Sunday, October 05, 2008

Linda Jones Soul Talkin'

I've had a message through from Terry Jones to let me know that you can now get the new Linda Jones CD:

FINALLY!!! I know I have been talking about this for months and the day is now here. I'm proud to announce that my Mom Linda Jones new cd "Soul Talkin" was released today and is in stores and online. If your favorite record retailer does not have it in stock they can order from Super D. If you would like to get the cd now and hear it, here's the link but(PLEASE PRESS PLAY ALL SONGS BROADBAND)this way your will hear it in stereo:


With Soulful LOVE!

Terry Jones

Linda Jones is a icon in the R&B soul community and a favorite on the Northern Soul circuit. In a Rolling Stone interview Gladys Knight was asked to name one of her favorite singers and Gladys replied “Linda Jones.” Linda released a few 45’s before getting her big break in 1967 when she recorded the now classic soul ballad “Hypnotized” on the Warner Bros. R&B label Loma. This classic soul ballad has been licensed to just about every Slow Jam & R&B/classic soul compilation ever, selling over a million copies combined. She continued to chart throughout her career even after she passed. Linda remains a vital influence in today’s music, sampled by many hip hop artist and love by many of today's young soul artist. Her fan base expands across the ocean from Europe to Japan and back to the US. “Soul Talkin” will satisfy fans of Soul Music worldwide, it captures Linda's vocal prowl-ness, energy and emotion. This is the album her fans and soul music fans around the world have been waiting for!

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