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Harvey Averne Wishing & Hoping

Harvey Averne Dozen Wishing & Hoping Atlantic LP Viva Soul
Viva Soul is a cracking album of Latin Soul tunes recorded by Harvey Averne, one of the heaviest hitting producers of the New York scene of the late 60s! The album's one of the few that Harvey issued under his own name, and it features him on piano and vibes, working with arrangements by Marty Sheller, and a tight batch of studio players who cook up the grooves in a classic Fania/Tico style! The album's got some very groovy originals -- like "The Micro Mini", "You're No Good", "My Dream", and "You Mess My Mind Up" -- plus covers, like "The Think Drink Theme", "The Word", plus the track I have chosen - "Wishing & Hoping".

You can read more about Harvey in a post by Larry Grogan on Funky 16 Corners here:

Also don't forget the ever excellent Vampi Soul's release of Never Here:

Never Here is the definition of Latin Soul crossover! With instrumental renderings of pop and soul classics, and a few original tracks, all of this music has a loud "Latino con Soul" feel! With the help of Marty Sheller, this album reaches the classic status of his work with Mongo Santamaria. Titles include: "Gotta Do My Number"; "Can You Dig It"; "Accept Me"; "Dynamite"; "Girl That I Love"; and "The Beat Goes On". It hits HARD! Let's face it; this is Harvey Averne's best album!

Gregory Johnson A New Hip

I have been searching through CDBaby this week which is still an excellent source of new releases. I came across this newish release from Gregory Johnson who is best known for his work with Cameo.

Here is his blurb on CDBaby

From an early age Gregory demonstrated a facility with the piano. Encouraged by his parents, along with singing in his church's choir, he began taking lessons in classical piano from the choir director.

After many years of being under the tutelage of teachers and family influences, Gregory began using his ability to play by ear to pick out his favorite tunes from the radio. He was inspired by the sounds of "The In Crowd," by Ramsey Lewis, and "Soulful Strut," by Young Holt Unlimited. After the latter, classical music was no longer his focus. Archie Bell and the Drells' "Tighten Up" was the hit of the moment and Gregory formed his own band, performing the R&B songs that were climbing the charts at that time. While attending a community talent show, featuring bands that were, by Gregory's estimation, "Happening!" he struck up the beginnings of a long artistic collaboration with Larry Blackmon. Upon being asked, he joined Mr. Blackmon's band. Later on in their initial association, they began calling themselves "The Mighty Gees."

Working together, Gregory and Larry earnestly pursued their dreams of being successful in the music industry. Initially, the pair sought success through backing up Howard Kinney, and the vocal group, Top Shelf. They eventually became part of Willie Feaster and The Mighty Magnificent's Concrete Wall. Along the way, they evolved into East Coast, featuring Gwen Guthrie, then, morphed into The New York City Players. However, just before the release of the group's first single, the popular group, The Ohio Players took issue with the similarity in the groups' names. Leading them finally, in 1973 to jell into the ensemble group Cameo.

With Cameo, Gregory has to his credit five gold records. Much later, through a writing credit, he received a platinum record from Boyz II Men's album, "Evolution."

Gregory left Cameo in October of 1982 to reevaluate his life and pursuits. Thereafter, he focused on finishing his education in music. After auditioning, Mr. Johnson was accepted into The Manhattan School of Music. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition and a Masters Degree in Piano Performance as well.

Gregory continues actively engaged in music. He has performed as a solo pianist, played keyboards for various groups including Slave. He enjoys continuing the education of other aspiring musicians by teaching piano and is currently a consultant for a large audio department in a major retail establishment.

His currently released CD is a new journey into a no holds barred style. In the Smooth Jazz tradition the roots of hip and slick still reveal themselves.

Listen to the CD here:

Or drop by his website:

Or his MySpace:

George Porter Jr @ 60

Offbeat have just published an online interview with George Porter Jr to celebrate his forthcoming 60th birthday.

Frankie Brunson RIP

Courtesy of Buffalo News
I have just picked up a message that Frankie Brunson, former lead singer of People's Choice, died earlier this week.
You can read an obituary here:
You can also hear Frankie singing here:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ed Bland & Pazant Bros

Pazant Bros You've Got To Do Your Best Vanguard
I have mentioned the Office Naps blog before on IDR as a place to visit and this week when I dropped over I found a post on Ed Bland's productions. Please drop over to Office Naps, and as a taster, I've posted the above track by the Pazant Brothers from their 1975 album Loose & Juicy on Vanguard which was produced by Ed Bland.The album was reissued a few years back and may still be available. However, you can also get an excellent CD of their recordings from BGP called The Brothers Funk.

