Thursday, May 29, 2008

Donny Mann

Donny Mann Little Golden Band Mister Chand

Many years ago, I was challenged to write a number of articles on Chicago singers which very little was known about except their 45s for a magazine called Love Music Review. The first article I wrote was about Donny Mann.

A friend from Singapore was trawling Ebay when he came across the above photo advertising a shop in Chicago. It was great to see that he is still about and perhaps he can be tracked down for an interview.

All we found out from the advert was this snippet:

Donald Armistead who recorded under the Name Donny Mann in the 70's and Tiny Tim & the Tornados in the 50's

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  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I was just browsing your site when I ran across the photo that you have of my uncle. It regrets me to inform you that Donald passed away on Friday 10/24/08 from a battle with cancer. But we the family of Donald appreciate the recognition that you all at Beverly Records have given him, even though he is gone from this life, it is good to know that people out there still remember our SUPERSTAR! He will be missed!