Wednesday, February 27, 2008

James Whitney

This week, I was turned onto to the talents of James Whitney via his album Let's Fall In Love.
Here is James Whitney's bio:

What's love got to do with it? Everything, according to James Whitney, Soul singer extraordinaire and was one of the childhood lead singers of the Whitney Family musical group. It was the love songs of the early fifties that captured James' feelings so much that he had to express those feelings by singing and writing love songs himself. At age 4, James was in the background with his mother who was hanging clothes and singing Good Night Irene when James started singing harmony to his Mother's lead. His Mother was amazed not only that he could sing, but that he had the "musical ears" to hear and sing harmony to any song that he heard.

"I used to press my ear against the families big ole Brown wood cabinet radio, listening to the music with no distraction from the outside world…the Bass rumbling through my body…my soul…until one of my parents would pull me away…"Boy, you gonna go deaf if you don't move back! but I knew better. I was learning from all those songs…" As he grew older, James was possessed by the desire to express himself through song…first by singing and then by writing his own original materials.

A friend and contemporary of Stevie Wonder, (whom he met through his sister, Mary Lee Whitney who sang background on many of Stevie's biggest hits) James remembers having singing contests with him…short bursts of vocalizations of runs, trills, vocal exercises etc. with each of them conceding that the other was really good! Another contemporary was Marvin Gaye, with whom James shared creating a music sound track for the movie Chrome and Hot Leather. James' early musical influences were Bobby Blue Bland, Frankie Lymon, Little Willie John and a non-descript Sanctified Church that he would hear on Sundays through the fence of one of his early homes.
By age 12 James had put together his own singing group, the Parakeets who sang at High School and College dances. By age 16 the group had worked at nearly all the Nightclubs in the Oregon area. James attended College in Oregon and afterwards, moved to Los Angeles. By then he had trained all his sister Mary and the guys in the singing group, the Monterays. Then the rest of the family followed him to LA, and formed a singing group know as the Whitney Family. Together, James and his two sisters toured the "Chittlin Circuit" in LA which included the still operating California Club on Martin Luther King Blvd, the 54 Ballroom, Marty's on The Hill, The Persian Room, The Black Orchid, Pandora's Box, a host of other now closed clubs and finally John Daniel's Maverick's Flat, a landmark music venue on Crenshaw Blvd in South Central LA. At that time Maverick's was a hot bed of young, up and coming talent…talent like Jodie Watley and Howard Hewitt of the group Shalamar, Bobby Womack, Bobby Taylor (who had the young Jimmy Hendrix in his group as well as then pianist, now comedian Tommy Chong), to name a few.

James blended well into this environment and made many friends. Among them was Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band. Like Stevie, Charlie would challenge James to vocal contests, leaving both singers smiling because they had found someone of equal talent. Next James formed the singing group The Seven Souls who followed the same Club circuit as the Whitney Family had. Driven by the same passion that formed his songs and his singing, James found himself with a wife and two young children. The responsibilities of Fatherhood and husband, made him set his dreams of rising to the top of the Entertainment world to the side while he chased regular employment.
Doing stints at Bugle Boy Clothier as Warehouse Manager, Perma Plaque, which makes statues and other award objects for the Academy Awards and other award shows, and as the owner of his own car detailing business, most of his time was spent chasing dollars…but in any spare time he could arrange, James was taking advantage of any opportunity to sing that he could find, though many were non-paying gigs. Finally James was able to find some work that was at least music related. He took a position as Musical Director at the University of Sound Arts in Hollywood. There he taught Production and Singing as well as other music related classes. This location and position put him in the middle of the then burgeoning West Coast Music Industry, and began to afford him many opportunities to meet many of the Industries top players. Before long James was heard by the top people at both RCA and Capital Records.

It was during these years that James wrote several songs with and/or for some of the top names in the business. For Michel Jackson he wrote Goodness Knows, Disco Kids and Sweet Music. He had a similar situation with Stevie Wonder, writing two songs with Stevie. James also wrote As long As There's You for the group Main Ingredient, featuring Cuba Gooding Sr. James arranged background vocals for the group Quiet Riot and opened for Santana, Tower of Power, and Canned Heat to name a few. Before now I would have to say "unfortunately for us, these songs were never released". But today, we will get to hear most of them as they are included on James soon to be available first album, Lets Fall In Love.

"Today's music scene represents 25 to 30 years without music being included in the Public Education system nation wide. Without the understanding of music or how to play it being taught to the kids, they have come up with what we hear today…but even they agree, its not music you want to woo a girl with…or dance close with someone too…with someone you love. For that you need "Old School" and that's what I specialize in. "Old School" was about love…and caring, family, heartache, and like Mohammed Ali, getting back up after being knocked down…about keeping on keeping on…not letting the hard knocks of life keep you down or make you bitter. It was about hope for a better tomorrow, being spoken out in the lyrics of songs…being felt in the strings section even as we danced to the beats of the Bass and Drums…
In 1989, James found himself in London, England. Hitting the ground running, James played nearly all the Pubs and bars in and around London for 6 months. One day, while traveling through Scotland, he spied a sign announcing a Country and Western concert. Curious, he stopped by and was flabbergasted to find 500 to 600 people of all ages, from children to Grandparents dressed in Cowboy outfits, dancing the two-step! He stayed around for the day and was so inspired by the music that he went home and wrote four Country Western songs in the next few days. Shortly thereafter he was able to land a gig at the world famous Caesar's, a 3000 seat venue which had four bars inside and a double platform 150 foot stage. James performed there two shows a day, four days a week for over a year.

But missing his children and the American music scene, James returned home. Once here, he decided to put his attention on helping some of the younger talents make it big in the industry. But after spending three years and over $50,000.00 dollars producing ten different female singers (one a runner up on American Idol) James realized that most of the ten were looking for the short cut to fame…and were not willing to do the work necessary to become professionals.
Feeling more than a little disappointed, James was talking with several of the top studio musicians whom had worked on the production of the songs he had prepared for the girls…musicians like James Gadson (drums), Melvin Dunlap (bass), Clarence McDonald (piano), Ed Green, Bernie Blackman (guitar)(all by the way, players on Justin Timberlake's hot CD Future Sex/Love Sounds, which is currently at the top of the charts)…it was Bernie Blackman who suggested that James do the tunes himself…and re-launch his career. And the rest, we will all be saying soon, is history!

"I lived my life for music…music and my kids. I'm know in Europe…Now I'm ready to let the whole world hear me…on my first album…Lets Fall In Love"
Please drop over to his website to listen to his album and you can also purchase the CD directly from him.

