Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves Roll With You

Eli "Paperboy Reed & The True Loves Roll With You CD Snippets
A fabulous album from Eli "Paperboy" & The True Loves who I have been pushing for over a year now on IDR. So please go out and buy one of the albums of the year! Here's what others are saying:

"There are singers who sing and there are singers whose sheer power of expression can knock you off your feet. Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed falls firmly into the latter category ... [he] threatens to be one of the defining voices of the year” - MOJO MAGAZINE

“Mr. Reed invokes the stylish and muscular R&B of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke with convincing suavity.” - THE NEW YORK TIMES

“A whole-hearted son of soul ... Amy Winehouse better watch her back.” - VILLAGE VOICE

“Serious swagger and old-school sincerity ... a local favorite set to break out on a national level.” - BOSTON GLOBE

“[A] star on the rise ... Reed stunned the crowd [as he] screeched and hollered through a no-holds-barred set of originals that could be easily mistaken for lost Stax classics." - THE BOSTON HERALD“The truth is in the grooves ... [Reed’s song ‘The Satisfier] is the sound that's bulldozed the skeptics - dirty guitar, in-the-pocket rhythm section, goosy organ, rocking call-and-response horns, and backing vocals that out-Ronson Mark Ronson." - BOSTON PHOENIX

“[Reed’s] blazing soul get[s] the pulse racing and the spirit testifying. The brilliantly nicknamed singer combines the sob of Al Green with the beef of Otis Redding, and boasts a band, The True Loves, who look young enough to be in some emo group but have better taste.” - MOJO MAGAZINE

“[Reed] is strong and confident...he delivers a classic soul boast without sounding churlish or macho...” - NO DEPRESSION

“The audience was fully swept up in the soul wayback machine [Reed] and his band constructed ... one look at Reed wailing his guts out and it was clear he meant every note.” - BILLBOARD

“If you do only do one thing this week, [go see] Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed ... The talented singer is clearly screaming from the heart.” - TIME OUT NY

Nick Lowe told Mojo Magazine “If I had to choose a new song I loved, I’d pick ‘Take My Love With You’ by this guy from Boston, Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed.” - NICK LOWE talking to MOJO MAGAZINE.

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