Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Jazz Show

Picked up a bulletin from Mark Taylor and Adrian Leach :

More great music from the Happy Jazz show and we have great pleasure in highlighting some un-signed and brand new talent. Big thanks to Arnaud - Switch Groove Exp - Babelize music, Keith Kehrer and Rae Marnie who contributed to the show in style.

Hear and read all about them in the first hour of this show. There is a real blend of styles echoing through the 2 hours. Jazz old and new, a lil Brazilian double from the great Arthur Verocai and a little vocal 7" via Jean Trevor and Don Cunningham (so nice!!). More great vocals from the wonderful Sheila Landis, Linda Williams, Natalie Cole and the Anita Kerr Singers. New voices via Boogaloo and the Paranormal Experience also get included.

Anyway, hear for yourself below at the sites listed or click on the download links and carry us around with you.

Part A - Adrian Leach

Happy Jazz show Part A

Uvama Hiroto : Waltz for Live Will Born
Switch Groove Exp. : Bon Tres Bien (Jazz Groove Edit) Monassa : Water Circles
Keith Kehrer : Maas
Ben Mi Duck : Patterns
The Paranormal Experience : People Like Boogaloo :
Humongous Steps (Back down to London) Yellow Productions feat Cut Killer : I Told Ya”
The Black Souls : Black People Crying
Bronx River Parkway & Candela Allstars : Agua Con
Sal Jean Trevor & Don Cunningham : We'll Start All Over Again
Rae Marnie : The Look of Love
Sheila Landis : Save Some For Me
Trio Marcel Edixhoven : African Song Part B -

Mark Taylor

Happy Jazz show Part B

Jon Eardley : Subtroyan Influence Christian Prommer :
Plastic Dreams Mike Taylor : Timewind
Sven Libaek : Start Growing Up
Anita Kerr Singers : You Make Me So Very Happy
Arthur Verocai : Dona Das Meninas
Arther Verocai : Sylvia
Joyce and Tutty Moreno : Penalty
Marvio Ciribelli : Centro Avante
Linda Williams : Our Song
Natalie Cole : Mr Melody
Charles Earland : Coming To You Live
Don Ray : Standing In The Rain

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