Pookie Lane Southern Woman

One of the best new CDs around at present is by Pookie Lane on Allison Records entitled Southern Woman. The CD is proving to be elusive with CD Baby etc seemingly running out of stocks. If you want to buy it direct then contact Allison Records:

Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign

I was trawling through MySpace and was pleased to discover that one of my favourite bands Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign had reformed. The cureent line-up consists of John R (Ricky) Jackson Keyboards; Matthew (Phatback) Watson Drums; Lester (Lammy) Johnson Bass; Ron Hedrick Trumpet/Fluglehorn; Henry Leon Miles Saxaphones; Pamela Tanner-Davis Vocals; Michael John Woods Trombone/Keyboard; Tony Cheeseborough Guitar/Vocals; Bruce Valance Guitar.

The New Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign is a renewal of the efforts of the original Funk Campaign. With their early origins at Lamp Records in Indianapolis as the Ebony Rhythm Band, this group of storied musicians has been at the forefront of Rhythm and Blues music since 1969.

When they traveled to Los Angeles, California, in 1971, the Ebony Rhythm Band found themselves living on popcorn and hope, with a healthy dose of hustle thrown in for survival. In those days, Rufus used to live just behind the house that ERFC lived in. More than once, Ebony, who used to practice in the kitchen of that house, were visited by L.A.’s finest and told to “turn down the music” when it was Rufus on the other side of the fence who was causing the commotion. Passing acquaintances included The Commodores and Earth Wind and Fire who were also doing the “starving in LA” scene at the same time ERFC was wood shedding in the kitchen. When Matt Watson ran into Phillip Upchurch at an impromptu LA party, the chance meeting between old Indianapolis school mates led to a meeting with Wayne Henderson of Jazz Crusaders fame. Henderson heard ERFC and decided to produce the group's first album. “Reach For It” was released in 1973 with Henderson playing trombone in the ERFC horn section. The LA scene found ERFC warming-up Curtis Mayfield, New Birth, The Grass Roots, Doby Gray, The Whispers, The Commodores and Three Dog Night.

After many months of survival in the streets of L.A., the group headed for home. In 1973, ERFC made their way back to Indianapolis. The next few years were very busy ones, doing concerts with the likes of Al Green, Donny Hathaway, Jackie Wilson, The Stylistics, Patty Labelle, The Ohio Players, The Guess Who, The Mystics, and Sha Na Na. These events which surrounded the release of Reach For It might be considered the “first era” of ERFC.

The “second era” of ERFC began with the recording and release of “How’s Your Wife and My Child” with the B side “Oh Baby.” How’s Your Wife made it to 69 on the Billboard Hot Soul 100. Oh Baby pulled air play on the east coast but never made the charts. In this era ERFC played concerts with Earth Wind and Fire, The Chilites, B.B. King, and The Spinners and club dates with Donny Hathaway and Bobbie Blue Bland. But lack of promotion from the Innovation II label left the band in disarray and saw the original keyboardist, drummer and guitar player all leave the band.

The “third era” of ERFC was in 1975 through 1978. This era featured new personnel and a new album “Watchin You Watchin Me” on the ChiSound label. The album was a technical triumph but once again suffered from lack of effective promotion from ChiSound. The last years of the 70’s saw ERFC in decline, playing their last gig in 1980 with almost completely new players.

Today we see the rebirth of ERFC and the beginning of the “Fourth Era.” Almost all the current members were original members from the 70’s, and they have come back together like a long lost family finally coming home. Now, in the 2000’s, ERFC rises again!!

Stay Tuned Ebony fans!

You can get the early Lamp Recordings on CD:

Heavy funk from the Indy scene of the late 60s -- the lost album by one of the funkiest combos in the Midwest! Ebony Rhythm Band have an incredible sound that seems to take the heavy bottom of New Orleans Funk and merge it with the trippier elements of Detroit psychedelic soul -- no surprise, considering they hailed from Indianapolis, a point about halfway between the two cities! The tracks on the set have a really great tripped-out groove -- using lots of guitar and organ over heavy rhythms, in a style that's a bit like the Meters at times -- but a lot freer flowing. The album features 2 tracks that formed the basis of one of the group's singles -- plus a lot more that were never issued at the time, including a few by other incarnations of the combo! Titles include "Soul Heart Transplant", "Ode To Billie Joe", "Light My Fire", "Vanilla Fudge", "Get Yourself Together", "Drugs Ain't Cool", "Fool Am I", and "It's Too Late For Love". CD contains the bonus alternate version of "Light My Fire". Dusty Groove

Michael B. Sutton Hopelessly Romantic Remix

Mick O'Donnell kicked of last week's Soul Discovery with "Bandaid" a track off veteran Michael B. Sutton's remixed Hopelessly Romantic CD.
Hopeless Romantic "the Remix" is Michael Sutton former Motown writer, producer at his best. This 13 track CD contains his new single, "I Wanna Sex You" produced by the chart topping remix duo 2 Tribes- Christian B and Marc Dold (Enya, Luther Vandross, Celine Dion) and has already been played on LA'sKIIS FM Full Frequency radio show and now is top 25 at Energy Radio KNRJ in Arizona. The Latin track "Lover's Serenade" and the hip-hop groove of "Do That To Me", also ala 2 Tribes, are just a delicious taste of the variety offered on this compilation. In addition, Sutton's two new bonus tracks, "Band-aid For A Broken Heart" reminiscent of the "Philly Sound" and "Wanna Hear You Say..." a feeling good party song, invite listeners from ol'skool to contemporary Urban. Sutton's vocal qualities have been compared to Marvin, Smokey and Vandross, while still maintaining his own passionate style known as "the velvet voice."

You can read a full bio on Michael's website.

Soul Lounge On A Sunday

Steve Jackson has tipped me to his Soul Lounge show every Sunday on Real Love Radio.

Check it out - a mixture of killer new releases and classy oldies:

Soul Lounge Playlist 24/2/08

Angela Johnson - Should've been there
Father's Children - We got love
Izzy James - Stand up
Tavie - I want you
Lawrence Beamon - Thinkng of you
PEO feat Mirjam - Tonight
Sir Wick - Thank you Lord
Swade - Tomorrow
2unes - All I need is you
T K Soul - Love T K Soul
William Demps - Everything
Nhojj - Peace and blessings
Rogiers - Hollywood story
Lina - Feel the love
Special - Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend (Woman to woman)
Main Ingredient - Save me
Randy Jackson - How can I be sure
Shirley Brown - I'm so fed up
Karin Jones - You know me I know you
General Crook - Thanks but no thanks
Chapter 8 - Let's get together
Charles Mintz - Lucky guy
Gift of Dreams - By my side
Jay Proctor - I wanna make love to you
Paulinho da Costa - Seeing is believing
Jazz Crusaders feat Bobby Womack - No way out of loving you
Moses Tyson - I got over
Sam Dees - My world
Charles Beverly - Stop and think a minute
Lou Courtney - I'm in need of love

Marcell & The Truth @ Eden's Lounge Baltimore 28/2/08

Check out more dates at Marcel's MySpace.

