Sunday, October 12, 2008

More On Lloyd Miller

Lloyd Miller Gol-E Gandom

I recently posted a feature on the new CD compilation of Lloyd Miller's work.

Dr Miller has been in touch after reading the feature:

Dear friend.

Thank you for the wonderful and well-written remarks in your blog about my humble efforts to take jazz in another direction adding to the free-jazz movement by trying to guide everyone towards the rich treasure of Eastern music which in many ways is much more advanced than Western music. Unfortunately four Brits invaded American in the 60s and the world music scene. Although they were a tiny bit sympathetic to Indian music, their presence as the new kings of pop eventually wiped out nearly all vestiges of jazz of any kind. Now those of us old jazzmen who almost made the top have been trampled under and turned into compost totally forgotten by everyone but a few kind friends like yourself. Although my 1960s Oriental Jazz LP of which there are just a handful left has sold for over $600 on ebay, I still remain a has-been that never was which is a lot worse than a has-been who actually was something before the rock holocaust exterminated us and our struggling little art form of jazz. In any case my whole weird life story of jazz in Los Angeles in the 50s, Europe in the late 50s and 60s, Iran and the Middle East in the 70s and a few years here in Utah is in a book I am writing and have finished all but the days in France, Sweden and Belgium and a few years in Utah. Most of it, especially the 7 years in Iran and environs, is unbelievable; at least I never would have believed it myself if I hadn't been there watching it. You might want to visit my website and our YouTube sites: lloyddocmiller ; doctorlloyd miller and worldartsdocmiller to see some nice examples of things we have done starting from the 1960s onward.

Thanks again mate, cheers,

Dr. Lloyd Miller

Here is Dr Lloyd playing santur with a jazz ensemble:

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