Monday, December 31, 2007

Paul Mooney's Best Of 2007

Next year, I intend on inviting some of my old friends to contribute to the blog. To kick things off I have asked Paul Mooney to contribute his reflections on his soul highlights of 2007.
I have known Paul for many years from his time as a writer for the UK Black Echoes newspaper and as someone I bought many deep soul sides off back in the 80's. Paul had his first label Ardent back in the 80's/90's on which he released some fine music by G.C. Cameron, Sam Dees and others. He worked for many years at Grapevine Records which issued a whole batch of high quality soul music. He now runs Millbrand Music which has it's own labels Selecta and Shotgun as well as a publishing arm.
Over to Paul:
For me the musical highlights of 2007 were essential new albums by BETTYE LAVETTE, MAVIS STAPLES, LAMAR THOMAS and SHARON JONES.

I've also enjoyed new music by Butch Williams, Ann Nesby, Simone De, George Soule, Sharon McMahan, Kashious, Al Lindsay, Patrick Harris, Bobby Hutton, Marcelle & The Truth, Oak III, Lee Fields, Big Joe Louis and the WaCo Ramblers.
My tip for crossover success in 2008 is ELI 'PAPERBOY' REED & THE TRUE LOVES. I hope the long-awaited debut album includes my favourites "Am I Just Fooling Myself", "It's Easier" and "Take My Love With You".

Eli Reed

2007 was another great year for reissues and it's always an added bonus when previously unheard material is found in the vaults. My favourite vintage discoveries were "Walking The City Streets" by GEORGE JACKSON on Kent and "You Better Keep What You Got" by ROZETTA JOHNSON on Shotgun and Soulscape.
Grapevine/Soul Junction came to an end after seven years but I've been busy running Millbrand Music and our Selecta and Shotgun labels. I've also continued to work with Garry Cape and enjoyed helping him to establish Soulscape Records which already has a strong catalogue of albums including BILL BRANDON, TONY BORDERS, ROZETTA JOHNSONand others.

Next year Soulscape will dig deeper into the Malaco, Quinvy / South Camp and Minaret catalogues so there's a lot more to look forward to - including albums by MARY GRESHAM and DORIS ALLEN.I am particularly proud of the Soulscape album 'Personal Woman' by ROZETTA JOHNSON. I'm biased of course but it really was my favourite classic soul album of 2007.

It's a privilege to work in the music industry and I'm thankful that 2007 was another busy and successful year. We signed many new publishing deals at Millbrand Music, including Jim Lancaster's historic Southern Americana / Chu-Fin catalogues, the Notes of Gold / House of Orange catalogues, Hayboogie Music and classic songs by the late Kim Tolliver.
We also issued some wonderful singles on Selecta / Shotgun by SHEBA POTTS-WRIGHT, BOBBY HUTTON, SIMONE DE, DAVID SEA and ROZETTA JOHNSON. The response was very encouraging and I'm looking forward to 2008 which will start off with the amazing "Fool Of The Year" by SAM DEES.

Simone De

At Millbrand we became more involved in media licensing this year and I was delighted to place ten classic soul songs in a new movie called 'Clubbed' which will be released in 2008. Our featured songs are by SAM DEES, LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY, DOROTHY NORWOOD, BOBBY HUTTON, TONY COOK, CAROL ANDERSON, DAVID BATISTE & THE GLADIATORS, LORRAINE JOHNSON and BOB RELF who passed away in November after a long illness. I'll miss him as a friend and a valued client.
I was also pleased to place the soulful ballad "Testimony of A Fool" by BOBBY PURIFY in the 'Clubbed' soundtrack on behalf of writers Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett (deceased) and Bucky Lindsey who are represented by Lisa Best.
Best wishes to everyone and thanks for all your support and encouragement,
Paul Mooney
Thanks to Paul for his contribution. I will be inviting Paul back in the New Year to host a guest mix of his favourite deep soul sides.

Al "Coffee" McDaniel

Yet another CD I first heard on Soul Discovery is this gem from Al "Coffee" McDaniel.

I found out the following about Al from his MySpace:

Al Coffee McDaniel is a national recording artist, and has released several CDs under his private label, CPA Records. Highly recognized as a premier male vocalist, and a seasoned guitarist, he is an arranger, composer, producer, and a captivating entertainer. No matter where "Coffee" performs, he captures the attention of his audience and fills them with music. While preserving the spirit of the original artists, "Coffee" revives their songs in a personal way, polishing them, enhancing them, customizing them with his own added touches, making each song more beautiful than it's original version. His performances consists of pop, blues, jazz, R & B, standards, mixed in with some of his own music.

McDaniel has become the singing sensation of Clearwater Beach, Florida, performing at the Cabana Grill & Bar (Sand Key) . He has developed a loyal following of locals who enjoy that fine, strong baritone voice, and the visitors love him, too. He has also appeared on several television and radio gospel music programs across the nation in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casinos; Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Washington, DC; New York City, NY; and across the state of Florida. He has also performed with some of the great artists in the music industry to include, Billy Paul, Gene Chandler, the comedian "Sinbad", Joe Simon, Denise Lasalle, and others. While serving in the United States Air Force, he also performed abroad in Europe, South East Asia, and The Pacific Islands.
His CD "Blues In My Shoes" was released earlier this year. This is what he has to say about the CD:
Al "Coffee" McDaniel may be a new voice to the Blues, but he is not new to the world of music. He has been performing professionally since he was five years old. This fourteen track CD, possibly autobiographical, in music and song, tells the story of a man who finds himself married to a woman who is controlling, abusive and unfaithful. He asserts his autonomy from this relationship, meets and falls for another woman who ultimately helps his career, as she helps him attain fame and notoriety. Al Coffee has successfully accompanied himself on this awesome CD with two of the most recognizable names in the music industry, legendary producer/songwriter/drummer, Narada Michael Walden, and blues great, guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter, Lucky Peterson. Check out the album on CD Baby . While you are there take a listen to his 2 previous albums:

Ian Wright On Good Taste Radio Show

Just got this show sent through to me:

Good Taste wish you a great 2008 full of wonderful music! We wanted to celebrate it in a remarkable way by spreading the best music to introduce you to the next year. So we asked Mr. Ian Wright to select his best finds of the year. He don't need any introduction, The Praying Mantis, the worlds rarest funk 45s! Enjoy it!