My mate Eddie Hubbard tipped me to the following video of Marcel and The Truth:

Glen Anthony Henry

I was tipped to Glen Anthony Henry by Alex Subinas from Soul Portrait. Craig Charles also played cuts off his new album over the last fortnight.

Here's Glen's MySpace blurb:

We are living an old style black music boom. Many artists nowadays compose black music in a very classic style but most of them - especially in the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Finland, Spain...- simply dedicate themselves to do funk. Nobody makes REAL soul music of classic 70’s style at the moment!

Glen Anthony Henry is an authentic soul singer and his music remembers those old and beautiful albums recorded in the 70’s, silky soul music with those sweet and magic touches of the flutes, the horns - and the strings. Glen Anthony Henry and Carlo Coupé love Marvin Gaye and Chicago sound too: Curtis Mayfield, Leroy Hutson... The heritage of these masters is present on „Relax & Love“ but this essence is filtered by the contemporary sensibilities of two great artists of today.

Glen Anthony Henry is a soul singer from L.A., California. As a passionate defender of the afroamerican movement he started singing in churches and studying the works of the old masters of 60’s and 70’s soul. In 1998 he collaborated with Erykah Badu, did lead and backing vocals (f.e. Wagon Cookin´, Samy Deluxe...) with many different artists in Europe and the USA. In 1999 he moved to Palma de Mallorca, doin’ a show with The Majestics at a Motown Records Tribute Concert. Glen Anthony stayed there for four and half years.

Then in 2000 big up to his friend Elmore Richmond who introduced him to Dr. Dre, long story short outcome: Glen wrote the lyrics for „Let´s Get High“ on Doctor Dre's "The Chronic“ masterpiece in 2001 and did the backing vocals to that track as Anthony. Glen is living in Madrid today. He’s one of the best soul singers in the world believe it! Carlo Coupé is a renowned spanish composer, arranger, B3 hammond-organ player / keyboardist, producer and of course DJ. The man behind the infamous spanish group The Sweet Vandals (he was the creator, hammond organ player, writer of many of their tunes and producer of their first album entitled "The Sweet Vandals“). Carlo Coupé started his professional career in 1999 doin’ 4 albums in which he played jazz, soul, pop, brazil, funk.... Later in 2003 he created Funxplosion - the first spanish instrumental deep funk band. The first time Carlo met Glen was in may 2006. Seeing him perform and sing in another project during this spanish festival left a deep impression upon the composer and producer.
In January 2007, Carlo wrote to Glen and suggested him that they should work together. Glen said yeah. And they started the job writing and recording „Relax & Love“. The work system of this project was easy: Carlo wrote and arranged the songs instrumentally and Glen adds his voice, vocal melodies and his lyrics. The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Carlo at his vintage studios (Funkorama Studios 3 & 4) where instruments, amplifiers, microphones, preamps, processors are originally from the 60’s and 70’s. The takes have been recorded on an 8-track tape-machine. The album was recorded in two sessions: the first between april and may and the second from october to november 2007. Glen sung the lead and even added some backing vocals, Carlo played synths, electric piano and Hammond organ while he was conducting the band too. The backing band with a total of 16 different instrumentalists consists of musicians from these fine acts: Speak Low, The Sweet Vandals and Funxplosion. In September of 2007 Unique Records released the first 45 of Glen Anthony Henry. “Hope” (UNIQ130-1) is a wild soul funk stormer which has become an anthem from scratch, played by many famous international DJs in the scene like Keb Darge, Snowboy. The album entitled “Relax and Love” will be released on CD and LP in spring 2008. The second single taken from the debut album will be entitled “I Don´t Know” which is yet another delicate and beautiful modern soul masterpiece just like the whole album is!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kokolo Tour

Just got word through of a tour by Kokolo:

Greetings friends,

Just a quick note about KOKOLO's upcoming European tour, which runs from Feb 28 - march 15th.

New live show, new album and guaranteed good times!

Get your tickets early:

2.28.08 Madrid, Spain @ Sala Tempo
2.29.08 Gallarate, Italy @ I Fontanili Musica
3.01.08 Birmingham, England @ The Yardbird
3.03.08 Newcastle, England @ Centurion
3.04.08 Nottingham, England @ Golden Fleece
3.06.08 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Global CPH
3.07.08 London, England@ Jazz Cafe
3.08.08 Totnes, England @ Jelly Jazz
3.09.08 Bristol, England @ Mr. Wolf's
3.11.08 Dresden, Germany @ Altes Wettbüro
3.12.08 Lyon, France @ Le Sirius
3.13.08 Paris, France @ Batofar
3.14.08 Montpelier, France @ Jam
3.15.08 Marseille, France @ Le Poste A Galene

New KOKOLO Album "Love International" out now onFreestyle Records

Lyman Woodard Organisation Don't Stop The Groove

A killer little set from funky organist Lyman Woodard -- an old bandmate of Dennis Coffey, and one of the standout stalwarts of the 70s Detroit jazz funk scene! The set features Lyman working in a live setting -- grooving out over some mighty long tracks that blend jazz and soul together, in a style that's a bit like some of the best work on the Groove Merchant label from the mid 70s. Lyman himself plays organ on the set, and the group's a largeish one with some ensemble vocals on a few cuts, but a mostly instrumental sound overall. And if you're worried about the later date of the set, don't be -- as Lyman cuts a nice lean groove into the whole set -- coming up with a soulful sound that's expanded more than a smaller combo record, yet which also isn't too slick or overproduced! Marcus Belgrave plays trumpet on one track, and titles include "Don't Stop The Groove", "Theme In Search Of A Sports Spectacular", "Down Lowe", and "Djarum". CD features the previously unissued bonus tracks "Ron's Song" and "Kimba". (Dusty Groove)

LTC A Different View

Crackling piano trio work from LTC -- a groovy Italian combo who burn things up nicely with this club jazz set for the Ricky Tick label! There's a tightness here that takes us back to some of the best European piano sets of the 60s -- influences from soul jazz, modal jazz, and a bit of bossa -- all wrapped up tightly in a tremendous balance between piano, bass, and drums -- grooving hard with a soulful, soaring power that never lets up! Think of some of the best classic piano sets on the Saba label from the 60s, and you've got a great idea of the sound here -- and as usual, the Ricky Tick production and presentation of the material seems to add an extra level of grooviness to the already-great music. Titles include a great remake of the Francy Boland groover "Just Give Me Time" -- plus "A Different View", "The Holy Ghost", "Magic Mirror", "Easy Does It", "Antony & Cleopatra's Love", "Shibuya Crossing", and "Breakfast With Silvia". Japanese CD features the bonus funky track "Japanese Crowd".
(Dusty Groove)

The John Betsch Society Earth Blossom

A beautiful session of spiritual soul jazz -- and one of the rarer albums on the legendary Strata East label! The obscure combo is led by drummer/percussionist John Betsch -- and instrumentation includes guitar, piano, electric piano, and reeds -- all used with plenty of warm touches, and a few sharp edges -- all very much in the best Strata East mode of the time! The tracks have a soaring sort of sound -- similar to some of the Keno Duke material on the label, but also touched with some trippier edges too -- a great blend that really brings a lot of depth to the session, and which has made this one of our favorite Strata sides over the years. Titles include "Song For An Untitled Lady", "Ra", "Get Up & Go", and "Ode To Ethiopia". (Dusty Groove).

