Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cathy Rich The Beat Goes On

I recently heard the song The Beat Goes On being used for a beer advert in the UK. A quick trawl around YouTube produced the above video. I have posted Cathy Rich's studio cut below. The song appeared on her father's album Big Swing Face Pacific Jazz PJ-10117.
The album featured: Buddy Rich (d), Quinn Davis (as), Ernie Watts (as/fl), Jay Corre, Robert Keller (ts/fl), Marty Flax (baSax), Bobby Shew, Yoshito Murakami, Charles Findley, John Scottile (tp), Jim Trimble, Ron Meyers (tb), Bill Wimberly (baTb), Ray Starling (p), Richard Resnicoff (g), James Gannon (b), Cathy Rich (vcl); recorded at United Recording and live at the Chez Club, Hollywood, California on February 22-25 and March 10, 1967. The Beat Goes On was recorded at United and the edited into the live cuts.

Cathy Rich (R) with Beverly Getz (L) on stage with Buddy

Cathy Rich The Beat Goes On Pacific Jazz

The track was issued by Pacific Jazz on a 45 in 1967 and it is hard to believe that she was only 12!!!

Cathy has a MySpace and works to keep her father's work alive:

The original version of the song was by Sonny and Cher and you can compare the performances by watching the video below - I much prefer Cathy's!! The song has also beeen covered by the band All Seeing I - interesting mix and an ace video!


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    yesterday i saw a nice version from poppa chubby & cher

  2. Buddy rich and Cathy The Best jazz Music. I'm French I'm sorry. Je continuerais ce comments en francais car je suis francais et pour parler musique nous nous comprendrons... C'est le morceau gigantesque "the beat goes on", le morceau qui rassemble DJ, Jazzman, Rocker and all persons ( if you love music!!) Simply beautiful en travel in imagination...

  3. I've heard this while searching for some buddy rich's mp3. I tried to find out who did that vocal, her voice is delicious, I think she should give up trying to keep her father's work alive and do some of her own.