Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Flea Market Recent Mixes

I caught up with DJ Prestige's latest mixes over on Flea Market Funk over the weekend and I thought I'd point you in his direction!
Move On Up Mix
Little Razor & the Swingmasters - Razor Blade/ Tri Us
Dennis Coffey - Getting It On ‘75/ Sussex
Senor Soul - It’s Your Thing/ Whiz
The Dynatones - The Fife Piper/ HBR
Truman Thomas - Mr. Soul/ Veep
Cal Tjader - Solar Heat/ Skye
Bobo Mr. Soul - H.L.I.C/ Ovide
Brother Soul - Feelin’ Funky/ ElmCor
The Family - Family Affair/ North Bay
Elijah & The Ebonies - Hot Grits/ Capsoul
Gus “The Groove” Lewis - Let The Groove Move You/ Tous Sea
Brother Jack McDuff - Black Is!/ CadetJohnny Hammond - Rock Steady/ Kudu
Clifford Curry - Soul Ranger/ SSS International
The San Remo Golden Strings - I’m Satisfied/ Ric Tic
Let’s Groove Together - Our Ladies of Soul/ Kelton

Shifting Gears High Octane Funk and Soul Mix Tracklist

The 13th Amendment - The Stretch/ Soul Stream
Vicki Anderson - Sound Funky/ Brownstone
Jesse Gresham Plus 3 - Shootin’ the Grease/ Head
Stoned Soul Picnic - One Dollar Hotel Part 1/ Raw Wax
Lee Moses - Time and Place/ Front Page
George Freeman - New Improved Funk/ Groove Merchant
Lowell Fulsom - Tramp/ Kent
Johnny Hammond - Shifting Gears/ Milestone
Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - In the Basement/ Cadet
Maskmen & the Agents - Love Bandito/ Dynamo
Dynamic Corvettes - Key To My Happiness/Abet
TNT Band - The Meditation/ Cotique
East LA Carpool - Linda Chicana/ GRC
Menahan Street Band - Make the Road By Walking/ Dunham
Sophy - Locuras Tengo De Ti/ Velvet
Get over and listen!!!

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