Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brother Tyrone Mindbender

Brother Tyrone Mindbender Snippets

I will start catching up with some newer releases over the next week or so after my absence from the blog world for over a month.

First up is from Brother Tyrone - I was turned onto this album by Dave Porter from the UK Vivid Sound Records.

My e-mate Heikki Suosalo has a feature on Brother Tyrone in the latest Soul Express Deep Online:

“Brother” Tyrone Pollard is not a gospel singer, but concentrates on blues instead. According to the bio that I received, Mindbender (Joe’s Home of Blues; 71 min.!) is the second album from this 48-year-old singer out of New Orleans. The CD offers basic root music, in terms of blues and soul-blues, with a live rhythm section and live horns; and for those, who are into it, there are quite a few blues guitar solos, too.......

Read the rest here:


Pick up the CD from Dave!!! Or CD Baby.

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