Monday, May 26, 2008

Terry Callier Welcome Home

Terry Callier is one of my ultimate heroes and I have been fortunate to see him live several times as well as meet him. He's back with a new live album:

Terry Callier’s live performances are regarded by many as spiritual experiences rather than a gig. Time and time again audiences return to see Terry and his immensely talented, long-standing band (all of whom are top players on the world jazz circuit) to witness something different, be it a new story or a new take on a track.

This recording is another snapshot of a career that has spanned nearly four decades and fourteen albums. Terry Callier is, without question, one of the few remaining true musical legends.

This album was recorded by Mr Bongo on 14th March 2008 at Terry’s UK home - The Jazz Café in Camden, London.

“Callier’s writing is getting better, his performances are even more intense. His best may be yet to come” The Guardian, March 24 2008

Look out for Terry’s forthcoming album ‘Hidden Conversations’ on Mr Bongo later in 2008 - featuring amazing tracks with Massive Attack.

1. When The Music Is Gone 9’08
2. And I Love Her 3’47
3. John Coltrane Story 1 2’57
4. When My Lady Danced 8’27
5. Fix The Blame 10’29
6. Band Introduction 1’39
7. C’est La Vie 6’59
8. What About Me (What You Gonna Do About Me) 10’46
9. John Coltrane Story 2 3’23
10. Timepiece 8’20
11. Nobody But Yourself To Blame 8’35

Don't forget you can still get a DVD of him live in Berlin from a few years back.
Here is Terry singing Lazarus Man in Berlin 2005:


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Great album! to keep up with news on 'Hidden Conversations' release dates, tour dates etc, check his brand new website and for all things bongo,
    Cheers, great blog!

  2. Adam Bennett4:35 PM

    Terry's new album, Hidden Conversations is out and is available from Mr Bongo. Terry is also on tour throughout the UK, you can find all of this and more at and