Mindblowing funk from one of the greatest combos on the New York scene of the early 70s -- Pazant Brothers Eddie & Al, heard here on a host of their greatest recordings! The package goes way past any other Pazant reissues we've seen -- and features not only work from the group's famous Vanguard album, but way way more work from a host of early singles for the RCA, GWP, and Vigor labels! The 22 track package is overstuffed with horn-heavy funky grooves that mark the Pazants as one of the hottest things going at the time -- snapping on the beat with a tightness learned from their old boss Pucho, but also a willingness to explore brassier grooves in a style that seems to be influenced from the New Orleans and Texas scenes of the late 60s. Producer/arranger Edward Bland had a good hand in much of this work -- giving the tracks a gritty, nitty, Perception/Today kind of groove -- and a few of the very best numbers on the record even bring in some wicked scratchy guitar into the mix! Includes early and later (Vanguard) versions of "Skunky Juice", "New Orleans", "Toe Jam", "Work Song", and "A Gritty Nitty" -- plus "Chick A Boom", "Greasy Greens", "Fever", "Juicy Lucy", "Chicken Scratch", "Fly Vines", and "Back To Beaufort". (Dusty Groove).

You can also now pick up a live set from the brothers recorded back in the 70's called Live At Museum Of Modern Art.

A lost funky treasure -- never issued before! For those not in the know, The Pazant Brothers (Ed & Al) were a duo of funky hornmen that first came to fame working with Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers -- and then moved onto cut some great funky records of their own in the 70s. The pair formed a very tight group that had a killer funky sound -- one that we'd easily rank right up there with the JBs and The Meters for hard, raw, power -- but sadly, they only ever recorded one full album and a handful of singles -- which is why this previously unissued concert is even more of an important treat! We have no idea what the folks at MOMA were thinking when they invited the Pazants down to get their groove in gear -- but whatever the case, this CD is totally great! Forget the silly cover -- which is way too cold and modern to get at the heart of the grooves -- and forget the location too, because the tracks on the set sound like they were cut at some smoky club in Harlem, not in the colder midtown setting of MOMA. The whole thing's totally great -- a massive batch of instrumental funk that leaves us to wonder why the heck this thing was never issued at the time. Titles include "Groovin", "Skunk Juice", "P Soul", "Fly Vines", "Work Song", "Momma Momma", "We Got More Soul", "Clabber Biscuits", and "Greasy Greens". Totally great! (Dusty Groove)

Al "Jazzbo" Collins

I recently came across Wally Wood's illustration of Jazzbo broadcasting from his mythical Purple Grotto, from 'What's All This Jazz About Jazz?', a story appearing in MAD magazine #31 in 1957 and decided to find out more by him.

Al "Jazzbo" Collins was a hipster saint, radio legend on two coasts, jazz icon. His theme song was "Blues In Hoss' Flat," written by Frank Foster and performed by the Count Basie Orchestra.

In the Bay Area, Jazzbo was beloved on KSFO, KMPX, KGO, KAPX and KCSM for four decades, splitting for the East Coast in between, but always returning to the West Coast right to the very end of his life in 1997.

You can read more abou this legendary DJ and hear him here:

Blue 45s The Ultimate Jukebox

At one time, I used to collect Blue Note 45s but sadly I let them all go many years ago. Therefore, I was pleased to see the above collection and now I can get some of them back in this inspired compilation.

Very cool new compilation that brings to light a side of Blue Note that's been long neglected over the years -- the label's firm dedication to putting out 45 rpm versions of some of their bigger tracks, or some of the material that was more oriented towards the groovy jukebox crowd. This CD contains 21 tracks that fall into that vein, and all of them are the versions that were released by Blue Note as 7" singles during the 60's for consumption by the singles crowd. Tracks include "Camp Meetin'" by Don Wilkerson, "Blue Bossa" by Joe Henderson, "Fungii Mama" by Blue Mitchell, "I Know" by Freddie Roach, "Bucket" by Jimmy Smith, "Spanish Harlem" by Bobbi Humphrey, and lots lots more! The CD's got a great set of notes on the 45 years for Blue Note, and the music grooves nicely, and sounds like you've found a great little jukebox stuffed away in a remote tavern on the south side! (Dusty Groove)

Golden State Funk

I have been asked by a few people to provide my list of top CDs of the year and this one would certainly be in there from the ever consistent BGP label. I am always a sucker of anything from the Bay Area and this CD certainly increased my knowledge of the area's contribution to music.