Lowrider Band

I came across the Lowrider Band while searching MySpace. The band are former members of War - Howard Scott: Guitar/Vocals; Lee Oskar: Harmonica; B.B. Dickerson: Bass/Vocals; Harold Brown: Drums/Vocals; Chuk Barber: Percussion; Lance Ellis: Saxophone and Keith Vinet: Keyboards.

Go and have a listen to their music - the track Ordinary man does it for me.

Here's their MySpace blurb:

Once Upon a Time in The West," there was a septet out of South Central Los Angeles that was not afraid to inhale - to soak up the vibrations and the multi-cultural make-up of its surrounding community. Like a mirror held up to the light, they refracted the sensual and joyful lopes of the Latin diaspora, the earthy blues of the Black Experience, the rootsy fruit of the Afro-Cuban contingent and (via their Danish soul mate on harmonica) the enchanting melodies of a not-so-distant promised land. Bound by brotherhood and sense of purpose, these men hand-crafted a conscience-scalding musical melting pot, churning out worldwide `70s million-sellers such as "The World is a Ghetto," "Slippin' into Darkness," "The Cisco Kid," "Low Rider" and the anthem "Why Can't We Be Friends."Their albums were jazz-soaked travelogue soundtracks that reacquainted listeners with the four cornered rooms of their minds, teasing their imaginations with tales of outlaws and senoritas from the River Niger to Far Out places in space. Their songs sprang from communal jams in which seeds and stems were sown into soul symphonies.

Each member contributed his singular element to its essence: the crack cadences of Harold Brown's trap drums, the winding bass lines of B.B. Dickerson, the taproot sting of Howard Scott's wicked guitar, the soaring solos and peppery tandem lines of Charles Miller's saxophones and flutes and Lee Oskar's tangy harmonica, the ancient mystic rumblings of Papa Dee Allen's congas and timbales, and the rhapsodic tapestry of Lonnie Jordan's keyboards. Ruthlessly, time has taken its toll on this musical Magnificent Seven. Miller and Allen transitioned to the next life. Meanwhile, Jordan tours with an army of recruits under "the name" that is recognized the world over.

However, it is the remaining quartet of S.O.B.s - Scott, Oskar, Brown and Dickerson - which harnesses the true essence that the band has long represented - the unity, the harmony and the righteous fury that was at such ironic odds with "the (3-letter) name" they were saddled with for so long. Reborn as "The Lowrider Band" (with new members Lance Ellis on sax, Keith Vinet on keyboards and Chuk Barber on percussion), the funkiest jam band in the galaxy is riding back into town in a drop top Caddy and on a mission: to stake their rightful claim as the indisputable authorities of authentic All Day Music.

Brownout Homenaje Freestyle

Craig Charles played a track off the new Brownout album which is to be released on Freestyle in the very near future.

The band consist of Greg Gonzalez-bass; Beto Martinez-guitar; Adrian Quesada-guitar; Johnny Lopez-drums; Sweet Lou-congas; Josh Levy-saxophones; Leo Gauna-trombone and Gilbert Elorreaga-trumpet.

Here's their MySpace blurb

Finally coming January 2008, the LONG awaited debut album from the legendary Brownout. The album is entitled "Homenaje", meaning Homage and will be released on the UK's Freestyle Records. It will no doubt make international noise as the real deal latin funk, 2 1/2 years in the making. In their rare off time from Grupo Fantasma, the band hit analog tape machines, home studios and laptops to create their full length introduction to the world, chock full of latin, afro, funk and psychedelic sounds that will challenge you to sit still without snapping your neck.

Sunday Soul Selection 24/2/08

Willie Clayton in Holland 1997

Bob "The Crate" Smith was in the chair for last Sunday's Soul Selection on Solar Radio which is another weekly institution on IDR alongside Craig Charles, Soul Discovery and Mr Fine Wine on WFMU.

If you missed the show then get it here:

Sunday Soul Selection 24/2/08

Rance Allen Group – Reasons To Survive (45)
Barrett Strong – Surrender (45)
Sharon McMahan – Get Out Of My Life (45)
Sir Wales Wallace - We're Not Happy (45)
Harvey Averne Band - Love Never Stays The Same (45)
Willie Clayton – Tell Me (CD)
Duane Williams – Yes, My Love Is Real (CD promo)
Special Delivery – This Kind Of Love (45)
Syl Johnson – Mystery Lady (45)
Mike & Bill – Things Won't Be This Bad Always (45)
Pretenders – I Wanna Be (45)
The Millionaires – It Ain't No Achievement (45)
Oliver Bush – I'll Make It Up To You (45)
The Jaggerz – Gotta Find My Way Back Home (45)
Charlie Hodges – Loving You Is Beautiful (45)
The Embers – The Last Time I'm Saying Goodbye (CD)
Richard Stepp – Caught Up In A Whirlwind (LP track)
Chris Bartlin – Baby I'm For Real (12")
Village Choir – Talk To Me Sometimes (45)
Jimmy Elledge – Can't Take The Leavin' (45)
Freddie Waters - We're In This Love Together (45)
Jimmy Conwell – Mellow Mellow Me (12")
General Crook – Main Squeeze (12")
Richard Caiton - Gotta Get Across To You (CD)
JJ Barnes – I'm The One Who Loves You (LP track)
Melissa Young – Rock with Me (CD)
Illusion – Show & Tell (LP track)
McFadden & Whitehead – Everything I do (LP track)
Ndugu & the Chocolate Jam Company – Come Into My Life Again (LP track)
The Counts – What's It All About (CD)
Sydney Joe Qualls - I'll Run To Your Side (LP track)
The O'Jays – To Prove I Love You (45)

