Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Hugh Boynton Royal Flush

Big Hugh Boynton Royal Flush CD Snippets

It's great to see Big Hugh Boynton aka Huriah Boynton back and still in fine voice.

You can pick up his new CD from CD Baby. Here's his blurb:

Like many of the great singers today, Huriah Boynton started singing at the early age of 5 with his church choir, in his hometown of Jeffersonville, Georgia. Huriah soon developed a passion for singing and performing for an audience. That passion led him to Lanor Records where at the tender age of 14, his recording career began. At Lanor Records, he worked with producer, Jackie Avery and recorded "Running Out Of Fools" and "Girl I Feel It". Huriah went on to perform for sold out audiences in local clubs around Macon, Georgia with the R&B group, "The Flintstones".

In 1979, Huriah moved to Detroit, Michigan where he began his very popular Gospel Ministry, Hour of Grace, Blessings and Healing. "Bishop Huriah" as he affectionately became known, touched millions with his message and music through his radio and television broadcasts. In 1991, on Bellmark Records, Huriah recorded his first Gospel CD entitled "Uniquely Huriah" which contained the #1 smash single, "If You Can't Help Me". A few years later, Huriah started his own record company, Royal H Records. Under Royal H Records, he recorded and released a smooth, soulful mixture of Gospel and R&B CD entitled "Huriah Has Arrived From The Planet Hugh Boynton".

During his career, Huriah has worked with many of the greats of our times including: George Clinton, P-Funk All-Stars, Four Tops, Al Hudson and One Way, Hamilton Bohannon, David Ruffin of the Temptations, Greg Allmon and The Allmon Brothers and Enchantment.

Today, Huriah Boynton, an accomplished artist, writer and producer continues to "WOW" crowds around the world with his soulful sound, which is reminiscent of his idol, the late great "Mr. Otis Redding". Working with producer, Dave Roberson, Huriah pays tribute to Mr. Redding on his sensational new CD entitled, "Royal Flush, A Tribute To The King Otis Redding".

Here is some further information from his website:

The gospel music scene is known for showcasing amazingly gifted vocalists…and also for adhering to a traditional musical formula with a contemporary flavor that rarely changes. Huriah Boynton's astounding gospel music vocals have energy, a drive that pushes the message of his music, energizing it with big city rhythms. The foundation of his sound is a groundbreaking musical fusion that makes him one of the strongest and most unique entries into the gospel field in the last decade.

Huriah Boynton is no stranger to the music scene. He was introduced to the gospel marketplace with his first album release on Bellmark Records, titled "Uniquely Huriah" and has continued enjoying success from his single smash hit, "If You Can't Help Me (At The Finishing Line)".

Ultimately, he began to enjoy success in opening services for Rev. Roosevelt Franklin and Rev. J. King. He left Georgia for Detroit where he met the late Al Perkins, a successful Detroit radio powerhouse, who had a vast number of contacts and a deep spiritual commitment. Perkins took Huriah under his wing. "Al Perkins became my spiritual father," Huriah recalls. "He helped me to put my career and my life in the hands of God. I miss him so much". Perkins helped Huriah's career, redirecting him to radio and television, resulting in a religious program on WGPR/FM in Detroit.

Between his radio and television ministry "Hour of Grace Blessing & Healing', that has continued to spread throughout the Detroit, Chicago and surrounding areas, Huriah has found a niche is spreading God's word through ministry and song.

Drawing on over ten years experience, Huriah Boynton have been an evangelists of God's work and a provider of the spiritual fruits of his word. The exponential growth of gospel and spiritual music sales is indicative of a nation in need of spiritual feeding as well as the urgent need of a message of healing.

I hope to be speaking with Huriah in the near future - watch this space!

You can also check out some of his Lanor cuts over on Red kelly's Soul Detective

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