Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet Angel @ Whitehaven Celebration Complex 8th March 08

I have had a bulletin through from Sweet Angel to tell me about the above gig.
Here's her MySpace blurb:
If you haven't heard of Sweet Angel, listen up --- this multifaceted beauty is one to watch! Recording artist Sweet Angel was born the 9th day of March in Memphis, TN where she still currently resides.
Her fiancé, Mike Dobbins, plays an integral role in her entertainment career. Once you meet her, you’ll know why her manager gave her the name of Sweet Angel. She is truly an angel with her charm, looks and sweet personality.
Not only can this beauty sing – she is musically inclined! She has always loved music and performed with her elementary school chorus where she also learned to play xylophone. In middle school she learned to fluently play clarinet and saxophone. She won seats in the top 10 All West Tennessee Bands and All City Bands in school.
Sweet Angel has diverse musical elements in her repertoire from Blues, soul, R&B and jazz. She is a natural songwriter and all you have to do is give her one line, within the hour, you have a complete song.Her first released album “Another Man’s Meat On My Plate” was completed at the end of February 2007. It began playing on radio on March 6th, 2007. The album was completed in less than 90 days. She is a hardworking entertainer. She is already in demand. Her album is being played across the US already. She lights up a stage and brings a lot of energy – so keep your eyes on her.
Sweet Angel’s music is making waves – big ones. She is a complete package.

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