Soul Discovery 24/2/08

Otis Jackson
Mick O'Donnell was also doing the business over weekend with one of his best ever shows which featured over an hour of great new releases followed by a wonderful set of rarities/obscurities from ace collector Steve Guarnori.
Don't miss this show which both demonstrates that quality soul is still coming out of the States and that there seems to be a never ending source of obscure soul to discover!
Play-List 24.2.08
Michael Sutton “Bandaid” (Litty Dizzy)
Pookie Lane “You are appreciated” (Allson)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“What you you won’t for love” (Jomar Promo)
The Embers “This Heart” (Bluewater)
James Whitney “Goodness knows” (Whitney Music)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“Stuck” (Jomar Promo)
Duane Williams “Yes my love is real” (Soul Junction Promo)
Roy Clay “So Amazing” (R.C.)
The Newborn Harmonizers “Straighten it out for you” (T.B.H.)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“I’ll work for you” (Jomar Promo)
Shantel “Control” (Mo-Philly Promo)
Prince Kenyatta “I just wanna be loved” (A-Flat)
Albert Phillips &The Divine Messengers “Tomorrow may never come”(Quinn)
James Whitney “Let’s fall in love” (Whitney Music)
Wendell B “Can we get back to that” (Cuzzu)
Cyril Neville “Better half” (Jomar Promo)
Snatch Nelson “La da da”(Mardi Gras)
Special Guest Steve Guarnori on Soul Discovery
L.R. Superstars “Come to me” (Taps)
Samson & Delilah “Don’t listen to your friends” (Pittsburgh)
George Bussey Experience “I need your fire” (Foxy)
Zeal “Don’t you know” (Potential)
High Fidelity “Strangers in love” (Atlanta)Galaxy “Superstar” (Future Stars)
Chuck Proffitt “Love love love” (Lar Rom)
Gerald Wayne “Now I can see” (Stage)
Jetton & Prinz “Judge & Jury (Pilot Master)
Beaux Beatty “Back up man” (Playboy)
Floyd Beck “Fly by night” (Timeless)
X-Ta-C “Squeeze” (OK&T)
2nd Re$serection “You done let the daylight catch you girl” (Stanson)
Harvey Scales “”Trying to survive” (Magic Touch)
Sir Henry Ivy “He left you stand there” (Innovation)
Lee Fields “Take me back” (Angle 3)
Pleasure Seekers “Come inside” (Koala)
Michael Smith “Heavenly Inspired” (Pharoah)
Ira “Breaking Away (Sooza)
Tommy Tate “What’s the matter” (ABC)
Sam Dees “I found love in my backyard” (Chess unissued)
Kim Tolliver “Standing room only” (Pacesetter)
Herman Kelly “Still a little love left” (RCA)
Lorraine Johnson “If you want me to be more of a woman” (Atlantic)
Richard Marks “Innocent Bystander” (Free Spirit)
Reggie Garner “Spellbound” (OLA)
John Donvan “Looking for your love” (Paradigm)
Willie Feaster & Concrete Wall “Voices (Red Coach)
Otis Jackson “Beggin for a broken heart” (Mega)

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show 23/2/08

J.B. Flatt with Sweet Divines
Craig Charles was doing the business again last Saturday on his Funk & Soul Show on BBC Radio 6. This time around he had The Sweet Divines in session and on the phone from N.Y with their bandleader J.B. Flatt.
If you missed the show then you can catch it here:
Parliament – “Up the down Stroke” (Mercury)
Johnny Guitar Wilson - “ Ain’t That a Bitch” (Union Square)
Geno Washington And The Ram Jam Band -“Water” (Kent)
Brownout - “African Battle” ( Freestyle Records)
Delicious All Stars feat Jocelyn Brown - “Lollipop” (Skyline Recordings)
Willie Mitchell - “That Driving Beat” (Union Square)
Curley Moore & The Cool Ones – “Funky Yeah “ (Vampisoul Records)
Marie Queenie Lyons - “Fever” (Vampisoul Records)
Bob & Earl - “Harlem Shuffle” (Union Square)
Spyder Turner - “I Can’t Make It Anymore” (Universal)
Ashford & Simpson -“Stay Free” (Warners)
Bob Dusi & Banda Charanga - “Hot Vesuvio” (Tam Tam Studio Recordings)
Reuben Wilson & The Cost Of Living - “Got To Get Your Own” (Cadet)
Baby Charles -“This Time” (Record Kicks)Patti Drew - “Fever” (Stateside)
Lyn Collins - “Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again” (Polydor)
Interview with Jimmy Carter from the Blind Boys of Alabama
Blind Boys of Alabama – “I’ve Got A Home” (Proper Records)
Leleo - “Quem Me Salva E O Samba” Smoove Remix (Acid Jazz Records)
Paul Clifton – “She Wobbles When She Walks (Kent)
R.L Burnside – “Shake’em On Down” (Fat Possum Records)
Wolfmoon – “God Bless” (Kent)
Allen Toussaint - “Sweet Touch Of Love” (Kent)
Al Green - “Let It Shine” Edsel Records
The Sweet Divines – “ Don’t You Ever ‘’(White)
JB Flatt and the Sweet Divines Interview
The Sweet Divines – “Honey Thistle” (White)
Johnny Guitar Watson - “I Need It” (Sanctuary Records)
The James Taylor Quartet – “ Free Your Mind” (Acid Jazz Records)
Glen Anthony Henry - “Beautiful Vida” (Unique)
Clutchy Hopkins – “Love of a Women (Ubiquity)
The Lions - “Giving Up For Food For Jah” Ubiquity Records
The Whispers - “Can’t Do Without Love” Solar
James Carr - “The Dark End Of The Street” Kent
The African Beavers - “Find My Baby” RCA Victor
The Constellations -“I Didn’t Know How To” (Goldmine Soul Supply)
Alemayehn Eshete – “Tchero Adari Negn”n (Union Square)
Bio Ritmo – “Hermano” (Locutor Records)
Sundia – “ Stand Up and Be A man (Jazzman)
Luther Ingram – “Missing You” (Kent)
Jimmy Mcgriff – “Blues For Mr Jimmy (Stateside)
Snowboy – “24 For Betty Page” (Acid Jazz)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Soul For Sinners

Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sisters
John Ridley has been in touch to tell me about a new article on his excellent Deep Soul Heaven website:
I am delighted to be able to let you know that I have added a new article to my website at
It is a marvellous selection of soulful gospel compiled by my great friend Kevin Kiley which he has entitled "Soul For Sinners". Kevin originally put the collection together for a commercial CD release several years ago but for various licensing reasons it never materialised. The music was far to good to go missing however and it now has a home on the internet.
You can find the full list of articles here:
with the link to "Soul For Sinners" towards the foot of the page.
I hope you enjoy the tracks, illustrations and info that Kevin has provided. I'm very grateful to him for his perseverance on this one.
Best wishes,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Memphis 70

This week I got news through about an exciting release from Ace's BGP label for anyone interested in Memphis music.

