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The Radiants - Sitting In The Park Interview

Bob has been in touch to say:

Today on my radio show I interviewed two members of legendary Chicago soul group the Radiants, the original lead singer Maurice McAlister and member Wallace Sampson, the only singer who was a member of every lineup of the group. I usually write up a bio of the group but it was a great interview and it's worth listening to Maurice and Wallace tell all the stories of all their songs, check it out at the bottom of my interviews page:

Radiants Interview


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freddie Briggs Sound Off Groove City

A fabulous side! Thanks to Soln4suhreborn who has some great tunes loaded up.

More info on Freddie Briggs in a previous post on IDR

Allison & Calvin Turner It's Over Between Us Lulu/Atlantic

A gret tune from a band better known for the Act 1 album which was reissued by Luv N Haight:

One of the last great years for funk music. Real funk music. Raw and gritty. The way it's supposed to be. Funk was the peoples music, played in BBQ joints and dive soul brother bars. It was music aimed directly at the ass. With the exception of George Clinton and a select few, funk went into hiding during the late seventies disco craze. Forward 25 years later, and enthusiasm for the funk phenomenom is stronger than ever.

One look at the cover art for the newly re-issued Turner Bros. album "Act 1," will quickly clue you to the fact that this is no light weight one-track wonder soul album, but rather a sweet and funky long player, brimming with funky bass lines, oo-wee vocals, fat breaks, and afros. Lots of afros. And yes, it was recorded in 1974.

Brought to our attention by DJ Sureshot of the seattle based Sharpshooters, the Turner Bros. album is a highly collectable slab of wax that is so unbeleavably rare, that even hardcore funk collectors are not familiar with it, or may have only heard it rumored to exist. So, Luv N Haight, America's premier jazz, funk, and soul re-issue label comes to the rescue. The album has been given a face-lift by way of re-vamped cover art, and a digital remaster from the original tapes.

Need proof of the booty-juice? Drop the needle (or lazer, whatever the case may be) on "Cause I Love You," and "Sound of the Taurus". Need a funky drum break? Check "Sweetest Thing in the World". It's all there.

Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, the blue print of the Turner Brothers was laid out in 1955 when leader Calvin Turner was but a tot in his family's gospel group, titled The Turner Singers. The Turners relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1963, and local gigging and a strong repuation brought them to the attention of Chess Records, where they released a number of well received doo-wop singles.

Eventually, in an effort to keep up with the times, the Turner Brothers revamped their sound, and at one point they were the biggest soul act out of Indianapolis, having toured with the likes Rufus Thomas, Tavares, Chi-Lites, Ohio Players, and many other major acts in soul music.

"Act 1" was originally released on their own label and was a huge local success, earning the brothers a level of respect that they still receive in Indiana today. Eventually the band disintegrated. Today most of them are preachers and deacons, electricians and accountants. All are flattered that once again their music is being exposed, this time to a new and eager, funk hungry audience.

Green Berets I've Got To Be Loved

I recently posted a feature on the Green Berets after Bob interviewed the group on his Sitting In The Park radio show. Here is another gem courtesy of PGH Pookie.

Barbara Green Young Boy

Always great to see artists getting in touch when people post songs on the Net.

Barbara Green got in touch with PGH Pookie on You Tube:

This record epitomizes Chicago Soul from the mid 60's. Not much was known about Barbara Green, or this record until recently, when she contacted me thru You Tube. Barbara was 13! when she recorded this song in 1964 for Vee-Jay records. Production was by Richard Parker, and backing vocals by the Dells. Released in Sept. of that year, 'Young Boy' became a huge hit in Chicago and the Midwest. In 1968, it was re-released on Renee records and it charted #50 R&B, and #86 Pop. Barbara is now a Special Education teacher in Milwaukee, as well as holding degrees in the Arts, Voice and Theatre. So young when she recorded this, I don't believe she has an idea how special a record she made. This is simply superb Chicago Soul.

Check out PGH Pookie's other posts on You Tube

The Enchanters:'Like A Love I Never Had'

There were several groups with the name The Enchanters. Moving On Groove, who posted this on You Tube states:

Soul crossover dancer by The Enchanters taken from one of only a few known copies of Sound Studio acetates. Dont know who is on lead vocals?

