Tuesday, May 06, 2008

2500th Post

2500th Post Short Mix

As I reach another milestone I thought I'd look back to some of my early posts on IDR and include some audio since I didn't upload music in the early days. I have also put links in to the early posts in case you missed them.

2500th Post Tracklisting

1.Willie Hutch Come On Let's Do The Thing Motown LP Concert In Blues

I started IDR after hearing of the death of Willie Hutch. Since then, many more artists have died and one of the saddest aspects of writing the blog has been posting their obituaries or paying tribute to the their talents.

I featured Come On Let's Do The Thing in a top 10 of my favourite Willie Hutch sides. One of the most enjoyable things about writing the blog has been the feedback I have received over the years. This feedback has included many people who have made the music or family members of the artists. This feedback started early with Gemi Taylor, the guitarist off the Concert In Blues, dropping into the blog with his memories of the session:

Yes, I do remember those good old days when Willie would call me to let me know that there would be a recording session and where it would be...I really liked working on Concerts In Blues, because it was the first session that I had the pleasure to over-dub all the guitar parts...Gemi T.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment or contact me.
2.Laura Lee As Long As I Got You Chess

Laura Lee has been a friend since 2003. Since posting the above song, I have created a blog dedicated to Laura based on extensive interviews with her. She also has her own MySpace - so please drop over.3.Gloria Barnes She Wants A Stand In Maple LP Uptown

My post on Gloria Barnes's album was one of my first in-depth explorations of productions by Johnny Brantley. The album has subsequently been re-issued by Castle and my posts were used for the CD notes.

4.Lee Moses If Loving You Is A Crime Dynamo

Lee Moses's music was also part of my extensive research into Johnny Brantley's productions. Once again, Castle used my research and vinyl to release a fitting tribute to this wonderful singer.
5.King Hannibal The Truth Shall Make You Free Aware

I still hadn't interviewed the man when I first posted on Mighty Hannibal back in 2006. Since then, my interview has been published by In The Basement magazine and will be appearing on my Dark End Of The Street blog in the near future.

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