Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brighter Side Of Darkness Interview

Brighter Side Of Darkness He Made You Mine Magic Touch
Former members of the Brighter Sides Of Darkness gave the latest interview on Chicago based Bob Abrahamian's Sitting In The Park radio show.

Here's the message from Bob:

Hi. Today on my radio show I interviewed Randolph Murph of the Brighter Side of Darkness. The Brighter Side of Darkness was formed on the South Side of Chicago when three Calumet High School students, Randolph Murph, Larry Washington, and Ralph Eskridge met up with 8th grader Darryl Lamont. They recorded and released their huge hit "Love Jones" on 20th Century records less than a year after forming. Randolph Murph was one of the writers of "Love Jones", did the famous monologue on the record, and sang lead on the flip side "I'm the guy". The group broke up for a period in the 70s due to management disputes, reforming to cut one final single for the Magic Touch label in 1978 before finally disbanding. You can check out the interview at the bottom of my webpage:

Their 2oth Century album is now available - try Dusty Groove:

A tremendous bit of harmony soul from Chicago -- one of the few cases where the Windy City really gave the east coast a run for its money -- and the landmark album from teen soul quartet Brighter Side Of Darkness! Although young, Brighter Side managed to bring a depth to their work that was way more than kiddie soul -- a heartfelt, heartbreaking quality that was all adult, no matter how youthful the themes -- and their vocals are a perfect contrast to the fuller arrangements from producers Clarence Johnson and Johnny Cameron. The set contains the group's classic "Love Jones", still one of the best fragile harmony tracks of the early 70s -- plus loads of other great numbers like "I Owe You Love", "I'm A Loser", "Just A Little Bit", and a superb remake of "Summer Ride".

I have seen a few mentions on the Net about the group - this is the discography from Soul Harmony Singles:

20th Century 2002 Love Jones/I'm The Guy
20th Century 2021 Just A Little Bit/Something To Remember You By
20th Century 2034 I Give You Love/Summer Ride
Star Vue 1028 Because Of Love/Oh Baby
Magic Touch 9011 He Made You Mine/Disco Ball

I have featured He Made You Above mainly because it is not included on the CD which is a shame. If you like group soul then don't forget to drop over to my Keeping Soul Alive blog to listen to over 50 minutes of group male soul including The Brighter Side Of Darkness.


  1. I really enjoyed listening to the Brighter Side of Darkness when I was very young, not even a teenager. "I fell in love with "Love Jones" and little Darryl (he was so cute, and had the sweetest voice. I was wondering if he is still around and if he is what his voice must sound like today *soft smile*. Rudolph was really laying down the solo mono in the beginning of the song. There will never be a beautiful teenage puppy-love song better than "Love Jones". Thanks so much for posting the interview, I really enjoyed listening.

    Lady Diva*

    1. Anonymous11:01 PM

      Hello Lady Diva, Yes Darryl is still around, I recently seen them at my uncle's funeral, Larry Washington passed away who was in the group with them. I actually toke a picture of the group, Just wanted to have memories, and smiling, he still looks the same but older, his face has not changed at all, they are all still in Chicago. : )

  2. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Got to say that Chicago soul music is the best. As Latin American I have the most respect for all soul bands that came out of Chicago.

  3. Is that the same Larry Washington of The Spinenrs?

  4. I meant MFSB not The Spinners

  5. yolandathompson52@yahoo.com6:44 PM

    My name is Mz. Yoyo. And I attended calumet h.s. and stay d on on 80 carpenter so I am proud of guys then and proud of you all now God bless u all my prayers go out to Larry's family my high school crush ......R.I.L...LARRY..........luv Mz. Yo yo

  6. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Man Rudolph was so smooth on love Jones had all the young brothers in Texas trying to put our rap down he'll I was only eight

  7. Anonymous1:59 AM

    What goin with Butch Murphy. Will they unite for a reunion?