Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yet another long overdue mention for Cooloolosh on IDR.

Cooloolosh are Yuval Gerstein - Guitars and Vocals; Rebel Sun - Rap; Ori Winokur - Bass; Yogev Shitrit - Drums; Arik Levy - Saxophones; Sefi Zisling - Trumpet. Here's their MySpace blurb:

In 2003, five extremely talented musicians from Jerusalem, Israel, and around the world, found each other and came together to form one of the most unique and dynamic forces in the music world as we know it today. Suitability named “Coolooloosh”, a Jerusalemite word for celebration and joy, this is precisely what the band exhumes with each and every exciting performance.

Wooing fans around the world with their intelligent blend of genres, Coolooloosh. combining Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, and Funk, Coolooloosh., one of Israel’s most popular groups, is one of the very few well known emerging acts that can pull it off. Consistently, pushing the envelope, the band is destined to break internationally. A diverse group of individuals, from varied musical backgrounds the band consists of Yuval Gerstein (Guitar and Vocal), Rebel Sun (MC), Ori Winokur (Bass and vocal), Arik Levy (Saxophone), and Yogev Shitrit on Drums. Combining both English and Hebrew text into their songs and unique blend of genres only further enhances their distinctive style.

Following an extremely zealous show at the renown Sodra Theatre in Stockholm Sweden in May of this year, Coolooloosh forged on in August and September to continue an extremely successful and productive tour of Europe performing in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, and Hungary, including the well known festival “Spancirfest” in Croatia, gaining major attention and vast amounts of new fans at every show.

Check out the demos on the their MySpace for their upcoming debut album.

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