Friday, June 09, 2006

The Arthur Alexander Story

Arthur Alexander died on this day in 1993 and by strange coincidence I finished reading above book today!

I had recently delved into my "soul library" to catch up on some reading and I picked up the book which for some reason I had not read!!! It is one of the best biogrpaphies I have read about a soul singer telling Arthur's story as well as putting it into the context of the Muscle Shoals and Nashville music scenes. It added a lot of background information on Arthur's recording sessions and is very well researched based on extensive interviews.

In memory of the man I went to my shelves and pulled down my favourite song by the man - "I Need You Baby" on Monument. The words below could be page from his life:-

Remember back, yesterday, before the world took you away
My mama used to give us our cups and spoons
We lived in a shabby house with just one shabby room
Back then you needed me
When I came home you greeted me
I need you baby, let me stay with you
I want to spend my whole life with you
Because I need you, I really need you

Did he ever sound better than on this 45?

Go and get the book because it is an excellent read and I should have read it sooner!!!! Posted by Picasa

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