Thursday, October 16, 2008


I only recently discovered a superb selection of videos on You Tube posted by RobsBigCitySoul

It was hard to choose which one to post as an example because each song has a carefully selected set of moving and still images skillfully put together to illustrate the song.

Each song is also accompanied by an informative set of notes. Here is what they had to say about The Panic Is On:

LOU JOHNSON had a couple of minor hits in USA in 1963 and '64 with 'Reach Out For Me' and 'Always Something There To Remind Me'. However he is often remembered in the UK for his classic Northern Soul dancer 'Unsatisfied' 1965 (Big Top records).
Born in Brooklyn, 1941 Johnson studied keyboards and percussion at university and then sang lead with the Zionettes. In 1962 he signed to New York label Big Top that operated out of the Brill Building through Larry Utall's Hill & Range publishing house. Utall introduced Lou to Burt Bacharach who liked what he heard and saw great possibilities for him as a solo act.

Big Top had an album entitled 'Anytime' scheduled and pressed some review copies (without a picture sleeve) but the company went under again in '66 before the record was released. Contained on the album is Lou's version of 'The Panic Is On' - a great Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye song. G/B/F were an established song writing and production team who supplied Johnson with some great material. They wrote a lot of Lou Johnson's sides on Big Top, the VIP's "You Pulled A Fast One" (also on Big Top) and also Bill Giant's "Poof (Up In Smoke)" (MGM), which was later covered by Kenny Lynch (on Big Top) as "Puff (Up In Smoke)." They also wrote many famous songs for Elvis Presley and his movies.

Roy Hamilton is better known for his version of 'The Panic is On' recorded in 1964 for MGM records.

The second phase of Johnson's recording career began with Cotillion Records in 1968. Due to a lack of hits it turned out to be just a one-album deal --'Sweet Southern Soul'

Thanks to Peter Burns - SoulMusicHQ and 'hiroenouk' channel for some of the footage

Please check out the RobsBigCitySoul's other videos.

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