Does anyone know which version of the Enchanters the above group is?

Melvin Davis in Metro Times

Melvin Davis is featured in the Metro Times pages this week.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bettye LaVette - SJ Jazz Fest 9/8/09

Bettye's musical heritage.

Spencer Wiggins Story

I have decided to revamp my Spencer Wiggins Story over on Dark End Of The Street following on from posting his brother Percy's story yesterday.

The revamp includes the full 2003 article from In The Basement plus new photographs with some in colour which haven't been published before.

You can read the story here:

Spencer Wiggins Story Part 1

Spencer Wiggins Story Part 2

Buddy Ace On Youtube

Buddy Ace live in Berlin/germany Franz-Club (early 90's)

Buddy Ace-voc
Christian Rannenberg-piano
Jan Hirte-git
Thomas Feldmann-sax
Kevin Duvernay-bass

Here are 3 more from Buddy:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

James Carr Dark End Of The Street

I have re-loaded a feature on James Carr's Dark End Of The Street on my Dark End Of The Street blog containing photographs from my archive some published for the first time.

Percy Wiggins Story

I have finally got round to posting the Percy Wiggins Story, prompted by Percy's appearance at the recent Porretta Soul Festival in Italy, over on my Dark End Of The Street blog.

The story originally appeared in the UK magazine In The Basement back in 2003.

You can read the 2-parter here:

Percy Wiggins Story Part 1

Percy Wiggins Story Part 2

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The Rhythm and Blues Revue 1955

Musical variety show filmed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York City featuring a cast of popular performers: Willie Bryant, Freddie Robinson, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Faye Adams, Bill Bailey, Herb Jeffries, Amos Milburn, Sarah Vaughan, Nipsey Russell, Big Joe Turner, Martha Davis, Little Buck, Nat 'King' Cole, Mantan Moreland, Cab Calloway and Ruth Brown.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Friends Of Mel Britt: Giving Back to a Chicago Soul Music Legend

Dave Moore has written a very poignant piece about the plight of Mel Britt who he met on the last US Soul Trip in Chicago earlier this year.

Dave was moved enough to initiate the Friends of Mel Britt appeal. Please read Dave's article which contains details of how to contribute to the appeal.

There's That Beat! Northern Soul Magazine-Issue #11-A Look Inside...

If you want to buy after watching the video then go to There's That Beat.

This is a highly consistent magazine with great content and fabulous pics and layout mostly in colour.

Max The Invincible Roach - Walter Bishop, Jr.

The late pianist and composer, Walter Bishop, Jr., played with Max Roach in Charlie Parker's group, back in early days of Bebop. While both were active in the 80s, he wrote this poem for his friend Max.

If you want to find out more about Walter Bishop Jr. then drop by Never Enough Rhodes.

Here's the song which first got me into Walter Bishop Jr:

Bass - Reggie Johnson, Drums - Idris Muhammad, Producer, Engineer - Gene Russell Saxophone, Flute - Harold Vic.

Written By, Arranged By, Piano - Walter Bishop. Issued on the Black Jazz label which is another jazz label like Strata East whose sides are well worth searching out.

In The Basement 55

Dave Cole's ever excellent magazine dropped through the letter box this week jammed packed with soulful content.

This quarter's issue contains in-depth interviews with The Dells, Charlie Jones, Tina Britt and Wilson Williams plus a retrospective on Eddie Hinton by Greg Burgess.

As usual, you can read news, soulbites, obits, readers' forum, gig reports and events, Missed Beats by Steve Guarnori, reviews and a competition.

To buy a copy then contact Dave Cole -

Strata East Holy Grail Turns Up

Anyone who is a regular reader will know that I love jazz and have a particular interest in certain labels such as Strata East.

Today, one of those missing records in my life turned up on the Strata East Fan Club blog - M'Boom Re. Percussion featuring Max Roach, Roy Brooks, Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits, Richard Pablo Landrum. To hear - you will need to scroll down through the comments.

I highly recommend the Strata East Fan Club to anyone interested in jazz.

Sir Lattimore Brown @ Ponderosa Stomp 2009

I couldn't believe I hadn't posted this before!

