Friday, February 15, 2008

Lil' Fallay

I've been meaning to feature Lil Fallay for sometime so when Mick O'Donnell played a track off Lil Fallay's new CD then I decided to feature him on IDR.

Here's his MySpace blurb:

Ladies and Gentleman, this guy's bio reads like a made for movie novel. Chris Andrus aka Soul & Blues recording artist Lil' Fallay (pronounced Fall- Lay)has changed the landscape of Soul music in South Louisiana and the Chittlin Circuit music genre. He appreared on the scene in 2001 with his debut album DREAMS DO COME TRUE with the hit song that took the music scene by storm, Swing It . Selling over 5,000 copies as an Indie artist was a big accomplishment. Using gorilla styled marketing propelled Fallay into the main stream of Southern Soul music. Performing on the same stage with the likes of the late great Tyrone Davis, Mel Waiters, Michael Cooper of the famed 70's dance group Con Funk Shun, Zapp, The Manhathans, Denise Lasalle, Willie Clayton and other popular southern soul artists increased his exposure.

Without skipping a beat, in 2002, Fallay released his follow up album entitled TASTE ME with the hit song Just Won't Give In. It was like he knew what his fans wanted and he gave it to them on a silver platter. Shortly after, 9/11 occurred. Its effects on the nation and the economy caused a period where there was no shipping, selling, or buying in the country. As a result, the CD was frozen in time. Although jocks all over the country lauded it a success, the sales were not comparable to his first release. . . proof that if the music does not get to the fans, it dies. But that did not stop Lil' Fallay.

In 2003, he teamed up with Charles Manns and Bob Coleman for his third project, BACK 2 BASICS. This album ventured away from Fallays usual up tempo style and received mixed reviews. The most memorable track from this CD is the unforgettable mother's day tribute song entitled A Mother's Love, highly requested every year for mother's day. After the conclusion of that producer-artist effort, Fallay produced his fourth project titled FOLLOW MY LEAD. Dubbed his best project to date, it brought him right back to the throne where he sits as THE GURU OF SWING, the name given to him by review writers around the world. With hits like Dont Walk Away, , Lets Swing Again, and My Babys Magic, fans were announcing that their favorite entertainer was back! Now, to the present . . . it appears that Fallay is still bringing his fans what they want & need with his fifth project entitled JUST FOR THE LADIES. Reviewers are already reporting that if the first single One 4 Da Ladies is any indicator of what the album will be like, this is a definite hit! In usual suave Fallay style . . . we have one word to describe this one . . . Partaaaaay ! **

We also would like to mention that in 2003, Fallay released a patriotic song titled PROUD OF OUR TROOPS and a Christmas album with friends titled SONGS OF THE SEASON in 2004 he also released Southern Souls first concept music video titled CAN I DANCE WITH YOU filmed in Lafayette, LA at the oldest Juke Joint club (THE WILLOW) the video can be seen in Buffalo New York, Jackson MS., Austin TX & Lafayette, LA. and other television stations. Fallay can been seen at venues such as casinos, concerts, festivals, night clubs, private and social parties, wedding events and church dances etc..

He is equipped with either a four piece band or a DJ and track show. Only 45 years of age, Fallay has a long career ahead of him because Fallay is HOT LIKE FIRE. Contacts 1-337-277-2487 or or

Here's Lil Fallay in action:

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