Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beat Collector Vol 4

Beat Collector - a freind from MySpace dropped me this list - go over and download and enjoy!!!

Tracklisting -
Today I Want To Stay Inside - Act III
I Know You Dont Want Me - The Endeavors
We Are Neighbors - The Chi-Lites
Soul Train - Charles Wright
Father - The Quantic Soul Orchestra
Sunny - Marvin Gaye
Right On For Darkness - Curtis Mayfield
Let Her Go - Otis Smith
I Dig Your Act - The Whatnauts
The Hurt's On You Baby - Willie & The Mighty Magnificents
Have Love Will Travel - Rosey Jones
Don't Stop Now - The Originals
You Left The Water Running - Otis Redding
Captain Buckles - David Newman
The Stalker Pt.1 - The Frank Popp Ensemble
Ain't Nothing But A Houseparty - The Showstoppers
And Suddenly - The Cherry People

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  1. Anonymous1:52 AM

    I am the lead singer for "Today I Want to Stay Inside". Also, I wrote the tune, and my brother wrote the music. This is our label, Harley Records.

    Please contact me at, to learn more about Act III.