Sir Lattimore Brown with Wiley and the Checkmates 29th april 2009 House of Blues, New Orleans LA @ 2009 - Paul Pollmann, Amsterdam Shake and Vibe-rate!

Don't forget to go over to Soul Detective blog to read how the above was made possible.

Maskman & The Agents - In A Crowded Station


A true radio legend.

Red Kelly's Channel Episode 6 The Lounge Division

Love these videos from Red - check out his channel on Youtube

Johnny Guitar Watson Space Guitar

I thought after Mighty Hannibal and Andre Williams on the last 2 posts, I must play some more 50's with my absolute favourite instrumental from Johnny Guitar Watson.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Andre Williams, Greasy Chicken

Moving on from the Mighty Hannibal in the last post - another hero on IDR is Andre Williams - again with a tasty video from Watch In Shadows

Mighty Hannibal Big Chief Hug Em And Kiss Em

Don't know whether Hannibal sang this at his 70th last Friday? Haven't had any feedback on the night yet.

In the meantime, let's go back to this great track from the 50's which is accompanied by a nice retro video from Watch In Shadows on YouTube who even manages to feature one of my fave 50's movies Shock Corridor directed by Samuel Fuller - to think I once studied that movie at Sussex University with David Morse who wrote the original book on Motown for Studio Vista in 1971. We spent more time discussing Motown and Northern Soul than American Literature!


Cookin’ On 3 Burners

351 Brunswick st. Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria 3068
Cost: $16@the door $13 pre-sale

A big Night of funk as Cookin On 3 Burners Launches its second album SOUL MESSIN’ speacial guests will be Kylie Auldist & Fallon Williams on Vox. and other guests on Horns and perc. tbc.

Listen to the new album over on their MySpace

Billy McGregor

I first posted about Billy McGregor back in 2006 and had a few people drop by and share their memories of Billy which was great. But now, I am very pleased to say that Billy has been interviewed by Bob from Sitting In The Park:

Hi. Yesterday on my radio show I interviewed members of the South Side Chicago soul group the Antennas. Members of the Antennas sang in various gospel groups throughout the 50s. The Antennas formed in the Stateway Gardens homes at 35th and State Street; the group initially formed as the Antennas in 1960 when Billy McGregor, his two brothers, and Robert Bailey decided to form a secular, pop group to try to perform professionally. By 1962, the lineup had finalized to Robert Bailey, Jerry Royal, Billy McGregor, and George McGregor (Billy's brother, who was not related to the Detroit George McGregor, who is Billy's Cousin).

In 1962, Billy Williams came to Stateway Gardens to audition artists to take with him to perform in a revue in Las Vegas. Billy took the Squires as well as Shirley Shelton (as an Etta James-styled solo artist) with him for a 3-month nightclub booking. In Las Vegas, Shirley ended up making friends with and joining the group.

When they returned to Chicago, the Antennas went to different recording companies and endeded up signing with Don Clay's "Clay" record label. They released "Fuji-yama Mama" / "Be yourself" in late 1962. The A-side was a novelty record actually inspired by Robert Bailey's experience with a girlfriend he had while stationed in Japan during the Korean war. The record got some play in Chicago. The flip side was an excellent early soul track, led by Shirley, probably ahead of its time in sound.

The Antennas then signed to Don Clay and Ric Williams' Boss record label. The label had previously recorded a group called the Squires and, owning the name, had the Antennas change their name to the Squires, with the idea that they would have a more fashionable stage look, with canes, top hats, etc. The group backed Perk Lee Moses (previously of the El Doradoes) on his solo record "The Docks" / "Peanut Butter", which was released on Boss and also picked up by USA records. At Boss records, Billy McGregor also wrote the track "One Dance" for Ric Lee, which was later recorded by the Creations and by the Classics.

The group then moved to Constellation records and released the excellent double-sider "Drip drop" / "I'm in a need" in 1963. "Drip drop" had an excellent soul sound while "I'm in a need" had more of a throwback, Etta James-inspired doowop sound. Although both tracks received much radio play, the record was not distributed to stores and fans were unable to purchase it. Due to frustration over the record, their management, and their lack of the success, the group broke up.