Phillips Bros - Who stole my cookie - Now
L.G. & Incredible Soul Seekers - Craw finger soul - Stepping Stone
Larry "T-Bird" Gordon - Contact off funk - Hi
Nikk - Hard times - House of Roton

Ian Wright:

Bubba Suggs - Everything That Looks Good - Suggs
Leroy Clofer - Mr Big Man - Rosemont
Black Soul Express - Party Time - B.S.E.
Johnny K - I'm afraid of the dark - Drive
Buddy Cantrell - you ain't no good - Tuska
Wilma Smith - Where There´s A Will There´s A Way - Grand View
Doty Roy - You Got My Boy - Pic 1
Wilma Smith - They Make Me Think Of You - Grand View
Johnny K - I got bills to pay - Drive
Wilbur Jordan - Smiling Styling - King
Galaxy - Dance Wit Me - Marjon
Freak - Life Goes On - Blue Candle


Sage - I'm alive - Head
Chain Reaction - Search for tomorrow - Blue Wave
Powerhouse - You turn me on - Daystar
Walter "Butterball" Davis - Girl stop begging - La Cade
Sly, Slick & Wicked - Sho'nuff - People

Weldon A. McDougal 111 New Track

Weldon A. McDougal 111 New track snippet

Weldon has dropped me a line over here on IDR wishing me the best for the New Year.

He also sent me a snippet of a new project he is working on himself. He is also working on new material with Shirley Slaughter to follow up her excellent CD from earlier this year.

You can also catch the above track on YouTube:

IDR wishes Weldon and Shirley a successful New Year!!!

The Falcons

I had a nice message through from Fredrick Gibson with the above photo of the Falcons.

Thank you, for keeping my father's music alive… He's James Gibson, 1st Tenor (second from left). Carlis "Sonny" Monroe, Lead (far left), Johnny Alvin, 2nd Tenor (seconf from right), and Alton "Bart" Hollowell (3rd Tenor, Baritone)...

Thanks Fredrick for dropping by!

Father's Children Sky's The Limit

Yet another contender for album of the year is the excellent Father's Children Sky's The Limit CD on FC Music. Once again, I was turned onto this group by Mick O'Donnell on Soul Discovery.
You can listen to tracks on CD Baby.
Here's the run down on the group:
During the late 70’s and early 80’s, a local group from Washington D.C. emerged that caught the area by storm. The group was called Fathers Children, and had a very distinct sound that was compared to the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire and other self-contained acts of the time. Their sound was coined “the crisscross rhythms of righteousness” because the music was syncopated and funky. The group’s musical philosophy was quite diverse. Their repertoire covered genres from R&B, Pop and Jazz, to Funk and Light Rock. Known for strong vocals and tight harmonies, the group was celebrated for putting their unique stamp on any piece of music they did back then and they still do today! Fathers Children performed with artists like Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Teddy Pendergrass, Stephanie Mills, Frankie Beverly and Maze and many others. The group released an album on Mercury Records in 1980 titled Fathers Children.
The group has reformed after a long hiatus of working with other musicians in the metropolitan Washington area. Audience response from a few reunion gigs about two years ago convinced them to make their return as Fathers Children permanent. The group members are Tony Contee (guitar and vocals), Art Mosely (Keyboards), Charles Robinson (drums), Qaadir Sumler (lead vocals and keyboards), Greg Ross (Bass and vocals), and Ted Carpenter (lead vocals and percussion).
The group has been performing locally for the past 2 years and is pleased to announce the arrival of their new CD titled “The Sky’s The Limit.” You will no doubt agree that the music on the CD is quite diverse, with songs ranging from Funk with a little Hip Hop sprinkled in, to R&B ballads, to smooth jazz-like melodies.

Clifford Thompson

One of my favourite tracks of the year has been Clifford Thompson's Back Don’t Hold Back taken from his CD on Goldwax Your Love Keeps Turning Me Around. I know little about Clifford except what is on the CD Baby blurb:

Clifford Thompson was born in Carrabelle, Florida and moved to Columbus, GA to be near Fort Benning Army post while his father served in the military. At a very early age his love for music started to bloom while listening to his older brothers sing due wop in the back yard.

Cliff started a sing group with his childhood friends, calling themselves the "Lovelets, singing at family gatherings and local talent shows. While attending Carver High School, Cliff joined the "Carver Lads' where his smooth tenor voice developed.

In 1975 the group Asia Addicts" was formed and became a popular singing group in and around Columbus GA. They performed at the local nite spots and met popular singers such as the late Johnny Taylor, The Staple Singers and Archie Bell and the Drills. Listening to their style of music Cliff decided that this was his dream. The rest is history.

Go and have a listen to snippets of the album on CD Baby.

