Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mark Murphy Podcast

A great podcast by Gilles Peterson featuring one of my jazz heroes - Mark Murphy:

1 milestones ( rah)(milestone)
2 come to me ( mark murphy's hip parade)(capital)
3 two ladies in de shade of de babana tree ( meet mark murphy)(decca)
4 just give me time (midnight mood)(mps)
5 my favorite things (rah)(riverside)
6 senor blues (thats how I love the blues)(riverside)
7 stolen moments (stolen moments)(muse)
8 be bop lives/boplicity (bop for kerouak)(muse)
9 come and get me (bridging a gap)(muse)
10 this must be earth (this must be earth)(phoenix)
11 empty faces (mark murphy sings)(muse)
12 two kites (brazil song)(muse)
13 waters of march (stolen moments)(muse)
14 before we lose tomorrow (night mood)(milestone)
15 effendi (beauty and the beast)(muse)
16 sconsolato (midnight mood)(mps)
17 why don't you do right (7")(milestone)
18 why and how (midnight mood) (mps)
19 san francisco - kerouak, then and now (muse)

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  1. a brilliant podcast, Gilles is always great. your blog is nice, glad i discovered it. good luck.

  2. great podcast. listen to it today, driving in the snow, "this must be earth" is my favorite. Gilles does a great job. entertaining.