Throughout the '60s Billy McGregor tried to focus on songwriting for other artists but was generally unable to get tracks placed. In the late '60s, McGregor wrote a track for Don Clay called "Mrs. Shy" that was intended for Ruby Andrews. Clay liked McGregor's demo of the song better than Andrews' performance and had McGregor record the song himself. "Mr. Shy", released on the Flash label, became a big hit for McGregor in the Midwest. McGregor toured the Chitlin circuit based on the song. A followup on the Flash label, a cover of a Charlie Rich song "She's a yum yum", received little play.

McGregor then began working as a writer for Sunny Sawyer's Palos label. McGregor released his excellent cut "We've been in love much too long" (including backing by original Squire Robert Bailey) on Palos, which received some radio play. His next release, "Thank your mother and father" and "We can come over with love" was a duet with Palos artist Doris Young, released on the USA label. It did not get much play. McGregor's final record, "It's my turn now", was an excellent ballad, also featuring backing by Robert Bailey. The record was McGregor's second biggest hit, receiving more radio play in the Midwest and getting McGregor more night club work. McGregor's brother George also released an excellent record "Temptation is hard to fight" (backed by the local girl group the Bronzettes) on the Twilight label, backed with a duet with his brother Billy.

In the early 70s, McGregor did some writing for Bill Meeks' Alteen record label (writing a track for Robert Taylor and arranging records for Drake and the Ensolids) and performed in local Blues bands in the 80s and 90s.


Picked up this message from the ever fantastic Soul Source forum:

Hi Everybody,

I DJ with these on the Amsterdam Soul Club nights on two large screens. Gets the dancers going really well, as people will confirm who were at the Twisted Wheel on easter sunday during my sets.

These are the latest additions to the collection. Some are filmed and all of them reworked by me personally.

Let me know what you think.

If you enjoyed it, this is the previous one

I'm always interested in new material. If you have any lying around, give me call.


Amsterdam Soul Club

WOL-AM radio Interview Pt 1 Washington DC 1971 Detroit native Chuck Long and Maxx Kidd Pt1

Informative interview Long and Kidd discuss soul, r&b music scene in Washington, DC. Kidd describes how to make it in DC and gives a layout of the DC music scene in 1971.

Have a trawl through the entire interviews on Nebraska Black on YouTube

Shrine Records Unreleased Tapes

This is an original unmastered take Huh Baby by The Prophets recorded in 1965 SR116 produced by Carl Kidd and Dale Warren, listen and see other alternate takes with period photos of Washington DC - visit Nebraska Black on Youtube

Shiptown Records

Standing in the shadows of his father Mr. Noah H.Biggs' ("the Original Mr. Biggs") is son Mr. Howard ReNardo Biggs (Mr. Biggs 2) of Shiptown/HowBig Records. Home of the Church St. and Northern Soul Sound! Featuring: Barbara Stant", Ida Sands", the Soul Duo", the Positive Sounds",Wilson Williams", the Dream Team", the Idets", the Showmen", the Grooms" and more......

Check out Shiptown Records

FROM JAZZ FUNK & FUSION TO ACID JAZZ: The History Of The UK Jazz Dance Movement

The History Of The UK Jazz Dance Movement
by Mark ‘Snowboy’ Cotgrove

From the UK soul weekenders to the Tokyo dance jazz sessions, Mark ‘Snowboy’ Cotgrove’s forthcoming book, From Jazz To Funk to Fusion to Acid Jazz: The History Of The UK Jazz Dance Scene has already acquired a mythical status.

It’s been 10 years in the making and the wait is now over as Straight No Chaser is set to launch a brand new Chaser imprint with this hugely important book.

Straight No Chaser joins with the Authorhouse self-publishing company to ensure the book will be available globally from early April in bookstores (Borders etc) and on-line (Amazon, Straight No Chaser, Authorhouse etc). It will also be available through specialist on-line music sites: Turntable Lab, Dusty Groove, Soul Brother, Dope Jams, Boomkat etc.

With an introduction by Professor Robert Farris Thompson of Yale University – one of the world’s leading authorities on Atlantic Studies and African related Art, History, Religion and Music – this book contains the largely untold history of 25 years of Black music club culture in the UK. It features the music, the dance styles, the fashions, the barrier breaking DJs and the musicians and is illustrated throughout by rare memorabilia and photography.