Mark Wood Jr

I came across Mark Wood Jr's MySpace and found out that the lead singer with Lakeside had issued an album last year which I had missed.

You can hear tracks off the album on CD Baby.

Here's what Mark has to say about himself:

Original & current lead vocalist/founding member of Lakeside.

Mark Adam Wood, jr. has been around the entertainment industry for over 30 years. he started singing at age 3 in church choirs. his career started in the land of funk music, dayton, ohio in 1969.

Mark Wood began as lead vocalist in a singing group called the nomads. next the nomads, mark, and stephen shockley decided to form a self-contained band, the nomads & the young underground which later became the Lakeside Express and evolved into the lengendary funk band known all over the world as Lakeside.

Lakeside received standing ovations in such venues as radio city, music hall, madison square garden, the rose bowl, greek theatre, the chicago theatre, philly dell east, mza, japan, and national at the art theatre in nigeria.his 1st recording experience occurred in chicago when he was introduced to curtis mayfield through eddie thomas, as a kid. later in california, mark met a great producer named frank wilson from motown who released their ballad on abc records.

Shortly thereafter, mark met his mentor, a man named dick griffy from solar records who published their 1st songs. in result of this friendship were recorded 5 gold cds 1 platinum cd and multiple tv shows including sinbad's hbo summer jam 2, bet live, soul train, ab-d clark, mtv and vh1. his recordings were also played in motion pictures such as south central, eddie with whoopi goldberg, and sinbad's movie the first kid where the president's son learns to dance to mark wood's most successful recording, the classic "fantastic voyage."

Mark Wood also recorded a live cd before 15,000 people and toured as special guest star of the budweiser super fest, 3 consecutive years. his numerous tours also include the solar galaxy of stars, africa, europe, a live remote from rotterdam to all of holland, u.s. military tour in germany, from berlin to stuttgart and japan from sapporo to tokyo.

In 2005, mrkystar productions and stargate productions lifelong friend (william shelby, songwriter of "and the beat goes on", "second time around", "it's a love thang" and many more) teamed up to produce mark's first solo cd, "the adventures of mrkystar." william shelby collaborated with mark on most of the songs on the cd. in this project mark describes an extension of his alter ego, a nomadic interplanetary time traveler whose message of love and funky adventures bring earth and the cosmos together to save the milky way beyond. this alter ego with an interplanetary flare becomes the social & soulful voice for the multi global movement.

Sister Betty Jean Newsome

Please read an excellent feature on Sister Betty Jean Newsome in the Village Voice. Sister Betty Jean Newsome was a backing singer in James Brown's band in the 60's - a fascinating read!

Criteria Studios Miami

Here's a very interesting article in the Miami Herald on the Criteria Studios in Miami

Soul Discovery Top 30 2007

I have just posted Mick's guest's Top 10s for 2007 and now Mick has sent me yesterday's playlist featuring his Top 30 for 2007.

Top 30 Choices on Soul Discovery For 2007
30. Tad Robinson “Ain’t That Loving You” (Severn)
29. Sir Charles Jones “Just Cant Let Go” (Mardi Gras)
28. The Embers “The Last Time I’m Saying Goodbye” (Bluewater)
27. O’Flava PSI “No High When She’s Gone” (Music Vision)
26. Vick Allen “The Same Thing” (Waldoxy)
25. David Sea “Let’s Just Get Together” (Shotgun) 7'
24. Floyd Taylor “You Still Got It” (Malaco)
23. Bigg Joe “Running Back To Me” (Baby Boy)
22. Oxyxi Feat Terrence Forsythe “Spell Bound” (N2)
21. Bar-Kays Feat Shirley Brown “We Can’t Stay Together” (Rightnow)
20. Ronnie McNeir “What Goes Around Comes Back Around” (Jupiter Island)
19. Butch Williams “Keep On Lovin’ Me The Way You Do” (Star Gazer)
18. Euge Groove Feat Jeffrey Osborne “Baby If You Only Knew” (Narada Jazz)
17. J. Blackfoot Feat Sir Charles Jones “I’m Just A Fool For You” (Rightnow)
16. Vee Allen “Let’s Pretend To Be Lovers” (Leland)
15. Bobby Hutton “Twenty Years Later” (Selecta) 7'
14. Clifford Thompson “Back Don’t Hold Back” (Goldwax)
13. Lola “Wash Your Hands” (Wilbe)
12. Parker “This World’s Gone Mad” (Moe Soul)
11. Bonves “Smooth” (Bathubmusic)
10. Ann Nesby “I Apologise” (Shanachie)
9. Patrick Harris “Missin’ Your Love” (Lyn-Rome)
8. John Martin “There’s No I In We” (Nitram)
7. Father’s Children “If I” (FC Music)
6. Kashious “Bad Luck” (Gordon)
5. Howard Hewett “Can You Feel Me” (Machine Production)
4. Ruby Baker “Motions Of Love” (Nivel)
3. Rene Jones “Show Me The Way” (Midoice)
2. Hermon Histon “The Heart” (Sweetrose)
1. Oak III “I Can’t Say No” (New Rhyme)
Don't forget you can listen again by visiting the 209 website

Soul Discovery Top 10's for 2007

This year, one of my listening delights has been Mick O'Donnell's Soul Discovery.

The blurb on Radio 209's website sums it up perfectly for me:

Mick's enthusiasm for the music, the mixture of music styles played, the telephone interviews with the artists and the guests in the studio who are mainly collectors/DJs gives the show a great feel and personality.

