Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wigan Casino Summer 1977

Wigan Casino 1977 Part 1

Wigan Casino 1977 Part 2

I was recently contacted by Bernie Kent an old friend from my days of attending the allnighters at the Wigan Casino. I originally met Bernie and his mate Peter Guy through my then girlfriend Christine. We used to travel together to Wigan from Liverpool on the last train for a night of music and dancing.
Peter Guy was the first person I knew who had a "ghetto blaster" which was a serious piece of tackle back then. He took the "ghetto blaster" up to Wigan many times and recorded various sessions at the Casino. We would listen to the sessions on the way back home on the train or when we were hanging around for the train.
When Bernie got in touch with me he asked me whether I had any of the tapes made by Peter. Fortunately, I had managed to retain one since 1977 though all the others were probably lost or copied over! I have decided to share this piece of history on IDR after transferring it to an MP3.


  1. hi colin, great sounds and a good write up was too young for 77 but I was there at the end only just.... check out my site am in the process of putting up the cleethorpes and last night of wigan which has good atmosphere...


  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Colin - Absolutly fantastic. 1977 was my intro to Wigan (4th Aniv) and these sounds bring it all back to glourious life. Used to gather the crowd via a pub crawl in Stockport, train to Manchester Piccadilly, cross over to Manchester Victoria, Dance in the waiting rooms and platform with a larger crowd and then onto Wigan and the Casino. Priceless.

    Thanks J1 (check out Mary Fox on BBC radio Stoke (Fridays) if you have not already done so)