Here is the track listing and publicity blurb:

1. Mississippi Mud - Smithstonian
2. I Can't Tell No Difference - David Porter
3. Two Paces Ahead Of Love - Willie Walker
4. Pullin' - Minits
5. Strange Things - Jerry Miller
6. Shake - Ovations
7. No Ending - Stacy Lane
8. Tip Toeing - Alvin Cash & Doris Porter
9. It's Bump Time - Bow-Legs Miller & Friends
10. Blackrock Yeah Yeah - Black Rock
11. Keep The Faith - Mel & Tim
12. Who's Been Warming Your Oven - Sir Walter
13. Come What May - John Gary Williams
14. Watchdog - Barbara & The Browns
15. Way Of Me - Kannon16. Don't Boom Boom - Lilian Hale
17. Take A Giant Step - Lacleve Milon
18. Papa Killed A Chicken - Willie Toliver
19. Hard Times - Billy Cee
20. Dig It (She's In The Groove) - Optimistics

The death of Otis Redding in late 1967 was a watershed in the sound of Memphis soul. He had been the figurehead and defining figure as Stax had taken a distinctly gritty take on soul to the top of the US charts. "Memphis 70" shows what happened next as local musicians emerged from Otis' shadow and created new and exhilarating sounds. The most successful of these sounds meant artists such as Isaac Hayes eclipsed Otis' success, but in typical BGP style we take the road less travelled to bring a selection of sought-after rarities and unreleased gems that perfectly reflect the era.

* Our earliest cut is the in-demand funk/ R&B groove of Stacy Lane's `No Ending' produced by the legendary Packy Axton, the founder of the Mar-Keys. We have plenty of funky grooves for those that want to keep the dancefloor moving, such as Alvin Cash's duet with Doris Porter, `Tip Toeing', the incredibly rare `Hard Times' by Billy Cee, the collectable break-beat `Mississippi Mud' by the Smithstonian, and an amazing unreleased version of `Shake' by the Ovations. There are also great slices of funk by the Optimistics, Lillian Hale, Blackrock (a favourite of Paul Weller) and Bow-Legs Miller.

* The rest of the compilation is made up with some pieces of soul music that are truly for the connoisseur. There is an unreleased masterpiece from David Porter from the end of the Stax era, an unreleased version of Aretha Franklin's `Pullin'' by the Minits and an amazing two-stepper by the under-recorded Willie Walker, one that will please the collectors. We also have an Al Green-style take on `Who's Been Warming Your Oven' by the unknown, Sir Walter. The soul sides are rounded off by a couple of pure classics by John Gary Williams', `Come What May' and Mel and Tim's - `Keep The Faith'.

* The whole lot is rounded up with some fantastic pictures, in-depth notes and an amazing cover image to make this a fine start to 2008 for BGP.

George Porter

I was tipped to an article on George Porter on Denver Westword by Frederic Adrian over on Dark End Of The Street forum who seems to trawl the Net more than me!!!

Black Music @ Fillmore in 60's

I have mentioned the website Wolfgang's Vault before on IDR. Last time, I was tipping the live concerts on the site but this time I have been delving into the site's resources. One interesting feature is the wealth of posters advertising black music artists who appeared at San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium.

The one above features Sam & Dave, The James Cotton Band but also Loading Zone who are an IDR favourite. The Loading Zone was formed by Paul Fauerso in 1967 in Oakland, California. Playing local shows, including several appearances at the Fillmore Auditorium, the group became a regular on the funk circuit. Following the release of their self-titled debut album in '68, the band saw several personnel changes, including the introduction of Linda Tillery on vocals. That same year, the band split up, although Fauerso and Tillery reformed the group with a new lineup for a second album. Finding little luck on the recording end of the music business, the Loading Zone disbanded in 1971

Conrad O. Johnson, former leader of The Kashmere Stage Band, dies at 92

I picked up the sad news that Conrad O. Johnson, former leader of The Kashmere Stage Band, has died aged 92.

Conrad O. Johnson, bandleader of the Kashmere High School Stage Band from 1968-1978 and owner of Kram Records, the label that issued the Band’s legendary eight albums and three 7” singles of Texas jazz, funk and soul music, died in Houston on 3rd February 2008.

You can read a full obituary on the Stones Throw website.

Calvin Owens 1929-2008

I was informed of the sad news this week that the legendary Calvin owens had died.

Here are the funeral arrangements from his official website:

The Maestro" Calvin Owens' Memorial Services will be held in Houston, Texas on Monday, February 25, 2008 at Johnson's Funeral Home on 5730 Calhoun Rd., Houston, TX 77021.
The funeral home can be contacted at (713) 747-9604. The service will start at 6:00 P.M. ending at 9:00 P.M. As Calvin wished to be cremated, a viewing is unavailable. Calvin's family and management invite family, friends and the public to share in this Memorial Service to celebrate his life and accomplishments.
Calvin's wishes in lieu of flowers are donations to the Sawdust Alley Music Preservation Foundation in Houston, Texas established as a perpetual 503(c) to aid in the education, preservation and furtherance of Big Band orchestration with our burgeoning musical youth. Contributions should be sent to Sawdust Alley Music Preservation Foundation, P.O. Box 885, Houston, Texas 77001.

You can read an obituary in the Houston Chronicle.

Calvin Owens RIP

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tipitina's Turns The Big Three-Oh!

Tipitina's Turns The Big Three-Oh! - Check out a good article by Tim Donnelly, photos by Dino Perrucci on the Jam Bands site.

Fats Domino 80th Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Fats!!!!! Tonight at Tipitina's in New Orleans:

Fats Domino 80th Birthday Celebration featuring Randy Newman, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint & more!

Join Fats in celebrating his 80th in a star-studded birthday celebration featuring Randy Newman, Dr. John and Allen Toussaint, with the Celebration House Band incl. Jon Cleary, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Shannon Powell, Richard Moten, Roger Lewis, James Rivers, Eric Traub and a special appearance by Fats Domino. All proceeds will benefit the Tipitina's Foundation.

Stax Museum Blog

I was tipped to the fact the Stax Museum Of American Soul has a blog which is well worth dropping into read.

The Lions

Ubiquity have been in touch about a new 45 from The Lions:

"One of the best blends of global funky elements we've ever heard...Great stuff all around, and a record that's almost more funkily exciting than all those old Jamaican platters you've sorted through trying to get a sound like this!"
- Dustygroove

"Get ready to get your skank on with the Lions' new LP...With an admirable cast of musicians, the Lions are sure to make an impression on reggae enthusiasts."
- Vapors

"The L.A. collective emerges with an outstandingly distilled, urban sound that mines dub reggae in a vintage yet completely fresh way by tastefully blending it with soul and funk."
- Orlando Weekly

"...cohesive, rhythmic, and cinematic."

A unique Jamaican-inspired outfit, featuring members of Breakestra, Connie Price & the Keystones, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Orgone, & Madlib’s Sound Directions. Reggae rhythms n' dub techniques mash with the sound of Ethiopia, Africa, Colombia and a heavy dose of laid-back California soul, jazz, and funk. Jungle Struttin’ is a bass-bin rockin’ authentic take on an old school soulful reggae vibe with a tasty modern edge.