Mick asked several of his regular guests to contribrute their top 10's for 2007 which are listed below:

Brian Goucher (Soul Essence)

Theryl “Love makes the world go round”
Parker’s “This worlds gone mad”, .
Choklate “ Incredible”
Kameela “ Nothing Else” Kashious “ All over again”
Big Joe “Just walk away”
Tad Robinson “Aint that loving you”
David Sea “Hook up to the heart”,
Ann Nesby “This could be love”
Oak III “All about staying together”.

Steve Dolan (

Bigg Joe "Running Back To Me"
Kashious "To Make A Difference"
Floyd Taylor "Sweet Love"
Mr. Sam "I'm Coming Home"
Lil Falley "I Wanna Make Love 2 U"
Lola "Don't Go Away"
Oak III "Yes I Do"
Onyx 1 Ft Terrence Forsythe "You Never Fail To Amaze Me"
Vick Allen "Good Love"
Special "Girlfriend To Girlfriend"

Mike Ward
Lori Jenaire “Fruition” The Whole Album
G.Cole “Something Special”
Terry Cumming “Right Time” Live
KJ “Hey You”
Micehelle Taylor “One Look”
Laura “What Kinda Love”
Devon “Keep it Real”
Neysa “Touch Me”
June Rochelle “This Christmas”

Mark Houghton (New Chapter)
Al McDaniel -They Don`t Know/Very Special Lady (CPA)
Trudy Lynn - You`re The Only One (Sawdust Alley)
Embers - The Last Time I`m Saying Goodbye (Bluewater)
Duhart/Katz - Get My Swerve On (Cribnote)
Lee Fields - My World/Love Comes and Goes (Truth and Soul)
Power - Once Upon A Time (in love with you/ Get Your Love (Power)
Sharon McMahan -When Will Love Come To Me (So.Calitown)
Simone De - Since I Lost You Baby/Show Me (Premiere/Selecta)
Darryl Askew - We Can Make It (DAS)
Kashious - Starting All Over Again/Bad Luck (Gordon)
Patrick Harris- Missin` Your Love (Lyn-Rome)
Theryl "Houseman" DeCloet - Love Makes The World Go Round (Theryl "Houseman" DeCloet)
Chris Jasper - Invincible (Gold City)
LJ Reynolds -So Good (Born again)
Al Hughes - Turned Around (Kat)
Joint Heir - Your Love Is Amazing (Joint Heir)
Lola (featuring William Bell) - Shake Hands (Wilbe)
Clifford Thompson - Baby Don`t Hold Back (Goldwax)
Eric Cross -Oh Baby (Eric Cross)
Earl Gaines-Let Me Live My Life (Blue- FYE)

Mark Merry

This Worlds Gone Mad - Parker - This Worlds Gone Mad - Moe Soul
The Last Time I,m Saying Goodbye - The Embers - Show Must Go On - Bluewater Records
All About Staying Together - Oak III - Sweet & Nasty - Oak III
Missing Your Love - Patrick Harris - Long Time Coming - Lyn Rome
Baby If You Only Knew - Euge Groove Featuring Jeffrey Osbourne - Born To Groove - Narada
Love Comes & Goes - Lee Fields - Truth & Soul
Surprise Surprise - Sterling Harrison - South Of The Snooty Fox - Hacktone
Woman / I Forgot Too Remember - Floyd Taylor - You Still Got It - Malaco
Take Everything In - Angie Stone - The Art Of Love & War - Stax
Can You Feel Me - Howard Hewett - If Only - Machine Production
Eddie Hubbard (

George Jackson “Walking the city streets” (Kent CD 2007)
Cavaliers “Living in the land of heartaches” (Kent CD)
Angie Stone “Here we go again” (Stax CD)
Anne Nesby - Step Chaka Khan “Angel”
Debi Dixon “In love always”
Larry Hamilton “You can have it your way”
Bobby Warren “The time has come for us to be free”
Trudy Lynn “You're the only one”
Lesli Valentine “Love on a two way street” (Tears full of Soul CD)

Mike Charlton

Michael Rainey “Wrapped Too Tight (If He Ain't)” (Rainey CD 2006)
Butch Williams “Keep On Lovin' Me (The Way You Do)” (Williams CD 2007)
Parker 'This World's Gone Mad' (Moesoul CD 2007)
The Fantastic Four “Loving You Is Hurting Me” (Motown) 'Cellarful Of Motown Vol. 3 CD 2007
Jimmie Delphs “Do You Know What I Mean” (S.S..I ‘45’ 1977)
Rozetta Johnson “You Better Keep What You Got (Shotgun ‘45’ 2007)
David Lenyard & The Music “It’s Never To Late” (Flying Eagles ‘45’ 1975)
George Jackson “Walking the city streets” (Kent CD 2007)
Mark IV “Signs of a dying love” (OBT 12’ 1977)
Lee Fields “At the end of the day” (Promo 2007 )


Wahoo - Don't Take It Personal (Fine) 12"
April Hill - The Search (Soulbrother) cd album
Raw Artistic Soul feat Jon Gibbons - In Their Eyes (Gogo) cd album
Jafrosax - Grow (Konami) cd album
Darlene McCoy - Unity (EMI Gospel) cd album
Floyd Taylor - Sweet Love (Malaco) cd album
Terry Hunter feat Terisa Griffin - Wonderful (Soul Heaven) 12" Remix
Angie Stone feat James Ingram - My People (Stax) cd album
Phil Perry - The World Is A Ghetto (Shanachie) cd album
Robert Owens & Dj Spen - A Greater Love (MN2S) 12"
Colin Brown

