Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Andre De Lang Homecoming

The other day I came across Andre De Lang's My Space and discovered that he had a new album out called Homecoming. Check it out - I really like his mellow tones and have loved his music since I picked up on his previous 2 CDs Educate Your Soul and the earlier Worth The Wait Here is what Andre says on his My Space

I was given a new acoustic guitar as a birthday present by a friend, with the words "go write that song" - it was the beginning of Homecoming.

Inspired by the sound and the gesture I would quietly slip into the kitchen round midnight every night.

Those moments were devoted to praying, thinking, meditating and singing. It turned out to be my personal journey from the PAST-PRESENT to the FUTURE.

These are my songs, my life, my story, my Homecoming.

An inspirational artist who is worth searching out if you don't know his music. You can aslo drop into his website:

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