Friday, October 31, 2008

Eccentric Soul -- The Young Disciples

Here's another killer from the Numero Uno guys:

A treasure trove of soul from the East St Louis scene -- all of it recorded under the Young Disciples program -- an effort to keep kids off the streets, and one with some very funky results! Although set up as a social program, Young Disciples had some amazing cultural results -- a legacy of very hip music with a full range of soulful expression -- mellow harmony soul, upbeat group numbers, hard-edged funk, and quick-stepping dancers -- all packaged together here beautifully by the Numero group! Like all of their other releases, the album's more of a musical story than just a simple compilation -- packaged with a wealth of detailed notes and vintage photos from the Young Disciples project -- more than enough to keep your eyes occupied while you listen to the wonderful grooves in the set. The whole thing's one of the heaviest releases to date from Numero -- and the CD features 21 tracks that include "Would You Rather" and "Hard Hard" by The Georgettes, "The World Is Changing" by LaVel Moore, "Crumbs From The Table" and "Girls Girls Girls" by The Young Disciples Co, "Third Flight" by Third Flight, "Tears" by Debonettes, "It's Not Your Business" by Sharon Clark & The Product Of Time, "Country Loving Country Style" by Bobby McNutt, "I Love You" by Dauphin Williams, "Anyone Or Anything" by DeDe Turner Happening, "People" by Ames Harris Desert Water Bag Company, and "Homeboy" by Eddie Fisher & Allan Dealth Merry Dusty Groove

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  1. My father is Dauphin Williams. I just told him about all of this renewed interest in his music and bought him a copy of the CD. He is very excited about it. Now to get him reconnected with the royalty organizations he long since forgot about.