Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flow Dynamics

Craig Charles turned me onto the Australian band Flow Dynamics.

Here's the publicity blurb on the album:

Now, with a pile of original tunes and remixes under his belt, Dave McKinney brings it all together for his debut self-titled Flow Dynamics album. Full of funky jams and block party breaks, the record takes the listener on a journey through the world of funk and soul based beats with lots of uptempo party cuts, chilled downtempo grooves and everything in between. The album digs deep into the traditions of funk and soul, with lots of live musicians, heavy drums, funky basslines, tight horn sections, sharp cuts, and raw funk vocals, all recorded and mixed at home in his bedroom studio.

Get over to their MySpace to hear tracks.


  1. Also see their website. There is a live gig that can be downloaded that is very cool.

  2. Hi H

    Thanks for the tip!!!