Saturday, October 13, 2007

Joey Heatherton When You Call Me Baby Decca

Joey Heatherton When You Call Me Baby Decca

Joey cut a number of records but the ones I enjoy are "Hullaballoo" (Coral, 1965) and "When You Call Me Baby" (Decca, 1966).
If you search on You Tube you can see her singing "Hullaballoo" live on the Hullaballoo Show. But I will always associate her with "When My Baby Calls", which has been a favourite of mine from its first plays back in 1977 on the Northern scene. Back then, I didn't really appreciate who she was even though I loved US TV shows!

Joey began her career as a child actress and received her first sustained national exposure in 1959 as a semi-regular on The Perry Como Show and made many appearances in the 60's on shows such as Dean Martin's TV Variety Show. She later co-hosted Dean Martin Presents the Golddiggers. She also made multiple appearances on the many other variety shows proliferating 1960s television, such as The Andy Williams Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and This Is Tom Jones.
She was a long-time member of Bob Hope's USO troupe between 1965 and 1977, delighting soldiers with her enticing singing, dancing and provocatively revealing outfits. Excerpts from the USO tours were televised as part of Hope's long-running series of NBC monthly specials.
Additionally, throughout the 1960s, she interspersed her variety show appearances with strong dramatic turns in three theatrical films and on numerous episodes of series such as Route 66. She appeared in the the movies in such films as Twilight House, Where Love Has Gone and My Blood Runs Cold.

By the 1970s, Joey's career was slowing down, but she was still popular enough to do a series of memorable TV ads for RC Cola and Serta Mattress.
In subsequent years, Joey performed in Las Vegas and acted in a few scattered TV shows and films.

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