Jackie Moore - Tired Of Hiding - Kayvette
Ted Taylor - Something Strange Going On In My House - Ronn Records.
Julius Williams and Indeya - Together As One - So.Co. Records.
Prime Time - I Owe It To Myself - Total Experience.
Ronnie Dyson - The More You Do It.. - Columbia.
Gwen McCrae - Lead Me On - Columbia.
We The People - Right Now - Lion Records.
Betty Wright - If Ever I Do Wrong - Alston Records.
Jimmy Johnson - Don`t Answer The Door - Magnum Records.
Ike and Tina Turner - Hurt Is All You Gave Me - Modern Records.
Steve Plumb

Mary Gresham – I’ll never let you walk alone – Soundscape CD
Young Devines – Ain’t that sharp – Note
Detroit Emeralds – Long live the king – Westbound LP
Wali Ali – (Oh) I need your lovin’ – Jobete LP
Jerry Butler – The best love I ever had – Phil Int 45
French Coffey – Nothing from nothing – Pick a Hit
Teeah Louise – You happened to me – Coastal
Jesse Butler – Let my love bring out the woman in you – Southbound LP
Insights – I need your loneliness – Palmetto
Tapestry – It’s not the world that’s messed up – Capitol
Mick Gynn

Yolanda Rabun “I want to love u (Saxony)
Euge Groove Featuring Jeffrey Osbourne “Baby If You Only Knew”(Narada)
Tamara Stovall “After love is gone” (Positive)
Leni Holmes “Treat your woman right” (Backstreet)
Butch Williams “Keep on lovin me the way you do” (Star Gazer)
Toast “It’s just an illusion” (Charm City)
Central “Power system-Master plan” (A Jan A)
Jimmie “Okera Hightower” “Love & Live” (BCN)
The Upperhand Band “Get it together” (Spy)
Star Fire & Atkins All Star “Oh Baby” (AAS)
Some fine music there both new and old.
Please note that I have not included Paul Mooney's contribution because I will be featuring his in more detail later today.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Captain Hammond

I had a message from Pete Collison telling me of a new project he is involved with called Captain Hammond:

Captain Hammond is the brainchild of Mother Earth's Hammond hero Bryn Barklam. More than a group, Captain Hammond is an audio-visual concept featuring the Hammond Organ Power Trio's rocking instrumental Hammond sounds accompanied by the cosmic comic book exploits of half man - half organ, and all hero, Captain Hammond!

Inspired by months of sweaty jamming in the infamous London basement blues joint "Frank's Bar" with long-time cohort Greg Boraman, Bryn began to blend his favourite musical elements into a grooving, Hammond flavoured musical stew. After the addition of Greg's Reverend Cleatus band mate Pete Collison on guitar, the trio began creating some serious sounds - heavy, blistering, organic rock; gospel; 60's rhythm and blues; a hint of down-home funk and a cosmos worth of soul!

Maceo Parker Roots & Grooves

Picked up this blurb from Mike Wilpizeski, Heads Up International on Maceo's next CD:

Acclaimed soul/funk saxophonist and former James Brown session man and stage foil Maceo Parker steps into the spotlight for his 2-disc Heads Up debut, Roots & Grooves, an album that features a rock-solid rhythm section and no less than fourteen horn players behind and alongside this brilliant and innovative sax legend (Release Date:February 12th, 2008).

Disc 1 is a tribute to Ray Charles, with well-known classics like “Hallelujah, I Love Her So,” “Busted,” “Hit the Road Jack,” “Georgia on My Mind” and “What’d I Say?” Disc 2 consists almost entirely of original Parker material, loaded with the same punchy, high energy stuff that cemented his and Brown’s collective reputation as the co-architects of the original soul sound more than four decades ago.

Parker calls Roots & Grooves “a dream come true” in more ways than one. The album not only serves as his opportunity to pay tribute to an revered mentor, but also illustrates how those early influences laid the groundwork for the funk sound and sensibility that Parker himself helped spawn. “As soon as I started hearing rumors that perhaps I could do some kind of big band project, my brain raced right to the Ray Charles stuff that I knew, because I’ve always wanted to do that. And to hear those funk tunes blown up to big band proportions is really something else!”

