Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mighty Hannibal Who Told You That?

The Mighty Hannibal Who Told You That? Snippets
The Mighty Hannibal has made his CD Who Told You That? available again through CD Baby. Get it because it contains some fine old songs and some material which ahd in the can plus a couple of new songs.
I will be posting my article on the man, which was first published in In The Basement, on my Dark End Of The Street blog before the end of the year.

Here's an extract covering the period when some of the songs on the above CD were recorded:
During the early 70’s, he had occasionally gone back into the recording studios and to turn out some excellent songs. Hannibal produced Hermon Hitson’s classic recording on Sweet Rose – “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”, he cut a few more sides on Delia including “Stand Up For Your Brother” for Bahith and another for Eclipse.

Hannibal returned to the church after the “Truth” album and continued to preach up to around 1977 when Jimmy Brown of Brick coaxed him back into the business. He worked on a 45 called “Instant Replay” written by Sam Dees backed with “So Wrapped Up In Your Love” but I have never seen a copy! In 1978, he had a 45 on Miracle out called “Ain’t Nobody Perfect”, which was a call to understand difference. This had actually been recorded during his time in L.A. in the early 70’s and featured Neil Diamond’s band.

He had 2 further 45s out in the 80’s. The first was another killer ballad entitled “When It Comes To You” which was written by Darryl Carter who had been introduced to Hannibal by long time friend Freddie Briggs who had worked with Darryl back at Stax. The song also featured another long time friend Kim Tolliver on backing vocals with Delia Gartrell. The label “My Record Kompany” belonged to Hannibal and the label features his step-grandson Glenn who was then a baby. The last 45, which Hannibal had out was around 1983 on the Real Good label. He cut 2 sides “Don’t Go Looking” and “Hoe Down” in Atlanta after he put up the money with one of his neighbours, Lowell Dickerson, who had played for the Kansas City Chiefs.
It wasn’t until 1997 that Hannibal went back into the recording studio to produce another anti-drugs record in the shape of “Who Told You That?” The album appeared on the Bad International label and was recorded up in Middlesex, North Carolina at the Gospel World Studios.
Also drop by to his MySpace to listen to his thought provoking Show Me The Money which he cut earlier this year.

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