Saturday, May 17, 2008

Playground.... Most Eclectic Mix to yet.. Turn up the Volume!!

I received a message from my friends over at the Playground Studios:

Friends of Playground: We have changed our MySpace mix once again.. This time to include an eclectic mix of material recorded or processed by the Chief... Years run from 1968-2007...TURN UP THE VOLUME and enjoy!

Thanks for the support from all of our friends.. as usual a little bio on the tunes..Click on the link above no PW needed

Motivation Mary Gresham "A Voice From the Shadows" Soulscape

Released Just 2 Weeks ago by our friends in the UK.. enjoy the Raw Playground Soul of Mary Gresham.... backed by the infamous PRS Rhythm section.. This one here is a scorcher! and yes That is John Rainey Adkins on electric guitar and Brother David on Keys.....

No One Here Klaudia... Unreleased

This is not a PRS cut. Recorded in Nashville 1988.. The Chief recorded this in a studio that was located behind Jimmy Velvet's Elvis Presley Museum.. It's our ole bud James Stroud and his merry band of "Kingsnakes", which included St Louis guitarmaster, Mike Henderson with a little assistance from American Rhythm section ace Ed Kollis on Harp and Captain Memphis (Jim Dickinson) is even playing a little banjo on this cut backing Klaudia's Austrian accented vocals... The song is as relevant today as it was then.

How Much Can A Man Take? Big John Hamilton

Just can't leave off the Playground Soul.. This cut by Big John, perhaps sums up the epitome of PRS Deep Soul. This was cut at Fame in Muscle Shoals in 1968 written by RJ Benninghoff, and backed by the Fame Rhythm Section...If Soul gets any deeper south than this someone ought to let us know. Released by Sundazed in 2007.. expect a European compilation from Soulscape later this year that includes some of the Classic Big John cuts..

Sharecropper's Son The Waco Ramblers

This is T-BONE, fiddle player from the Wacos singing the classic Ralph and Stanley Carter tune... and doing a hell of a job.. The Wacos will be appearing all summer down here on the beach.. can't blame them for not wanting to go anywhere else when you can play with a gulf view and a bikini view. The Waco CD art is in the National running for an ADDY in CD art thanks to our award winning art department WWMAD DESIGNS. Any Americana Music Association members should please vote for the Waco Ramblers in all nominating categories.

Natchez Girl Mason Arnold and the Delta Wildcats

Recorded by the Chief in 1980 in Jackson, Mississippi... Natchez Girl has been covered by Chett Lott but we still prefer our orig..Mason writes about a Natchez prostitute.. in this southern classic... That's Violin virtuoso Mickey Davis along with piano legend Jim Dickinson playing with the Wildcats.. who include Mississippi Bobby Maxwell

Boggy Bayou Blues Clayton Lancaster

A song about a fish's trials and tribulations searching for contentment as he makes his way from the Great Lakes down the Mississippi. Southern Americana at it's best.. players include Fred DUMALOT, Ed Kollis, and our buddy, Doug, who has inserted some mandolin... This one is for the Mullet Festival guys

Thanks for your continued support of Playground Recording Studios in Valparaiso, Florida... Some product may now be purchased on our website at:

Wilbur Walton Jr. release date is May 15th..

The Playground Team

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