Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kings Go Forth 45 Update

There has been quite a buzz on the Kings Go Forth 45 over on Soul Soul Source during this last week.

This is what the 45 will look like once it issued:

Andy from Kings Go Forth has posted this message on their MySpace:

Hey everybody, just a quick word to let you know there has been a slight delay in the manufacturing of the KGF 45's. I received the test presses earlier this week and they were too quiet so I'm having the record remastered and made again. Hopefully we can get this done quickly and get everybody their reserved copies. Also, as of about 3 weeks ago all copies had been pre-reserved, so thanks to everyone. If you didn't get one Jazzman Records, Jason Stirland, and James Trouble will all be selling small amounts in the UK.

There are a couple more tracks on their MySpace since I first posted about this back in March - drop over listen to One Day which is my fave but the buzz on the UK Northern scene is for You're The One which you can also hear on their MySpace.

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