Monday, September 20, 2010

"Daddy Rockin' Strong: A Tribute to Nolan Strong & the Diablos"

The Wind Records, along with help from Norton Records, will soon be releasing a new vinyl LP called "Daddy Rockin' Strong: A Tribute to Nolan Strong & the Diablos" - a full album of Nolan Strong & the Diablos covers. This record is a small attempt at keeping the memory of Detroit's finest R&B singer, Nolan Strong, alive. Nolan Strong & The Diablos were a pre-Motown sensation. The group's hit songs include "The Wind" and "Mind Over Matter." His influence is shown in the trademark falsetto of Smokey Robinson. While Nolan never reached the height of fame as the singers he influenced, he will forever be Detroit's finest.

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Track list:
Mark Sultan - "The Wind"
Dirtbombs - "Daddy Rockin' Strong"
Cub Koda - "You're the Only Girl, Delores"
Outrageous Cherry - "Yeah Baby, It's Because of You"
Andre Williams & the A-Bones - "The Way You Dog Me Around"
Danny Kroha & the Del Torros - "Do You Remember What You Did"

Reigning Sound - "Mind Over Matter"
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - "I Want to be Your Happiness"
A-Bones - "Real True Love"
Hentchmen - "Mambo of Love"
Demon's Claw's - "Try Me One More Time"
Gentleman Jesse & His Men - "Harriett, It's You"
Lenny Kaye - "I Wanna Know"

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