Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Soul Discovery Playlist 5/10/08

Rena Scott
Mick from Soul Discovery has been in touch:

Hi Colin,
Great to have you back
all the best

Soul Discovery
Cambridge 105FM
Sunday 12.00-15.00 (uk Time)

Archived show is currently available 5.10.08 (209 Radio)

itune Podcast 5.10.08 (209 Radio)

Play-List from 5.10.08 (209 Radio)
By All Means “In your arm” (Motown)
By All Means “I think I fell in love” (Island)
The Chestnut Brothers “Mountain love” (Promo)
Willie Collins “Destiny” ((Basic Image Promo)
Coretta Davis “Still love him anyway” (PE)
Rene Scott “I Know It’s Right” (Lola Waxx)
Jennifer Hudson “I’m his only woman” (Promo)
Greg Rose “I still get off on you” (GLR)
Robert Owens “So much better”
Common Knowledge “Just friends” (Common Knowledge Prods)
Chelly K “How’z everything in your house” (BMI)
Extra Rich In Class “Gimme a chance” (Ericeh)
The Chestnut Brothers “We’ve got love”” (Promo)
Charles Bradley “The telephone song” (Dunham) 7’
Preston Shannon “The way that I love you” (Title Tunes)
Brother Tyrone “I never found a girl” (Mindbender)
James Whitney “Let’s Fall In Love” (Promo Remix)
The Pentagons “We’ve got to try (and find it)” (Tru-Gems)
Roy Hightower “Don’t feel sorry for yourself” (CDS)
Crystal Motion “There’ll be another” (Promo)
Crystal Motion “Love is on it's Way" (Promo)
The Pentagons “She says call me” (Tru-Gems)
Gregg A. Smith “Angel” (Live)
Extra Rich In Class “Cause you’re my lady” (Ericeh)
Willie Collins “Righteous Man” (Basic Image Promo)
Heston “Easy” (Storyteller)
Wayne Brady “FWB” (Peak)
Lin Roundtree/Valencia “Get away” (BDK)
Syleena Johnson “It’s true” (Promo)
Kashious “Time” (CDS Promo)
The Chestnut Brothers “Mountain love” (Promo)
Jason Little “Come back” (JL)
Macs & Rumplestilskin “Time to come back to me” (CMS)
Blue Mist Band “Fantasy girl” (Unsigned)
Chucki “Don't Stop Loving Me” (DL)
Larry Hilton “Never gonna let you go”(L&C Music)
James Whitney “Goodness know” (Promo Remix)

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