Friday, October 17, 2008

“No Trespassing” Podcast by Mr. Fine Wine

The top man - Matt Weingarden aka Mr Fine Wine has laid a mix on the Daptone Jukebox:

“No Trespassing” by Mr. Fine Wine

Click here to download the podcast

Mr. Fine Wine is the host and programmer of WFMU’s "Downtown Soulville"
Fridays, 7-8 p.m., Jersey City, NJ (91.1 FM and

You can hear Mr. Fine Wine spinning soul, funk, gospel, R&B, and
blues 45's in NYC at:

Botanica (every Wednesday - 47 E. Houston St.)
Bumpshop (


1. Tears - 1808 East Broad (Chord)
2. Volcanos - No Trespassing (Virtue)
3. Hank Ballard - I'm a Junkie for My Baby's Love (Chess)
4. Danny Small - Peace Sign (Pisces)
5. Mel Hueston - Time and Patience (Chanson)
6. Williams Sisters - He's Got Everything You Need (Jewel)
7. Frisco Singers - My Girl's a-Waiting (Chess)
8. Lolita R. Smith -Your Love and My Money (Varbee)
9. Hollidays - I Lost You (Groove City)
10. unknown - Our Last Goodbye (unlabeled Ollie McLaughlin tape)
11. Four Sonics - Easier Said Than Done (Sport)
12. Johnny Starr - Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (Mala)
13. Radiants - Don't Want to Face the Truth (Twinight)
14. Visitors - What About Me (Tangerine)
15. Clovers - Try My Loving on You (Josie)
16. Fabulous Holidays - Too Many Times (Marathon)
17. Ex Saveyons - Somewhere (Smoke)
18. Soul Chargers - My Heart Beats for You (American)
19. Hart and Shorter - I Shed a Tear (La Beat)
20. Tommy Turner - I'll Be Gone (El Bam)

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