They're not lying about the "impossibly rare" part of the title here -- because most of the work on this set is previously unreleased -- funky Bay Area gems recorded in the late 60s and early 70s, finally seeing the light of day on this collection! The music represents a much deeper current of soul than you might know from Sly & The Family Stone or some of the bigger bay area groups of the period -- a really righteous batch of tracks that freak out nicely with a heady, jamming groove -- one that's often heavy on the basslines and drums, but which also has a celebratory, party-hearty quality in the vocals and other instrumentation. A few artists here are familiar, but most are relatively obscure -- and the biggest portion of this music has languished for years in the vaults of the Golden State Recorders studios of producer Leo Kulka. CD features 20 tracks in all -- including "Super Chicken" by Ramona King, "Rock Steady" by Ruby Delicious, "Devil's Got Your Mind" by San Francisco TKOs, "Hearing Things" by Snooky & The Cosmic Flowers, "I've Gotta Groove" by Julio Zavalla, "Love Machine" by Alonzo Smith, "Poor Sad Child (parts 1 & 2)" by The Windjammers, "Are You Together For The New Day" by The Love Experience, "Can't Get Enough" by 87th Off Broadway, "House Party" by Wally Cox & The Natives, "I'm Glad I Got Over You" by Jeanette Jones, "Sweet Talk" by Marvin Holmes & The Uptights, and "Vida Blue (part 1)" by Jimmy Bee. (Dusty Groove).

Here's the tracklisting:

01. Windjammers - Poor Sad Child
02. Love Experience - Are You Together For The New Day
03. 87th Off Broadway - Can't Get Enough
04. San Francisco TKO's - Devils' Got Your Mind
05. Wally Cox & The Natives - House Party
06. Jeanette Jones - I'm Glad I Got Over You
07. Snooky & The Cosmic Flowers - Hearing Things
08. Julio Zavalla - I've Gotta Groove
09. Alonzo Smith - Love Machine
10. San Francisco TKO's - Herm
11. Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - Sweet Talk
12. Jeanette Jones - You'd Be Good For Me
13. 87th Off Broadway - Why
14. Wally Cox & Nate Branch - Za Zu
15. Snooky & The Cosmic Flowers - Mini Skirts
16. Mel Davis - Just Another Smile
17. San Francisco TKO's - Acilady
18. King Ramona - Super Chicken
19. Ruby Delicious - Rock Steady
20. Jimmy Bee - Vida Blue
San Francisco TKO's
Big thanks must go to Dean Rudland and Alex Palao for their work on this CD in making this fabulous available to us.

Hammond Heroes

Here's another Hammond CD for this morning.

A great collection of 60s Hammond organ groovers -- and from sources you might not normally expect! Given the fame of jazz players on the instrument -- like Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff -- it's easy to forget how many rock and roll groups were also playing the Hammond in the 60s -- clearly inspired by the work of Smith, McGriff, and others -- but taking the instrument into a unique pre-fusion world that blended together rock, soul, jazz, and funk! And while much of the groups' work on organ was often overlooked alongside their more famous vocals, this set really corrects that fact by bringing together an all-instrumental lineup -- 23 tracks pulled from lost albums and singles from some of the best of the British scene at the time -- the cream of the crop of the beat group generation who were so influenced by American soul and jazz! Titles include "Stevie's Groove" by Spender Davis Group, "Jumping Jack Flash" by Wynder K Frog, "Zoom Widge & Wag" by Bobby Graham, "Working Out" by Dave Davani, "Adventures Of A Young Organ" by Ten Years After, "Jive Samba" by Remo Four, "Horses Cellar" by Peddlers, "Zoot's Sermon" by Zoot Money, "Critic's Choice" by Alan Price Set, and "Impressions Of Oliver" by Herd. (Dusty Groove)

Broke'n Blue Boogaloo on Subcity Radio

Just picked up a mesage on the Broke'N Blue Boogaloo show on the Subcity station.