MO-PHILLY with Jimmy Levine and Raymond Earl

Mick O'Donnell tipped me to a new project involving Jimmy Levine called Mo-Philly. Here's the press release:
The Mo-Philly Group is an entertainment group thataims to delve into all aspects of the industry.Founded by music veterans Jimmy Levine and Raymond Earl who have a star-studded pedigree in the music/entertainment industry. Sharing CEO duties, Levine will handle the managerial responsibilities and Earl will oversee the creative endeavors.
"Hit Records Not At Any Cost" could serve as the new start up's motto, as the two principals endeavor to create contemporary music in a grand tradition that's reflective of their decades of experience and craftsmanship. Their timing couldn't be better, as the public, in response to the brashness and crassness of recent times, seems to be collectively saying to 'tone it down' and give us some integrity.
The company's first project is singer Shantel whose completed debut album is "Arise Time To Shine",which is scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2008. Also on the release docket is: Instant Funk, part of Gamble & Huff's MFSB best known for their millionseller "I Got My Mind Made Up", the funk is on again! Their first funk fest of the new millennium will be dropped in the 2nd quarter of 2008. The name Switch conjures up sweet memories of their certified gold slow jam, "There'll Never Be" as well as "I Call Your Name". Much more of the same can be heard on their new album which is slated for a 2nd quarter 2008 release. Negotiations are also on going with El Debarge to join MO-PHILLY in time for a 2nd quarter release of new style of music. The 3rd quarter will offer the debut release of West Palm Beach FL group Mistaken Identity whose sound is in the mode of The O'Jays. Also negotiations are underway to bring Chaka Khan and Phil Perry into the fold.
Songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Levine, whose resume lists classic Motown sessions andsongs in the label's Jobete Music catalog, currently has a CD on Thump/Universal, "Share My Love”, which went to#1 for 16 weeks on the R&B charts in Europe,#1 on the Sweet Rhythms chart and became popularin Asia. The CD lists such luminaries as Ray ParkerJr., Wah Wah Watson, Phil Perry, Michael White, Howard Hewett, Everette Harp, Maysa Leak, Lori Perry, Kenda Hathaway, Donald Hayes Niki Harris and Phillip Ingram. Highly regarded magazine, Blues and Soul awarded the “Share My Love” with a Best Album award. The response to the album has been so overwhelmingly positive that a new CD, "Surprise Surprise” Keeping It Real! is being completed and continues Jimmy’s winning formula of combining old school and new school for a uniquely satisfying listening experience.
Starting out playing piano in church at age 4, the SanFrancisco native picked up the saxophone in his teens and began playing in various Bay Area bands. Jimmy's high-level professional music career began after auditioning for Marvin Gaye when the legend made a concert stop at the Oakland Coliseum. After he began performing in Mr. Gaye's band (playing behind him upto the time of his untimely death), he was signed as a staff songwriter to Jobete and worked with Rick James,Teena Marie and other Motown artists. Relocating to Chicago, Jimmy collaborated with producer Carl Davis (The Dells, Gene Chandler), arranger Rich Tufo and Jesse Boyce for Gold Coast Records, an offshoot of Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Records (Spunk's "Tighten It Up", TTF, Linda Clifford, Ava Cherry), songwriter Lowrell Simon on "I Want You" for Barry White, the group Omni, Jerry Butler and projects for Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Records.

You can read an interview with Jimmy Levine on Soul Treasures.

Donald Lee Richardson I've Learned My Lesson Soulville

Donald Lee Richardson I've Learned My Lesson Soulville

A few Orwell's ago, I heard the above 45 and it blew me away. I had known the other side You've Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hands for years as a perennial Northern Soul favourite but had forgotten/missed the other side!

The 45 turned up in my Xmas stocking - how did that happen???

By coincidence, my friend John Clement tracked down the album below which contains the both sides of the 45 and plenty more Soulville gems as well as having some great notes and vintage photos. You can track a copy down on Ebay.


I had a message through from Brian Auger:

Hello everyone,

Please check out this great new power trio my son Karma has put together with his friends Julian and Nicklas.

If you dig the music, add them to your friends.

Happy new year and all the best in 2008!!


Cast are Julian Coryell, Guitar Karma Auger, Drums Nicklas Sample, Bass

Sounds good to me!!!!

Mambo Beat Club

I had a bulletin through from Cheap Thrills A Go Go

hey everyone...thanks again to everyone who was there last thursday-that was INSANE!Mike Howard (see all his great photography at

took some pics at zuzu that night-I posted them here.

also...January 24th is the cd release party of Mambo Beat Club volume 1...I posted some previews of a few of the songs-you can hear them at:

gotta run...xoxo.-beat train

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show 29/12/07

Last night's show was a cracker with Craig reviewing the last year:

On yesterday's show:-A retrospective of the best of 2007 featuringSession tracks from The Bamboos, The Apples, The Haggis Horns, The Grits, and James Taylor QuartetAs well as music from James Brown, Flow Dynamics, The Bamboos, Frank Wilson, The Sweet Vandals, Lamont Dozier, Manteca, Smoove, Sharon Jones, Tommy Hunt, Mario Biondi, Aretha Franklin, The Carstairs, Bahama Soul Club, Archie Bell & The Drells, The Black Seeds, Lee McDonald, The New Mastersounds, Tuomo and much more.

If you missed it you can listen again on the web at:

Craig - Keep up the good work mate!!!!!!

Friday Street in 2008

Monday 31st December:Friday Street's NYE Mod Party
THE BEAT CLUB. 375 Sauchiehall St Glasgow G2
10pm till 4am
Paul will be joined on the decks by Neil Henderson (Hideaway Club, Manchester), Holly and Sarah (Eyes Wide Open) plus David Stone (The Hit! Club)
Tickets £6 available from Tickets Scotland (0141 204 5151) or pay on the door.

Sunday Soul Selection 30/12/07

Just picked up the tracklisting and where to download the latest show.

Great listening this AM and now available here:

Hats off to Shaun!!!

The Best Of The *Sunday Soul Selection* 2007: (Pt.1)

Leon Bryant – Never (delite) CD
Garland Green – Come Thro Me (Kent) 45
George McCrae – Take It All Off (UA) 45
Lamont Dozier – Can’t Get Off Until The Feeling Stops (WB) 45
William DeVaughn – Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand (Roxbury) 45
Aretha Franklin – April Fools (Atlantic) 45
Willie Johnson - It's Me (Savannah International) 45
Originals – Ladies (We Need You) (Fantasy) LP track
Soul Children - Midnight Sunshine (Epic) 45
Freda Payne – I Hear Rumours (ABC) LP track
Dynamic Superiors – Leave It Alone (Motown) LP track
William Bell & Mavis Staples - Leave The Girl Alone (Stax) LP track
Soul Brothers, Inc. – I Saw Forever My Love (Commonwealth United) 45
Sensations Wild – Love Somebody, Love Someone (Ram) 45
Billy Stewart – Crazy 'Bout You Baby (Chess) 45
The O’Jays – Now He’s Home (Trip) LP track
Betty Wright – Life (Alston) 45
Fantastic Four – Let This Moment Last Forever (20th Century) LP track
Kashious – The Way I Am (Gordon) CD
Freddie Scott - I Guess God Wants It This Way (Vanguard) 45
Al Wilson – Be Concerned (Playboy) 45
Brothers By Choice - Oh, Darlin’ (ALA) 45
Trudy Lynn – You’re The Only One (Sawdust Alley) CD
Lou Ragland – Understand Each Other (SMH) 45
The Impressions – You Can’t Be Wrong (All The Time) (Curtom) LP track
Mary Mundy – You Put A Hurting On Me (Sunday Soul Selection CD)
Philadelphia Story – If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now (Wand) 45

