Monday, November 05, 2007

Hermon Hitson In Alabama

Hermon Hitson has sent me through some photos from some gigs he performed during October in Fairhope and Summersville, Alabama. Hermon performed with his buddy Freddie Terrell along with Charlie and the Earthdog Blues band -a great blues band from that area.

Hermon tells me that they played a blues club on Friday 20/10/07 in Fairhope and on Saturday 21/10/07 the gig was a big outdoors event at Dorsey's Farm in Summersville.

Freddie Terrell

Hermon & Freddie with Charlie & Earthdog Blues Band

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  1. Big Blue Johnson9:13 PM

    Cheers to Hermon and Freddie. They 'tore it out the frame.' This ain't yo mamas blues. It's slap yo mama rhythm and blues. Great music, cold spews and ribs, the ultimate combo. The backing band in Alabama was actually 'The Johnsons', a local Fairhope blues band including Charlie(Big Blue) Johnson, Earthdog Johnson, Steve Johnson and Fang Johnson. Jimmie Lee Johnson appeared Friday but not Saturday. The Johnsons are not related. You can catch their act most Fridays at the American Legion Post 199 in Fairhope, AL. We look forward to working with Hermon and Freddie again. Class act. Catch 'em when you can. Peace.


  2. Hermon Hitson and the Johnsons return to the fabulous American Legion Post 199 on scenic Mobile Bay, Friday, December 21 at 8pm. "Our style of electric blues complements very well Hermon's hot, raw, in-your face style of R&B," says Big Blue Johnson. "We hope we cause enough rukus for the police to come." Opening for Hermon and the Johnsons will be Tommy "White Bread" Nichols, a local favorite of the 'tortured songwriter' genre. Spicy cajun cuisine, cold barley pops and raw southern soul will be served up to those of legal age.