The show is described as:

The sound of a cotton field in Georgia, a prison in Mississippi, a church in Alabama, a parade in New Orleans, a studio in Memphis, a bar in Chicago, a factory in Detroit, and a basement in New York all rolled into one. Every week we serve up an hour chock full of chunky boogaloo, barrelhouse blues, sock hop swing, dancefloor jazz and dirty down home funk. We spin everything from the slinky, sleazy, sultry and sassy, to the deep, dark, and downright depraved. Expect hip-shakin' hammonds, screeching horns and full fat breaks, alongside honky tonk pianos, gritty vocals and 12 string guitars. Harrowing gutter blues, and rough tough slabs of funk, sit with blissful bossa novas, and relentless boogaloo workouts; in an all encompassing celebration of soul music.
Here's the latest playlist:
Jimmy Smith - Stay Loose
Placebo - Humpty Dumpty
Rosalind Madison - Fancy
Koko Taylor - Don't Mess With The Messer
Mahlia Jackson - I'm On My Way
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Giggin' Down 103rd
Betty Wright - Shoorah! Shoorah!
Joan Shaw - Make Someone Happy
Paul Burton - So Very Hard To Make It (Without You)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Sankofa (A Rework Of Losun)
Dizzy Gillespie - Matrix The Spaniels - Stormy Weather
Dorsey Brockington - Stormy Weather
Labi Siffre - I Got The Blues
Big Maybelle - I've Got A Feelin'
Ted Taylor - Can't Take No More
The Emanons - Hindu Baby T
he Hurricanes - Pistol Packin' Mama
Sonny Cox - The Wailer
You can download all the previous shows and check the playlists on the station's forum. There are other shows which look good so I will get back on those later.

La Beat Bespoke 4 March 08

New Untouchables 31st December 2007

Casbah Podcasts

I recently came across Casbah Podcasts on a delve into MySpace. The podcasts emanate from San Antonio and cover a range of music from soul to surf. The show is broadcast live every Saturday on KSYM 90.1 with host Brian Parrish. Check out the archives and enjoy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Rubber Room 14/12/07

I was recently in touch with Martin Lawrie one of the promoters of the above event so I thought I'd give the night another shout!

Lava Lounge

The Lava Lounge , Firebug bar, Leicester. 3rd weekend of every month. Where else in Leicester can you can hear the wildest, sickest rock and roll, the most luscious lounge, ethereal exotica, raw 60s garage, swinging surf, greasy soul, sleazy grind, explosive soundtracks, wailing hammond, sneaky spy themes, spaceage pop and everything else that is trashy, swanky and fun? All in one action packed evening a month, upstairs at the Firebug, Millstone Lane.

Regular readers of the blog may have guessed by now that I love flyers! The Lava Lounge produces some killers - her's one from October:
There is such a proliferation of flyers on the Net - I do hope someone is preserving them because they are an art form in their own right.

Alex Brown I'm In Love Tangerine

Alex Brown in LA 2004
Alex Brown I'm In Love Tangerine
OK! We are back with the music! I dug out Alex Brown's I'm In Love inspired by my recent post on the CD Northern Soul Of Tangerine. I gorgeous mid-tempo number from the pen of Dee Ervin and produced by David Braithwaite who was responsible for some cracking productions in the TRC Studios in LA during the 60's and 70's.
I will write more about Alex one day because she has had such a prolific career as a singer and songwriter that deserves to be told in full - a case of watch this space for when I transcribe all our conversations!

Routine Funk #02

Just found out that P-Vine have issued the above. Here's what Dusty Groove has to say:

Massive funk from the P-Vine catalog -- a host of killer cuts that were mostly recorded for a variety of small indie labels in the 70s -- brought together beautifully by compiler Kei Kobayashi! The tracks here represent some of the best reissue moments of the past few years from P-Vine -- the key tunes from Japanese-only CDs that usually hit the market at upwards of $20 -- all packaged together here in one all-grooving set, all the way through! CD offers up all numbers unmixed -- and the set features 16 titles that include "I Learned My Lesson" by Vernon Garrett, "LA Will Make You Pay" by Burton Inc, "Soulful Proclamation" by Messengers Incorporated, "Drums For Daryl" by Roy Porter, "Tragic Magic" by Nathan Davis, "Trippin" by Cal Green, "Head Start" by Joe Pass, "Soul Sisters" by Weldon Irvine, "Out On The Coast" by Larry Willis, and "Crown Royale" by Billy Wooten.

