don't miss it this time around.

Lou Pride Some Legends Are To Find

Drop over to the movie's MySpace to keep in touch.

Mousetrap "Fuzz For Freaks" 26/4/08

Funkduplondon Experience 26/4/08

Mods v Rockers Vertigo Special 3/5/08

The Strides @ The Boiler Club 25/4/08

Sweet Angel @ Chuck's Place Memphis 2/5/08

Jose James @ DROM NY22/4/08

Foundation Presents... 2 and 9 May 2008

Soul Discovery 20/4/08

Bill Coday

I think Mick surpassed himself this week!!! A stunner of a show demonstrating that the USA is pumping out some classic stuff at the moment!


L.J. Reynolds “Key to the world” (Volt)
Duane Williams “Yes my love is real” (Soul Junction)
Bruce Billups “Beautiful” (CDS)
The Chestnut Brothers “Whole Lotta You In Me” (Abdul Promo Remix)
James Saxmo Gates “I know what God has done for me” (Winlane)
Shantel “Arise” (Mo-Philly)
Al Green/Anthony Hamilton “You’re got the love I need” (Bluenote Promo)
Shantel “Arise” (Mo-Philly)
Al Green/Anthony Hamilton “You’re got the love I need” (Bluenote Promo)
Al Green “True love” (A&M)
Bill Coday “When the dance is over” (Ecko)
Sam Moore “I want you back” (SSM)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride
“What you you won’t for love” (Jomar Promo)
Maurice “How Can You Say You Love Me” (GloMar)
Eloise Laws “Tenderness” (Scepterstein)
Pookie Lane “Work it out” (Allison)
The Chestnut Bros “Come To Me” (Abdul Promo)
Nellie “Tiger” Travis/Stan Mosley “Who know you” (CDS)
Father Children “If I” (FC)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride
“I’ll work for you” (Jomar Promo)
JJ. Johnson “Slow Jam” (R&S)
J Blackfoot “I’m just fool for you” (Rightnow)
OL Skool “Am I dreaming” (Universal)
The Beck Starr “Angel – Girlfriend” (CDS promo)
James Whitney “Goodness knows” (Whitney Music)
Bobby Cutchins “You’re my kind of girl” (Lasso) 7’
George Jackson “I want that love back” (Mardi Gras)
The Justic Dept. “It could be more beautiful than life” (Fair Play)
Doris Allen “Let's Walk Down The Street Together” (Soulscape Promo)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride
“Stuck” (Jomar Promo)
Arthur “Where do you run” (Arthur)
Bob Baldwin/Phil Perry “Too Late” (Narada)
Bernard “Kingdom of love” (Bernard Stevenson)
Maurice Jackson - It's Been Revealed (T&Glomar)
Michael Sutton “Bandaid” (Litty Dizzy)
Cornelius MD “September” (Earfull)

If you missed the show then you can listen again here:

Soul Discovery 20/4/08

Sequins Try My Love Detroit Sound

Sequins Try My Love Detroit Sound

Download Sequins Try My Love Detroit Sound

I had the following message through after posting The Sequins He's Gonna Break Your Heart Detroit Sound:

Hey this is actually my mom's group. She was part of the original group members. They recorded song and was never paid for the song or their singing. My mom was about 17 at the time, Her friend who was another member of the group is having a 60th. Birthday party and I would love it if you were able to give me the mp3 of the song "Try my Love". MY mom's name is Merlene Karriem, and here friends' name is Brenda Roland. They were two of the three original members. I would greatly apppriciate it if you could get me this song as soon as you can. Thank You
William Holsey.

Wiiliam - I hope the party goes well and I've posted Try My Love!

Wigan Casino Interior Circa 1978

I looked back through my diary to see when Try My Love was first played at the Wigan Casino - the spiritual home of Northern Soul. I found an entry with it mentioned on 14th January 1978. I have posted a picture of the interior of the Wigan Casino around that time before anyone entered the place. I recall many a night being one of the first up the stairs to the dancefloor and the sounds booming around the empty space before it filled up with over 1500 soulies!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Interview with Ken Shipley Founder Of Numero Uno

Numero Uno are one of the best companies in the reissue market with their fantastic Eccentric Soul series which have have been featured on IDR over the years.

You can now read about the stories behind Numero Uno in an interview with Ken Shipley the man behind the label with WTTM Radio.