Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jefferson Magazine Wins Award!

Just heard from the Swedish magazine Jefferson:

Jefferson will be honored with a Keeping the Blues Alive Award in the category Print Media. We are so proud!


Whether or not you speak Swedish, every Blues fan will enjoy flipping through Jefferson, the Blues magazine named after country Bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson. Founded in 1968 by a 16-year-old Blues fan, Jefferson magazine is celebrating its 40th year of keeping Blues alive around the world. The mandate from the start was to focus mainly on the African-American Blues artists and their music. As such, writers, photographers, and editors traveled regularly to the United States to interview and photograph its Blues subjects. In addition, American writers like Dick Shurman write, in English, about the Blues scene around Chicago and the West Coast. Even though it is published thousands of miles from the Delta, Jefferson, like so many foreign publications, keeps American Blues vibrant as a unique musical art form.

Congratulations to the guys at Jefferson who have supported my projects with willie walker & The Butanes, Laura Lee and Freddie Hughes in the past.

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