Get Smarter 6Ts Happening @ Philiale Gartenbaukino Vienna

Mike Charlton On Soul Discovery

This week I received the message below concerning the above show from Mick:
The Soul Discovery show from 18.11.07 will not be archived due to technical difficulties that occurred on the day. We apologise to Mike Charlton who took time and trouble to come down to Cambridge and to all you listeners who were looking forward to the podcast.So sorry
However Mick did send me the playlist which gives an indication of what we have lost!
Play-list from 18.11.07
L.J.Reynolds “Through the storm”
Father’s Children “We got love”
Patrick Harris “Missin’ your love”
Al Lindsey “Call me”
Oak III “I Can't Say No”
Mel Waiters “How can I get next to you”Lil
Jimmie “Hold on”
Special Guest Mike Charlton (Soul Essence)
Butch Williams 'Keep On loving Me The Way You Do' Williams
Ricky Fante 'I Let You Go' Virgin
Lavelle White About The Facts Of Life' Antones
Lee 'Shot' Williams 'It Ain't Me'
Phase Four 'It Takes More Than A Moment'
The Paragons 'Con Me'
Sam Dees 'Fool Of The Year' Shotgun
The Village Choir 'All Purpose Love' SCM Ringer
Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie - 'How Did I Lose You' ABC
Lorraine Johnson My Sweet Baby' Prelude
Truth 'Thank You Girl For Hanging On' Philly Groove
Crosswind 'Fire (It's Getting Hot) Harbor City
Dennis Edwards 'When The Lights Come Down On Love'
The Carstairs 'Girl Have Pity' Red Coach (Unnissued)
Jeff Floyd 'I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love' Wilbe
Michael Rainey 'Wrapped Too Tight (If He Ain't) Rainey
Lee Morris 'Don't Lie' Lee & Company
Lavelle White 'About The Facts Of Life' Antones
Michel''e 'If?' Ruthless
Stacey Wellons 'Feel Me' KHM
Na Allen 'Thanks For Nothing' Atco
David Lenyard 'It's Never Too Late' Flying Eagles
Lee 'Shot' Williams 'It Ain't Me' UA
David Sea 'Do It Right Now' Crown Limited
Len Woods 'I'm In Love' Revue
Madeline & The Monticellos 'Binding Ring Of Gold' De-Vel
Wildflower 'Sugar Baby' Dash
The N.Y. Jets 'We Will Always Be Together' Tamboo
Gene Middleton 'No One To Love Me' Funk Factory
Betty Fikes 'I Can't Lie To My Heart' Southbound
Chocolate Buttermilk Band 'Ain't No Way' CBM
Desire 'I've Never Turn My Back On You' Red Robin
Primbrock Skiggs 'That Was Yesterday' Pizazz
Ronnie Shannon 'Sweet Games Of Love' Black Gold
Chuck Brooks 'I Believe In Love' Malaco
Lloyd Shepard & The New Barons 'Take Me Into Your Heart Instep
Anthony White 'Never Let You Get Away From Me'PIR
Peace Love & Happiness 'It Ain't Nothing But A Love Thang' ABAB
Cathy Davis 'Here I Am In Love Again' Taurus
Jones Brothers 'Stop That Calling' Lee Silver (Unissued)
George Jackson 'Walking The City Streets' Kent
Doris Allen 'Let's Walk Down The Street Together' Soulscape Pre-release
Linda Jones 'Don't Go' Turbo

Pieces Of Peace Scarab/Cali Tex

There have been some tasty releases this year and here is another one from Scarab/Cali Tex.

Here's Dusty Groove's take on the CD:

A lost treasure of rare soul from the Chicago scene -- the unreleased album by Pieces Of Peace -- a combo with ties both to the late 60s soul of Twinight Records and the early 70s grooves of The Pharoahs! This set was initially recorded by The Pharoahs' Scarab label, but never issued at the time -- and it shows a tremendous growth from the earlier hard funk styles of the Pieces -- a move into fuller, more complicated modes that often had the same righteous blend of jazz, soul, and spirituality as Earth Wind & Fire! The production here is great, and the tapes haven't suffered at all for all their years on the shelf -- and if anything, the album's even more explosive now than if it was issued at the time -- given how long we've had to wait. The reissue is beautiful too -- probably better done than any original wax might have been -- thanks to careful curation from Josh (DJ Shadow) Davis, Dante Carfagna, and Rob Sevier -- the latter of whom turns in some Numero-styled notes that really tell the full story of the group. Titles include "Cease Fire", "Pollution", "Flunky For Your Love", "I Still Care", "Peace & Blessings", and "Yesterday's Visions". (Limited edition of 2500 copies!)

