Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Bahama Soul Club The Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz

The Bahama Soul Club The Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz

I originally picked up on The Bahama Soul Club after hearing a track on Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC Radio 6. I was contacted by Oliver Belz, the man behind the project, after I posted a feature on the band. Oliver sent me through a demo of the forthcoming CD which I have posted snippets of above. I love the mixture of latin, bossa nova rhythms mixed in with soul and funk.

At present, you pick up the 45 on Buyu:

"But Rich Rhythms" - a co-work with the Canadian dj Emily Jones who assists with samples, ideas and feedback. An uptempo bossa with beastly played bongos, loose horns and delicious keyboard solos. This proper 3:33 min. 7”-cut includes the essence from the 6:30 min. album-version, where Cannonball finally declares, why these are rich rhythms. they are!
"Nassau jam" - wicked Florida funk! some of you may know the original from a band called "Funky Nassau". this one is a co-work with the original band members and writers Mr. Arnold Albury and Mr. Willie Clarke, which happened under the great help of the legendary label owner Mr. Henry Stone. this special 7”-cut was featured on BBC radio in “the best of 2007 retrospective” by Craig Charles.

Oliver says in the band's MySpace blurb:

The Bahama Soul Club is a delicious clash of SOUL, JAZZ and LATIN with that unique vintage feel. The work on the first album has just begun, and "THE CLUB" is now looking for some exceptional voices/singers to collaborate.

Isabelle Antena
"We're really proud to introduce fantastic vocal-features with the exciting Pat Appleton and the charming Isabelle Antena."
Pat Appleton
Latest news confirmed further collaborations with new Freestyle signing Malena and the exceeding voice from Vienna, Bella Wagner.

Bella Wagner

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