Saturday, May 31, 2008

Carolina Soul

I was sent a link sometime ago to 3 downloads featuring Carolina Soul expert Jason Perlmutter which I thought I'd share:

Annual survey of obscure soul 45s from the Carolinas, now online here:


Ikhlas "Sing La La La" (Bilal)


Reggie Saddler Revue "Love Is Just Like A Baseball Game" (Eclipse)
Formula 12 "Where Is She?" (Catamount)
The Castalians "She Was My Everything" (Prince)
Bob Collins And The Fabulous Five "My One And Only Girl" (Main Line)
Melvin And Jessie "I Know It's Hard To Believe" (AMFS)
J Young B Hill "One Girl" (NaJma) [by request]
Pic & Bill "I Love You, Baby" (Charay)
The Bossatettes "Troubles Like Mine" (JCP)


Bobby London and The Ambassadors "Apple Of My Eye" (Spyder)
Little Al and The Maxidynes "Somewhere In This World There Is A Girl" (Shell)
The Uptighters "Smoke" (Pitt)
Ebonystic "Ain't It Good To You" (Scream)
Roy Johnson And The Outlaws "Why Am I Treated So Bad" (Mohawk)
Willie Hobbs "Yes, My Goodness, Yes" (Bandit)
Elijah & The Ebonies feat. Mary Sexton "I Confess" (Gitana)
The Charms "Soul Woman" (Estill)
Otis Goodwin "Mini Skirt" (Walker-Reeder)
Soul Stars "Soul Strut Pt. 1" (Baja)



Johnny C. And The Rocking Champs "Groove Time" (King Conway)
Dynamite Singletary "Super Good" (Free Soul, Inc.)
Soul Hustlers "Super Party Pt. 1" (Linco)
Donnie Brown "Funky Mind" (Top Cat)
Vernon Young "Make Love Tonight Pt. 1" (Music-GO-Round)
Shades Of You "Get Up On Yourself" (J & J)
Spector Band "Spector Funk" (J & J)
Sonny Thompson "You Got The Joy Pt. 1" (Orion)


Carole Humphries "I Don't Want Nobody" (Entertainment Enterprises)
Choice Of Colour "Your Love" (APT)
The Sounds Of Soul "So Much Love" (S.O.S.)
The Saints "I'll Let You Slide" (Wigwam)
Black Smoke Band "I'll Keep Searching" (Black Smoke)
The Soul Toys "Thick And Thin" (Toy)
Mike Davis And The Twi-Liters "My Love" (Cheeco)
Frankie and The Damons "My Best Friend" (The Damons)



Unknown "Thank The Lord"
Janice "Being No #2 Ain't No Fun" (Born Again)
T.M.S. "Get The Feelin'" (Showcase)
One Real Band "For A Change" (Budweiser Showdown)
Onyx "I'm In Love Again" (Budweiser Showdown)
Dwayne Sutton "In Her Eyes" (Budweiser Showdown)
Kirby Hamilton "A Different Place" (Accent)


The Tams "This Precious Moment" (Sounds South)
Eric Tig "Mr. D. J." (Sounds South)
Eric Tig "Heaven" (Sounds South)
The Cosmic Band "I Gave You My Love" (Tech)
Larry Connor "Cold Day" (Sugarbush)
Curtis Robinson "Free Man" (Metro-Art)

The final portion of the show that was inadvertently left off of the recording

Roland Haynes Jr. and Phenix "Mind Games" (EII)
Initials "Message In The Music" (JMDN)
Ice "Hey, Hey" (Ice) [by request]


Gamith "Don't Change Me" (JSJ)
Ron Gaither "One Last Chance" (Masterfunk)


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  2. just listening to this now. and thank you. i sometimes go in to look for 45s and i never know what i'm looking for. by definition, a lot of the good stuff is obscure hence...i waste a lot of money on poor quality vinyl. so it's great to have this introduction to lost soul classics. now i'll be better equipped, and the mission to keep soul music alive is well served. by teh way, is there any chance you can list the breakpoints in your mix. the reason is that people can use this to create .cue files and split the tracks out. here's an example from a great blog.