Sunday, October 12, 2008

Al Boyd Presents The Real TRUTH

I heard from Takeshi Hanashima from the Japanese Distribution company Diskunion:

I am currently working with Imperial Wonders, and am doing distribution on their brand new TRUTH CD.(Truth is actually Imperial Wonders + Larry Hancock, you may know.)

Includes 13tracks, 2 tracks are their only one 7" from Sounds Of Cleveland(Come Back Home / Excedrin Headache # 24) and all of the other tracks are previously unissued tracks.

1. Don’t Fight The Feeling 3:59
2. The Price Is Right 3:57
3. Come Back Home 4:35
4. The Flesh Trap 3:59
5. Excedrin Headache # 24 3:59
6. All The Signs 3:51
7. The Moment Of Truth 4:29
8. Break Bread Together 4:54
9. The Mystic Mountain 5:48
10. Don’t Fight The Feeling
(Extended Version) 5:57
11. The Price is Right
(Extended Version) 5:52
12. The Flesh Trap
(Extended Version) 7:30
13. Play The Lottery
(Bonus Track From The Commercial) 3:03

This will be released on 11th Oct in Japan,

Best regards & have a nice day!


You can read more about Al Boyd and The Imperial Wonders over on Soul Treasures

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