This 300 page A4 size book has been lovingly designed by Swifty and provides the opportunity to those who were there to tell the story in their own words.

FROM JAZZ FUNK & FUSION TO ACID JAZZ: The History Of The UK Jazz Dance Movement is a vital cross-generational read for clubbers, dancers, black music headz and students of contemporary British culture.

Check out Snowboy's blog for more information on the book and how to obtain a copy.

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How Do You Say I Love You - Jimmy Radcliffe

Catching up with Chris Radcliffe again - he posted this a few weeks back:

Jimmy's demo of a song written with long time collaborator Phil Stern. This Would Be Their First Ever Recorded Song When Jimmy's Friend Johnny Nash Included It On His "Studio Time" Album.

I Posted This In Remembrance Of Jimmy Radcliffe 36 Years After His Passing At the Age Of 36.

Jimmy Radcliffe Treat Me Good

Yet another gem posted by Chris Radcliffe - this time featuring his Dad's wonderful voice.

Un-issued Soul-Jazz Original of the Radcliffe-Scott song covered by Both Julie London and Lu Elliot In 1967 and By Irene Reid on her "Two Of Us" LP (1976).
Jimmy reveals his jazzier vocals, a little known side to his Northern Soul fans, on this one co-written, arranged, conducted and produced for the first planned LP "Sit Down Sunshine". Although the project, as of yet remains unreleased, you get a sense of the versatility of his artistry not only as a singer-songwriter, producer-arranger-conductor but some idea of what his conceptual plans were for his debut album... Soul, Jazz, Blues, Calypso and whatever else was on his palate at that moment of creativity. This was originally conceived during the Pat Lundy Sessions, at Columbia Records, but was put on hold until he could further develope the directions of his take on the song.

Check out other Jimmy Radcliffe material on the blog by searching the archives.

Ruby & The Romantics Only Heaven Knows

Another one sent to me by Chris Radcliffe:

Hard To Come By Ruby & The Romantics Recording Of Another Jimmy Radcliffe & Buddy Scott Song, Produced And Arranged By Johnny Pate.

Ray Pollard Wanderlust

Chris Radcliffe has sent me the link to the above. Ray's 1966 Recording Of The Buddy Scott & Jimmy Radcliffe Uptown Soul Song. Arranged & Conducted By Bert Decoteaux.

As you know we are great Ray Pollard fans on IDR - search the blog.

Pat Powdrill @ Record City LA 1964

Paul Rice has been in touch again with another great photo featuring Pat Powdrill:

Attached is an earlier photo of PAT POWDRILL. This was taken at rehearsals, Record City Los Angeles - Late 1964. The photo includes myself, and JANE CANADA. I also produced Jane's record 'JUST BEFORE THE NIGHT' and 'JUST IMAGINATION' for Crusader/Charger Label in Hollywood early 1965.

I Believe Jane Canada's old recording of 'Am I Dreaming' has been released on a ACE Records Album.

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens on BCAT Caught In The Act

A great mini-documentary on Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens produced for "Caught in the Act," a program on BCAT, Brooklyn Community Access TV.

Charles Walker & Betty Harris Summertime

Recorded at The EARL in East Atlanta on May 7 2009 with The Dynamites from Nashville, this duet of the Gershwin classic "Summertime" blew everyone away!

George Hughley @ Peachtree Soul Club Atlanta

Just picked up the above videos following George's performance at the Peachtree Soul Club backed by Lakewood Johnny & the HI-5. Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge in Atlanta, GA. July 31, 2009. Check out 2 further videos of George on Youtube

You can read more about George Hughley on Georgia Soul blog:

George Hughley On Fairlane

George Hughley on Buddah

George Hughley on Gaye

Soul Discovery Podomatic

I haven't given Mick's show a shout for sometime. On his last but one show in July, he announced that The Controllers are to appear in the UK in August.

Check out his show on Soul Discovery Podomatic.