Prior to the release of their debut album, The Lions dropped a limited-edition 7” single that features the album title track “Jungle Struttin” and a dub version of “Ethio-Steppers” that’s 100% exclusive to this 7” release only.

“Jungle Struttin’” is a dj-friendly, dusty, Jamaican-funk joint in the vein of Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, and the flipside is a bass-heavy dub in the vein of Scientist or King Tubby but with an added Eastern/African/”Ethiopique” twist. This heavyweight exclusive 7” will be limited to 1000 pieces, so buy it while it’s hot.

Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings Dates

Just got live show dates from Daptone Records for Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

The Sage Gateshead, England
When: Sat 19 Apr 2008
Where: St Mary's Square, Gateshead Quays, Gateshead, NE8 2JR, England

Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom Melbourne, Australia
When: Fri 29 Feb 2008
Where: 125 Swanston St Melbourne, Australia

Button Factory Dublin, Ireland
When: Thu 10 Apr 2008
Where: Temple Bar Music Centre, Curved St., Dublin 2, Ireland

Jazz Cafe London, England
When: Wed 16 Apr 2008 to Fri 18 Apr 2008
Where: 5-7 Parkway, London, UK, NW1 7PG

Yardbird Birmingham, England
When: Sun 13 Apr 2008
Where: Paradise Placec, Birmingham B3 3HJ

Concorde 2 Brighton, England
When: Sat 12 Apr 2008
Where: Madeira Drive, Brighton, England, BN2 1EN

Mint Lounge Manchester, England
When: Fri 11 Apr 2008
Where: 46-50 Oldham St, Manchester, England , M4 1LE

WOMAD Festival, New Zealand
When: Sun 16 Mar 2008
Where: Brooklands Park & TSB Bowl in New Plymouth, New Zealand

WOMAD Festival, New Zealand
When: Sat 15 Mar 2008Where: Brooklands Park & TSB Bowl in New Plymouth, New Zealand

Enmore Theatre, NSW Newtown, Australia
When: Wed 12 Mar 2008
Where: 130 Enmore Rd Newtown, Australia

WOMAD Festival, SA Adelaide, Australia
When: Sun 9 Mar 2008
Where: Botanic Park, Adelaide, Australia

Golden Plains Festival VIC Meredith, Australia
When: Sat 8 Mar 2008
Where: Mount Mercer Rd Meredith, Australia

The Tivoli, Brisbane QLD Brisbane, Australia
When: Fri 7 Mar 2008
Where: 52 Costin St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia

Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom Melbourne, Australia
When: Wed 27 Feb 2008
Where: 125 Swanston St Melbourne, Australia

Great Northern Hotel, NSW Byron Bay, Australia
When: Thu 6 Mar 2008Where: Jonson St Byron Bay, Australia

Vancouver Albany Arts Centre, WA Perth, Australia SOLD OUT
When: Mon 3 Mar 2008
Where: 5 Vancouver Street, Perth Australia

Becks Music Box (PIAF) Perth, Australia
When: Sun 2 Mar 2008
Where: Esplanade Perth, Australia

Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom Melbourne, Australia
When: Tue 26 Feb 2008
Where: 125 Swanston St Melbourne, Australia

Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom Melbourne, Australia SOLD OUT
When: Thu 28 Feb 2008
Where: 125 Swanston St Melbourne, Australia

US dates and ticket booking and more info on all events can be found:

Ms Nickki

I have just picked up on Ms Nickki out of Memphis - check the lady out on her MySpace
Hello-- I'm Ms Nickki from Memphis,TN. aka the "Bluff City", but more worldwide known as the Heart of Popular American Music, and especially Black American Music... Blues, Soul Music (Stax Rec. / Royal Studios (W.Mitchell), Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Funk, Country, Rock'n'Roll... Music is in every downtown, up-town, mid-town's wall! I'm singing @ the internationally known and locally beloved " WILD BILL's ", the last tiny Juke Joint North Memphis on Vollintine Ave. I'm there every fri & sat night w/ the Memphis Soul Survivors (Houseband) warmin' the place w/ others singers & friends from here (Wesley "White Lightnin'" Taylor) and overseas like ManU (, the French Harmonica Player. I'd like so much to perform overseas and bring my soulful repertoire > Europe (1st, France where i got some friends and musicians). So… festival directors, booking agents, managers, you're very welcome if you are serious!!

Ms Nickki : lead vocals // Chris Pitts : guitars // Jesse Dodson : keyboards // Neal Leneal : drums // Juju Del Bosce : bass ( // MS Sax ManU : harmonicas.

The Boss, Memphis

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dr. Rance Allen Nominated For 2008 Dove Award

Cecillia C. Wallace, Dr. Rance Allen's Personal Assistant has been in touch with IDR to let us know that Dr. Rance Allen has been nominated for a Dove Award.

You can see WTVG-TV Toledo interviewing Dr Allen about the award here:

He has been nominated for three Grammys, has won countless awards and now legendary gospel artist Rance Allen has been nominated for a 2008 Dove Award.

Rance Allen is a legend in Toledo. Anyone who knows anything about gospel music knows him well.

He is truly a treasure in the gospel music world and an asset to Toledo.

In 1998, he was inducted into the international Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He has won countless music awards and in April he stands to win another.

Allen originates from Monroe Michigan. His two brothers make up the Rance Allen Group and together they have broken barriers between gospel, rock and soul.

In the mid 80's, Allen answered the call and moved to Toledo to become pastor at New Bethel Church of God in Christ. Since then, he has been preaching and singing the gospel. His fans range from five years of age on up.

After years of awards and accolades, many believed he would move out of Toledo.

The Rance Allen Group is nominated for Traditional Gospel Album of the Year for their CD entitled Closest Friend.

The music director for the album is also a Toledo native and recording artist Chris Byrd.(WTVG-TV Toledo)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker & Harvey Scales @ Mercy Lounge 22/2/08

Flow Dynamics

Craig Charles turned me onto the Australian band Flow Dynamics.

Here's the publicity blurb on the album:

Now, with a pile of original tunes and remixes under his belt, Dave McKinney brings it all together for his debut self-titled Flow Dynamics album. Full of funky jams and block party breaks, the record takes the listener on a journey through the world of funk and soul based beats with lots of uptempo party cuts, chilled downtempo grooves and everything in between. The album digs deep into the traditions of funk and soul, with lots of live musicians, heavy drums, funky basslines, tight horn sections, sharp cuts, and raw funk vocals, all recorded and mixed at home in his bedroom studio.

Get over to their MySpace to hear tracks.