Tons Of Info On Swamp Dogg

Just been sent the link below to tons of info on Swamp Dogg:

A terrific resource on the man and his recordings - essential if you are a fan of his music like me!

Maxine Brown Interviews

Check out these interviews by Maxine:

Listen to the lady talking about her career on the Right Track Soul Show

Latest net interview on Eurweb with Maxine Brown paying tribute to songwriter Rose Marie McCoy

Also drop by the lady's website:

Ready Steady Go @ Trash Leeds 30/11/07

This Friday - lover the posters!!!

Check Ready Steady Go MySpace for more details

Vertigo Double Decker 30/11/07

Message through from Vertigo:

VERTIGO DOUBLE DECKER!FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBEROk this is our 3rd & last Vertigo Double Decker event for the year, you can see a few photos from last months great night at:

www.myspace .com/breakthehabitmusic

See you all on the 30th!

Event location:The Thirsty Scholar & The AtticUnder the Railway bridge, Oxford RdManchester (UK)M1 5NP

Contact Details:Email here for more details

Event details:Over two d free entry all night. 9pm until 3am. In the Attic: 60s Beat, R'n'B, Early Northern sounds, Ska and Blues with 60s visuals on the big screen. Downstairs in the Thirsty Scholar: Modern 60s influenced Indie, 2 tone, Mod revival and Classic 60s.

Chill out and smokers area out on the decking under the Railway bridge. Too many DJs to list on the night with new faces always welcome and guest DJs playing 30 min sets of their favorite records, DJs this month include:

Paul 'Jnr" Walker, Lee Speed, Neil Lee, Martin Mellors, Chalky, Tim S (Pop Up,New Generation,Whyers),Rob Millichamp, Steve Crooks, Coops, Dave Jackson, Simon Ashby and many many more.

The Groove Inferno 21/12/07

Funky In The Middle

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hi Rhythm Reunites at the Stax Museum!

"Between Stax and Hi, the music moved from the dance floor to the boudoir, and everything changed. The lights got turned down and it got a little softer and a little warmer."--Memphis music historian Robert Gordon

Last Mondays in Studio A featuring THE HI RHYTHM SECTION WITH SYL JOHNSON!

Landmark reunion show! First live performance together in over a decade!
TONIGHT: Monday, November 26, 2007
Complimentary Hors d'Oeuvres & Soft Drinks - Cash Bar
Showtime: 7:00 p.m. sharp! $20 General Admission
Early entrance at 6:45 p.m. and $5 admission for Soulsville Saviors.

Check out an article in Memphis's Commercial Appeal.

Ann Arbor Soul Club First Anniversary

Northern Soul Of Tangerine

The Tangerine label is a source of untapped goodies on CD! This is the first one I have come across though I am not sure of its origins. However, the track selection is spot on and contains some of my favourite uptempo/midtempo sides from the label including George Wydell, George Byrd and Jimmy Lewis.

What I would love to see is Ace/Kent or Numero Uno getting access to the vaults and putting out some definitive compilations out.

Strictly Niceness 8/12/07

Harlem Anthology

Harry Mitchell in Harlem Courtesy of Harry

I have come across a fascinating anthology on Harlem based on the memories and photos of Harry Mitchell.

I have posted below Harry's description of the anthology to give a flavour of what it is about but better still drop over!

I am Harry Mitchell, the creator of this electronic scrapbook. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in the field of photography. Capturing special moments on film has allowed my family, friends and I to reminiscence about the good old days of the 1960’s and 70’s. However, never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined that technology, such as the Internet, would afford me the opportunity to share my memories with so many. From Jacksonville, Florida to the “Big Apple;” from the tough Marine training in Parris Island, South Carolina to the tough, infamous stage of the Apollo Theater, this website offers a little bit of yesterday for just about everyone.

In the Apollo Theater section, you will see and hear a variety of entertainers whose names are now synonymous with “greatness”. Relive the sensual sounds of Al “Let’s Stay Together” Green; the smooth song and dance of Gladys Knight and the Pips and the velvet voice of the late WBLS Disc Jockey, “Hollywood” Frankie Crocker. I was fortunate to have had the privilege to meet, hang out and party with a number of famous singers, comediennes, and movie and television stars. I used Super 8mm sound and 35mm still film to record many of the Apollo Theater performances.