And here's a message from Shaun:

I had a stab today of trying to pick some of the most popular triple S spins from 2007 ... hopefully i did manage to pick a few of your fav's ...

Best wishes to u all for 2008 ...

& once again, thanks for all your support during 2007 ...

Very best wishes, Shaun.

Soul Music Collector

Sweet Mixture House Of Fun And Love Bazar

Check out some interesting scans on this site:

Ruby Andrews & Gloria Lynne

I was checking out Swamp Dogg's site and thought I'd remind people of this excellent CD collection on the ladies.

Ruby Andrews shows off her southern soul vocal expertise under the guidance of Swamp Dogg. These tracks only prove that she is not only the genius rhythm and blues vocalist who gave the world seven Billboard chart hits, between 1968 and 1971, that included Casanova,The Love I Need, You Made A Believer Out Of Me, Everybody Saw You and You Ole Boo Boo You. Her performances here clearly qualifies her with other southern soul divas such as Denise Lasalle, Shirley Brown, Betty Lavette and Betty Wright.

Gloria Lynne, who has always been ranked in the same league with great jazz divas, such as Nancy Wilson, Dakota Staton, Sarah Vaughn and Peggy Lee,etc., journeyed to Capricorn studio in Macon, Georgia with Wally Roker and Frank Clark at the suggestion of Swamp Dogg. Once there, they utilized the genius southern-boogie rhythm section that made hits for Swamp Dogg, Doris Duke, Irma Thomas, Arthur Conley, Wet Willie, Cowboy, Livingston Taylor, Martin Mull, Oscar Toney, Jr., etc. This was Gloria’s first venture in to southern funk. Nevertheless, it came off great and garnered critical acclaim. Gloria maintained her vocal sophistication while applying an equal dose of funky r’n’b. Swamp Dogg


1. I Want To Rock With You Baby
2. Since I Met You
3. Que Pasa
4. To The Other Woman (I’m The Other Woman)
5. Kiss This
6. Lovey Dovey w/ Swamp Dogg
7. Throw Some More Dirt On Me(The Shacking Song)
8. Loving You #449. I Got What I Want At Home
10. As In Always

Gloria Lynne
11. Whatever It was You Just Did
12. How Did You Make Me Love You
13. Can You Take What I’m Gonna Do
14. If You Don’t Get It Yourself
15. I Just Gotta Tell Somebody
16. Love’s Finally Found Me
17. What Else Can I Do
18. Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
19. Don’t Tell Me How To Love You
20. I’m So In Love
21. I’ll Take You All The Way There

Ike Turner Tribute On Intoxica

Check out Intoxica's tribute to Ike :-



The Fantastics

I've had the message below about a change of name for Rev Cleatus and the Soul Saviours:

Just to let you know that from the 1st of January, Rev Cleatus and The Soul Saviours will be changing their name to The Fantastics! - the name on our MySpace profile will be changing over on the same day.In the meantime I've made some adjustments to the Rev Cleatus profile - the URL is now

- there's also a free download on there too for xmas!

And, our email address is now


All the best


6th Oslo Soul Experience Mix

Listen here:


Four Real. Inc. – The Man (Master plan)-
Willie and Anthony – Selfish lover-
Lee Moses – She's a bad girl-
Josephine Taylor – Ain't gonna cry no more
Harvey Averne Band – People-
Ralph "Soul" Jackson – Set me free-
Henry Brooks – Greatest debt to my mother-
Rising Sun – Good loving
Harris & Orr – Here I go-
Erroll Gaye – Love and effection-
Marcia Hines – You gotta to let go-
GQ – Make my dreams a reality
The Experts – My love is real-
W. J. Charles – Feelin' kind a lonesome-
Little Joe Hinton – Let's start a romance-
Charles Sheffield – It's your voodoo working
Lee "Shot" Williams – You're welcome to the club-
Untouchable Machine Shop – Machine shop part I-
Ricky Allen – Cut you lose-
Prophet Soul – Do you hear me
T. S. U. Toronadoes – Song for a princess-
Brown Sugar – Grazin' in the grass-
Franky & the Spindles – War-
Frankie Freeman – This old shack
Family Underground – Nowhere to run-
Hudson People – Trip to your mind-
Clark Terry & Chico O'Farrill – Spanish Rice-
Nathaniel Mayer – From now on
Robert Parker – I caught you in a lie-
Archie Bell – When you left-
Jerry Washington – Don't waste my time-
Rhonda Davis – Can you remember
The Summits – I'll never say no-
Warm Excursion – Funk-I-Tus-
Prince James – Pumpkin place-
Hank Carbo –Bad Luck
Ray Jones – Beat the knees-
Rev. Carlton Coleman – Share it-
Steelers – Can't take this pain-
Barbara Mason – You better stop it