105FM Cambridge
Sundays 12.00-3.00pm UK time
Sky Digital Channel 0129
Sunday 6.00pm – 8.00pm UK time

Soul Discovery Play-List 12.7.09

The Controllers “My secret fantasy” (MCA)
Calvin Bridges "Come Back"(Gospelphyed)
The Brown Boyz “I wanna love like that” (Black Smoke)
Marcell of Marcell the Truth “Greatest love” (Promo)
T.P.O.B. “Forever” (Soul Discovery CDS Promo)
Joe “Come get to this” (Kedar Entertainment)
AL Hughes “Loves takin off” (Promo)
Ledisi “Going thought changes” (Verve Forecast)
David Hudson “Girl I’m coming home to something good” (Soul Junction Promo)
Jerry Warren “Your love” (Nivla)
Roger Smith “I’ll always love you” (Miramar)
Rickey "Elvis" Owens “Whats A Man To Do” (DL)
Jason Little “Come back” (Soul Discovery CDS Promo)
Maurice Eric “That’s why I love you” (ME)
Stephanie Pickett “Let’s get it together ”(Aviara)
Betty Wright “One bad habit” (Epic) LP
Bobby Womack “Fact of life/He’ll be there when the sun goes down” (United Artists) LP
The Controllers ““Still in my heart” (Soul Discovery CDS Promo)..
XXCeption to the Rule “Loving you is the best thing” (Soul Discovery CDS Promo)
Mario “Save my soul” (Believe)
100% Cotton (Terry Cotton) “I'll be there” (TC)
AL B.Sure “4 Life (Hidden Beach)
Prime Cut “I’m so glad” (Polydor) 7’
The Jacksonians “California dreamin’ (Pawn) 7’
Broken Melody “Love is just word” (Pesante) 7’
Fauns Bell “Gift of love” (Wave) 7’
Marcell of Marcell the Truth “Just to be loved” (Promo)
Will Downing “Love suggestions” (Concord)
Joe “Sensitive lover” (Kedar Entertainment)
TK Soul “That’s how I feel”(Soulful)
Marcell of Marcell the Truth “I can’t wait” (Promo)
Maurice “How can you say you love me”
(Soul Discovery CDS Promo)
Marcell of Marcell the Truth “Greatest love” (Promo)
Stephanie Pickett “I sill want you baby”(Aviara)
Charles Wilson “I don’t want take a chance” (Severn)
Lee Field “Love comes and goes” (Truth & Soul)
Duane Williams “ I wanna be you” (Soul Junction)
Howard Hewett “Joy” (Sbme Special Mkts)

The Controllers @ True Soul London 22/8/09

True Soul…Present
Sat. August 22nd 2009
9.00pm till 3.30am
1st Year Anniversary 2009
@ The Gramaphone
60-62 Commercial Street
London E1 6LT

For more info:

Tickets from:
Soul Brother records
020 8875 1018

Crazy Beat Records
Tel: 01708 228678

Vinyl Philly-Tribute to Cameo-Parkway

I received the message below from Mark Matlock - can anyone help Mark with his query?

I have been collecting the Cameo-Parkway 78 rpm 10" singles that were released in the Philippines for several years between 1962-65; as you know, Cameo-Parkway Records product were obviously huge sellers in Asia, which still continued to press the 78 rpm format long after it ended in the U.S. between 1958-60---well before The Dovells came on the national scene.

The Cameo-Parkway "late 78s" from my collection have been featured on the Vinyl Philly-Tribute to Cameo-Parkway webpage:

However, in all my years of collecting, I have not run across any of the The Dovells or Len Barry 78s; do we know how many, what titles were indeed actually made? The Dovells-Parkway 78s as well as Len Barry-Cameo and Parkway 78s more than likely do exist---if Dyna Products could make 78s on 1-shot groups like The Persians and The Pee Wees (both label scans featued at the website above) then there has to be several 78s pressed on The Dovells, as well as maybe at least 1 on Len Barry.

The biggest Cameo-Parkway artist in Asia was apparently Dee-Dee Sharp, as I have no less than 10 of her Cameo 78s pressed by Dyna Products alone.

For the complete Cameo-Parkway-Dyna 78 rpm story, please find this my various entries posted in the guestbook section of the website above.

All The Dovells and Len Barry 78 rpm


Mark Matlock
Andromeda International Records

Porretta Soul Festival Photo Blog

My old friend, Ray Ellis, has been in touch to tell me about his new blog dedicated to the recent Porretta Soul Festival.

Check out Ray's great photos of the Porretta Festival.