As a New York City police officer, I was assigned to the 28th precinct. My partner and I patrolled Post 77, an area known to as 125th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. The NYPD section shows the swearing-in and graduation ceremony of me and approximately 500 of my fellow officers. Although the intensive training of criminal law, weapons, judo, boxing, etc. was designed to prepare me for the unexpected, my greatest education came from the people in the hood. Therefore, I included The Neighborhood section to say “thanks” to the store and street merchants; the grandmas and children; the street cleaners and street walkers - those ordinary folk who were passed by and have passed on, but were never forgotten by this retired police officer.

I was one of the few. I was one of the proud. I was a Marine! The USMC section contains photographs and narratives of my basic training in Parris Island, South Carolina. There are also pictures with my buddies during various work details and during liberty. I entered the Marines as a young, arrogant, skinny teenager. I became a General Jet Mechanic and Plane Captain to A4B’s aircraft. I left the United States Marines as a man.

Finally, the Black Health section is filled with useful information to benefit the entire Black community. Here, you’ll find video clips from “What Every African American Needs to Know About Alzheimer’s Disease, ” an educational video funded by the Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville. I was fortunate to have served as the producer and consultant on this project. Following the diagnosis of my grandfather, I learned that information about respite care and experimental treatments for Alzheimer’s were not getting to the Black community. Testimonials of those individuals who have been in the war with this cruel disease inspired me and underscored the importance of educating people whose lives will forever be changed by Alzheimer’s. This section will be updated with other health topics such as breast cancer and diabetes.

Harlem Anthology is a collection of physical reminders of some of the greatest times of my life. It is my desire to share them with the people that were there with me, as well as to show the younger generations exactly what they missed. If any of these images or sounds touch you personally and take you back to an earlier time, please write to me and share your memories. I also encourage you to do preserve and display your own collection of mementos, as this project has been extremely rewarding to me and the people around me.

Harlem Courtesy Of Harry Mitchell

Soul Underground

I dropped over to Soul Underground for the first time for awhile and picked up Eleonora Cutaia's latest mix

Here's the tracklisting:

Vernon & Dacosta – When Darkness Falls (Giom Remix) –
Amenti Trentemoller – Le Champagne –
Naked Music Monday Michiru – Don't (Casamena Basement Dub) –
Phuture Sole Wamdue Project – King of My Castle (Roy Malone Mix) –
Strictly Rhythm Joey Negro presents Akabu – I'm Not Afraid of the Future (Jimpster mix) – ZR Tarantulaz feat Monique Bingham – They Forgot it Dub – OM
Ben Westbeech – So Good Today (Yoruba Suite Mix) – Brownswood
Ben Westbeech – Hang Around (Karizma's Ka­ytronic Dub) – Brownswood
Jody Watley – I Want Your Love (Masi & Mello Mix) – Open Bar
Dennis Ferrer – Touched the Sky – King Street
Azymuth – Space Carnival (Global Communicator's Re­mix) – Far Out
Francois K – Enlightenment (Original Mix) –
Deep Space Media Bah Samba – Reach Inside –
Estereo Faze Action – In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes Club Mix) –
Juno Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Mix) –
Syncrophone Makossa & Megablast – Like a Rocket – G-Stone

The Apples

This last weekend, I heard the latest 45 from The Apples on the Craig Charles BBC 6 Funk & Soul Show - well worth checking out via Freestyle Records or The Apples MySpace or their website.

The Apples consist of Arthur Krasnobaev-Trumpet; Yaron Ouzana-Trombone; Oleg Nayman-Tenor & Soprano Saxophones; Yuval Tabachnik-Baritone Saxophone; Shai Ran- Acoustic Bass; Yonadav Halevy- Drums; DJ Todres- Turntables; Schoolmaster-Turntables; MixMonster-Sound Console & Live Effects.

Here's the blurb on the band:

For their second 7" single for Freestyle Records, Israel's prized party collective The Apples have finally released a version of Rage Against The Machine's "Killing in the name of...", a long running gig favorite, which sold out 1500 copies in less than a month. They've already become recognized as ones to watch on the international live circuit since dropping the "Attention!" single on Freestyle last year, featured on the "Let the Groove Move You" compilation, and touring the UK in January. The Apples are a nine-strong group hailing from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, weaving big band jazz into raw funk rhythm patterns and scratch routines. Their live performances have audiences dancing and laughing from the get go. Into the mix they throw anything from Ray Charles samples to traditional Jewish Kleizmer melodies. Initially a spontaneous composition ensemble, the band developed their eclectic and diverse take on funk over the last four years, forgoing the traditional use of Guitar or Keyboards. Centering around the decks, flanked by a sharp horn section, served up by thick double bass lines and steadfast drum beats. In addition to the afformentioned Seven Inchers - two albums- "MITZ" (2003) and "ATTENTION!" (2005) were released independently in Israel and now distributed all over the globe.

