Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dave Specter New Delmark CD

Dave Specter

An exciting new release from Dave Specter on Delmark:

We are thrilled with the return of outstanding blues guitarist Dave Specter to Delmark recording activity. This anticipated release will be both a DVD and CD from 2 live shows recorded last year at Rosa’s Lounge and Buddy Guy’s Legends. “Live In Chicago” (DVD 1794/DE 794) will be a Specter “all-star blues revue” with special guests vocalists Tad “Mr. Soul/Blues” Robinson, the ageless Jimmy “The Bar Room Preacher” Johnson, and Sharon “The Texas Fire” Lewis each showing their talented skills while Specter lays down his deep blues/jazz guitar grooves. 2) Fantastic harp player/bandleader Pierre Lacocque and Mississippi Heat also return with their 2nd release on Delmark; this one is a new ambitious studio CD, “Hattiesburg Blues” (DE 795) featuring their lead vocalist Inetta Visor, and Chicago blues guitar legends Lurrie Bell and Carl Weathersby. The Chicago Horns and latin pecussionist Ruben Alvarez will also add significantly to this varied disc of many new original compositions (Kevin Johnson Delmark)

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