Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Arthur Duncan Live At Rosa's Blues Lounge DVD & CD

I have been enjoying a rousing live set from Little Arthur Duncan both on DVD and CD recorded last August in Chicago for Delmark:

"Little Arthur Duncan is one of the "must see" artists for fans of true, deep, lowdown blues. Arthur's music is about a good time, a deep blues feel, and above all a strong groove. Relax and enjoy solid traditional Chicago blues played by some of the best in Chicago who still play it!" - Blues historian Scott Dirks from the liner notes

Little Arthur Duncan (b.1934 in Indianola, MS) invites you to his Back Scratcher dance party (check out "Scratch My Back" on the DVD) at Chicago's friendliest blues bar, Rosa's Lounge. Arthur has been on the Chicago blues scene since the '50's, where he once lived downstairs from his mentor, the best harp player of all, Little Walter- "Blues With A Feeling" is right! Arthur is not only one of our favorite powerful blues singers and traditional harp players, but also the sweetest man on the scene.

Arthur has owned and operated countless businesses, including blues bars on the West Side in the 80's such as Artesia's and the Backscratcher's Lounge, where his veteran Chicago all-star band gets its name. The Backscratchers are guitarists Illinois Slim (played w/ Eddie Taylor!) and Rick Kreher (Muddy Waters' last guitarist) and bassist Michael Azzi (Eddy Clearwater) and drummer Twist Turner (everybody!) Song favorites include "Young Fashioned Ways," the Sumlin/Wolf influenced "Bad Reputation" and Arthur yellin' about his baby having 'Trackmarks" from her head to her knee! Chicago blues singer Little Al Thomas is a special treat on the BB King influenced "[ Got To Find My Baby!" It's an 0l' school house-rockin' party!

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