Diesler & Speedometer Live @ Cargo London 29/2/08

Playground Studios

I've had a message through about updates to the Playground Studios MySpace:

My studio was occupied by today's youth.. so I did some work on MySpace. I have posted 6 songs recorded at Playground which are in contention for LOST SOUL The Playground Series Vol. 2. Except for one Count Willie song "Funky Muscle" all the rest have never been heard before by the public.

"Society" 1973 by THE DUDES, sometimes known as TRUTH or TRUTH Inc. 3 part male harmony with the PRS rhythm section, brothers John Rainey Adkins on gtr and David Adkins ..s and probably drums, notice no cymbals or toms. This same brother duo id the key to the "PRS Sound" and you'll hear them on records with Doris Allen and Big John Hamilton and many other of the deep soul PRS cuts. This appears to be an attempt to move more into "Shaft" type soul. The lyrics are as pertinent today as in 1973 if not more.

"Mr Important Person" Blue-eyed Soul man Reuben Howell spins a bit of a different twist on Soul/funk with a jazzy flute.. recorded before his 2 Motown LPs

"Keep Yo Man" female artist unknown.. on the tape box only known as "Leroy's girl". She not the greatest singer in the world but she sure wants to be. Another great example of the PRS section however. Recorded sometime around 1972.

"Still Hung Up On You" Jimmy Gresham demo. For the true soul fan, this was recorded by the ill-fated Jimmy Gresham around 1978/ The instrumentation is sparce as we barely rescued the multi-track tape. But the vocal performance is moving and even oddly predicts Jimmy's fate, as he has served 15 years in a federal penitentiary.. wrongly convicted, with no chance of parole. If this makes the cut we will probably embellish the track with seasoned musicians.. probably David Adkins on Rhodes. It's fav at PRS now.

"Funky Muscle" Count Willie 1976 released on Soul Resurrection 2007. Many of our deep soul friends will not like this disco/funk track. The backing band is Leroy Lloyd and the Swingin' Dukes. A definite attempt at disco... but only funk emerged

"LoveSick" Johnny Soul recorded in Muscle Shoals with the "Fame Gang" in 1968 produced by Finley Duncan pre Playground. We found this at the end of a Johnny Soul master and it is perhaps one of the oddest cuts I have uncovered. I get dizzy every time I listen to it. I thought I would include it and let you make your own decisions.. definitely one of the most bizarre soul cuts I have ever heard.

We have posted these 6 songs on our myspace page

.. Just follow the link you'll need no password to listen to the songs. We welcome your comments and criticisms. We thought it might make an interesting topic for the SS group and also a way to share some of the music we have been working on. We are only going to have the songs posted for a few days. Feel free to post questions or comments. These are not our top rated cuts for LOST SOUL and we will post some more in the future.Next week will probably be PRS 70's rock week and will more than likely feature some of our Dothan Alabama guys like Wilbur Walton Jr. and the James Gang. Wilbur has been in recording new songs with alumnus David Adkins.

Speaking of "Soul Resurrection" there are about 25 1st edition's left at CD baby.... we'll re-press eventually but the packaging will be different.. so if you want a first edition.. rush to CD Baby and get one.. It's a good investment.. enjoy the cuts.

Stax Podcasts

Check out Stax Podcasts:

Interviews with Isaac Hayes, Deanie Parker and Angie Stone have already been posted.

New Mastersounds

The New Mastersounds have been in touch to let me know about some upcoming gigs:

After many requests from fans, we're finally making the run up the East Coast. Please spread the word and help make it a success so that we can come back again. If you want to volunteer for the street team and get free show tickets please email our publicist Lisa:

There's a downloadable flyer for the tour on our website: (scroll down right hand side of page)

USA Tour Dates - March 2008

Thurs. 6th - LAKE WORTH, FL – Bamboo Room
Sat. 8th – LANGERADO FESTIVAL, FL – Chickee Hut
Sun .9th – ATLANTA, GA – Smith’s Olde Bar
Tues. 11th – ASHEVILLE, NC – Stella Blue
Wed. 12th – RALEIGH, NC – The Pour House Music Hall
Thurs. 13th – BALTIMORE, MD – 8x10
Fri. 14th – PHILADELPIA, PA – World Café Live
Sat 15th – NEW YORK CITY, NY – Sullivan Hall www.sullivanhallnyc.com2.

The new NMS Message Board / Funk Forum is up and running- url is (this address is also on our links page) - sign up and start slandering us!

Look out for The New Mastersounds in New Orleans during JazzFest: April 24th – May 4th. Specific dates TBA

We finished recording the new album at the of January. Eddie starts mixing next week. Estimated release is early May on CD/LP/itunes. The album features guest vocals from the UK's Queen of Funk Dionne Charles. You can see photos from the studio session here:

UK Fans - we're playing in Leeds and London next weekend - Friday 22nd at Sela Bar in Leeds, Saturday 23rd at the Jazz Cafe in Camden

thanks for your support

Simon, Eddie, Pete and Joe

Baby Charles New 45

Last year, I featured Baby Charles on the blog acouple of times. They have a new 45 out:
AVAILABLE NOW EXCLUSIVLY ON RK SHOP ( AND FROM 18 FEBRUARY ALL AROUND:RK45 014 BABY CHARLES 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor' / "Time Wasting' 45Rpm/digital download - RELEASE DATE 11 FEBRUARY 2008
Here's the publicity blurb to go with the 45:
Described by Mojo Magazine as “an act to lead the 2008 soul uprising!”, with two heavyweight 45s (No Controlling Me / Back of My Hand) already under their belt, Baby Charles are back with their third single.
Their fans include some of the world's top funk dj's including: Snowboy, Keb Darge, Jazzman Gerald, Monk One and Andy Smith, who snapped up their debut 45 for his 'Let's Boogaloo Vol 4' compilation, and got them to play at his Cargo clubnight. Mark Lamarr was so impressed by their debut single, he invited the band to record six tracks live in session for his God's Jukebox show on Radio 2. He also wrote some very complimentary sleeve notes for the debut album (out next 17 March) and first played their Artic Monkey’s 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor' cover on the Jonathan Ross show on Radio 2.
That week, the band were bombarded with emails from Radio 2 listeners asking where they could get hold of the track, and when it was coming out...Finally, the wait is over, and this afro-beat infected funk rework of the Arctic Monkey's hit single has made it onto vinyl. Soul sensation Dionne Charles delivers her usual gutsy, balls-out vocal performance, while the rest of the band lay down the heavy hypnotic groove. The flip side, 'Time Wasting' displays the heavier psychedelic edge of Baby Charles, with an unstoppable chugging groove, a heavy horn-led break, and climatic chorus to finish the track off.
AVAILABLE FROM 18 FEBRUARY 2008 in best record shops and on line on limited edition 45Rpm / Digital download.
BABY CHARLES debut album available from 17 March on CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. "Baby Charles take it to the next level as only they know how – Fantastic!" DJ Andy Smith