The Soul Explosion Love Is The Answer Tramp

I've received a message from Tobias over at Tramp Records about a new release on the label:

Title: Love is the answer / Barn yard pimp

Fmt: 7” Single (45rpm)

Release Date: December 10th, 2007

In the late 60s/early 70s many American soldiers were stationed all over germany. Among those where musicians who played in several army bands like the “East of Underground” which recorded a now sought after album after they had won the special services entertainment showband contest held in Frankfurt in 1971. Nobody knows which other bands participated in this contest, maybe also The Soul Explosion which were stationed in Augsburg, Upper Bavaria. Around the same time, a man named Charles Held opened a club in Augsburg town called “Tarantel”. Furthermore he was running a record label of the same name on which he released a handful of 7” singles from different, local bands, mainly not funky at all though. The Soul Explosion’s release remains the only one in the field of american soul & funk music. The band recorded a fantabulous double-sider, one deep-funk side with a soulful ballad on the flip which makes both hardcore funk and soul collectors happy. Unfortunately there is no more information available about the band, only that they even performed live at the “Tarantel” club.

As on our last release we decided to make collectors happy again, that’s why we pressed two different issues. The regular issue reads ‘Tramp’ as the label, the strictly limited promo copies (300 pressed) comes with the original ‘Tarantel’ label artwork.

Thanks for looking, Tobias @ Tramp Records

New Parkdale Funk Mix

Here's a new mix to enjoy on Parkdale Funk:

Joe Zawinul – The Soul Of A Village (Vortex)
Kay Robinson – The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow (King)
Little Dion – Yes We Can-Can (Capitol)
Big Barney – The Whole Thang (Grandville)
The Bar-Kays – Humpin (Volt)
Willie Tell & The Overtures – Soul Ranger (Chess)
The Dee Felice Trio – There Was A Time (King)
Lowell Fulsom – Tramp (Kent)
Freddie Watson And The Restorators – The Unlucky Seven (Eloys)
The 5 Spiritual Tones – Dad Situation (Sound Town)
Jarvis Jackson – The London Fog (Sims)
Ray Charles – I Don’t Need No Doctor (ABC)
Mel Torme – Comin’ Home Baby (London Atlantic)
Friend Chicken – Funky D.J. (Stone)
Lonnie Smith – Move Your Hand (Blue Note)
Bob And Earl – Harlem Shuffle (Marc)
Mary Holmes – Soul Brother (Nassau)
Thomas East & Fabulous Playboys – I Get A Groove (Toddlin’ Town)
Pretty Purdie – Funky Donkey (Date)
Lena Horne – Rockey Raccoon (Skye)
Don Julian & The Larks – Shorty The Pimp (Jerk)
Alex Williams & The Mustangs – The Thrill Ain’t Gone (Jewel)
Joe Frazier – Gonna Spend My Life (Capital)
Freddie Scott’s Orchestra – Hangin’ Out (Marlin)
The Emotions – Blind Ally (Volt)

Archives of African American Music and Culture (AAAMC)

Don't think I've mentioned this site before?

Established in 1991, the Archives of African American Music and Culture (AAAMC) is a repository of materials covering a range of African American musical idioms and cultural expressions from the post-World War II era. Our collections highlight popular, religious, and classical music, with genres ranging from blues and gospel to R&B and contemporary hip hop. The AAAMC also houses extensive materials related to the documentation of black radio.

The AAAMC supports the research of scholars, students, and the general public worldwide by providing access to holdings which include oral histories, photographs, musical and print manuscripts, audio and video recordings, educational broadcast programs, and the personal papers of individuals and organizations concerned with black music. We also invite exploration of our collections and related topics through a variety of public events, print and online publications, and pedagogical resources.

Enjoy your visit!

Onyx 1 featuring Terrence Forsythe

This afternoon's posts are influenced by Mick O'Donnell's selections for his Top 30 of 2007. One track he played was from the Onyx 1 CD featuring Terrence Forsythe.

Here's the blurb from the groups's website:

In 2003 Ubquity Records in association with Luv N'Haight Records released a compilation entitled Bay Area Funk, covering the fertile music period 1967-1976 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Artist such as Sugar Pie Desanto, Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed, Marvin Holmes & The Uptights, Johnny Talbot & De Thangs and Onyx were represented. The liner notes describe the vocal group, Onyx, as "a tight harmony group, similar in sound and message to the Temptations". Indeed, two of the original members of Onyx (Wendell and A.J. Basey) founded the Natural Four with John January and Alfred 'Pumpkin' Bowden. A Third original member of Onyx, Malvin Scott sang with the pre-Zodiac Maurice Williams group, The Kids, with a national hit "Are You My Girlfriend". The maiden voyage of Onyx was launched with the creation of their own record label Nia showcasing the release of the single "Break it Loose". Despite the success of their initial effort, Onyx decided not to pursue "the business" full time and the group disbanded.

When the founding members learned "Break it Loose" was having success in Europe thirty years later and was slated for inclusion in the Bay Area Funk compilation, the Basey brothers and Malvin realized that their dream was still very much alive. They recruited Terry Forsythe, a versatile performer whose resume reveals not only a solid work ethic, but also is indicative of the major players he has worked with; Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Taj Mahal, and Richard Street formerly of the Temptations. Mr. Forsythe's four octave vocal range ignites the product you are about to listen to; ONYX1featuring TERRENCE FORSYTHE, RIGHT NOW.

Please take a listen to their music!

Don't forget you can listen to Mick's show again from tomorrow via the Radio 209 website.