Helena's Mix @ Soul Function

I've picked up another mix from the peeps over at Soul Function - this time from Helena.

Here's the tracklisting:

Natural Resources - Nothing lasts forever -
Dee DeeWinners - Losing you - Dice
Charles Brimmer - Black is beautiful – BroadMoor
Otis Brown – The Willie bop – ExSpectMore
Soul-Jers – Better as we go along – Stepping Stone
Lee Fields – Tyra’s song – Angle 3
Rising Sun – One night affair – Suncut
Sugar Hill – Slow down – Washington
Rising Sun – Good loving – Kingston
Lee Fields – Take me back – Angle 3
Profiles – I still love you – Bamboo
Liza Mae – I got a juicy mouth baby – Concept
Patti Drew – Mirror mirror – Quill
Headliners – Little sister – Super M
John Tucker & The Mighty Invaders – I like to party – Golden Circle
Lee Fields – She’s a love maker – Norfolk Sound
Python – Disco soul – Starbound
Steve Marshall – Maintain – Reynolds
P.J. City – Straight forward – Rise
Stone Luv – Get up and move – Sting
Ike Noble – Everybody disco – Connowil
Las Vegas Connection – Dancing with my love bones – Hep’Me
Rumpus – My love’s gonna getcha – Dash
Lee Alfred – Rockin-poppin full tilting – Cancer
Wildflower – Sugar baby – Dash
Jim Spencer – Wrap myself up in your love – Armada
Tammaraw – I don’t want to lose you – On A Star

You can download the mix here:

Listen to HelenaSoulMix3

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fleamarket Funk Meets The Devils Music

I am still catching up with things after having a heavy period of work. I will be uploading some new mixes very soon especially to everyone who is wondering where the music has gone!!!!

In the meantime, go over to Fleamarket Funk and check out DJ Prestige's latest mix.

Here's the tracklisting:

Tracklist for Part 1: DJ Prestige and Devil Dick

Iron Knowledge - Show Stopper/ Tammy
Willie Gresham & the Free Food Ticket - Step By Step/ Majesty
Donny Hathaway - The Slums/ ATCO
Timothy McNeely - K.C. Stomp/ Shawn
Sound Experience - 40 Acres and A Mule/ Soulville
The Impacs - Good Old Funky Feelin’/ Land
The Brothers Three - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out/ T-Neck
Timmy Thomas - Cold Cold People/ Glades
Rare Earth - I Know I’m Losing You/ Rare Earth
Ethics - Think About Tomorrow/ Vent

Soul Revolution New Year's Eve 2007/08

Date: Mon 31st Dec NYE 2007/08
Venue: The Bedroom, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY.
Doors: 7.30pm-7.30am
Tickets: £20 available in advance from here
The Bed Bar orfrom James Trouble in person Venue capacity is 250, this is a limited capacity event and advance tickets are advisable to avoid disappointment

Residents: James Trouble, Val Palmer, Butch, Arthur Fenn, Mick H, Rustler & Craig "The Funky Plumber" Smith
Plus Special Guest International Soul Superstars:Richard "DJ Honky" Lewis (New York, USA) & Helena (Malmo, Sweden)
Large wooden dance floor, 5K sound rig and all night bar.

Hosted by Steve Cato + Guests
Jamaican soul, R+B, beat ballads, cross over, experimental 60s weird gear and odd ball northern soul, with a private bar and chill out bed.

Soul Revolution brings together the full circle of rare soul and funk from the 60s and 70s, played off original vinyl only in a three room venue at the heart of Shoreditch, East London.A celebration of forgotten genius with the best rare soul and funk DJs on the planet. We are pleased to announce that after the success of the first two allnighters we will be holding a 12 hour NYE extravaganza with all your favourate Revolution resident jocks, Steve Catto's Soul Or Nothing Suite and international soul super star guest DJs from Europe and the USA to deliver a new years eve party of the highest possible standards. Tickets are now available to buy in advance, and it is highly recommended that you do so as we have a very strict 250 capacity that we will not exceed.

Funky 16 Corners Radio Archives

Larry Grogan has gathered all his excellent radio shows into one convenient archive which is great for anyone who wants to access his old shows from his original blog.

Find the archive here:

The Slop @ Joe Squared