Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lloyd Miller Oriental Jazz

I was turned onto Lloyd Miller's work after buying Jazzman Records Spiritual jazz album which features his Gol-E Gandom. Now we have this essential collection:

Groundbreaking work from Lloyd Miller -- an American jazzman, but one with a real ear for the exotic! Lloyd's probably best known for his collaborations overseas with Jef Gilson -- but as this CD reveals, Miller's been making amazing music for years -- working in styles that blend together jazz elements with a host of world music influences -- all in very haunting and unusual ways! Miller himself plays oug, santur, piano, clarinet, bass, tabla, and a host of other percussion instruments -- and the recordings feature him in a variety of settings, including his 60s Oriental Jazz Quartet, and some rare TV work in Tehran! 20 tracks in all -- with titles that include "Kyoto Gardens", "Hue Wail", "Sakura", "Oud Blues", "Gole E Gandom", "Amber Eyes", "Cello A La Turque", "Perso Jazz Blend", and "Bhairava". Dusty Groove.

Check out a MySpace dedicated to Lloyd Miller

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