Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lowrider Band

I came across the Lowrider Band while searching MySpace. The band are former members of War - Howard Scott: Guitar/Vocals; Lee Oskar: Harmonica; B.B. Dickerson: Bass/Vocals; Harold Brown: Drums/Vocals; Chuk Barber: Percussion; Lance Ellis: Saxophone and Keith Vinet: Keyboards.

Go and have a listen to their music - the track Ordinary man does it for me.

Here's their MySpace blurb:

Once Upon a Time in The West," there was a septet out of South Central Los Angeles that was not afraid to inhale - to soak up the vibrations and the multi-cultural make-up of its surrounding community. Like a mirror held up to the light, they refracted the sensual and joyful lopes of the Latin diaspora, the earthy blues of the Black Experience, the rootsy fruit of the Afro-Cuban contingent and (via their Danish soul mate on harmonica) the enchanting melodies of a not-so-distant promised land. Bound by brotherhood and sense of purpose, these men hand-crafted a conscience-scalding musical melting pot, churning out worldwide `70s million-sellers such as "The World is a Ghetto," "Slippin' into Darkness," "The Cisco Kid," "Low Rider" and the anthem "Why Can't We Be Friends."Their albums were jazz-soaked travelogue soundtracks that reacquainted listeners with the four cornered rooms of their minds, teasing their imaginations with tales of outlaws and senoritas from the River Niger to Far Out places in space. Their songs sprang from communal jams in which seeds and stems were sown into soul symphonies.

Each member contributed his singular element to its essence: the crack cadences of Harold Brown's trap drums, the winding bass lines of B.B. Dickerson, the taproot sting of Howard Scott's wicked guitar, the soaring solos and peppery tandem lines of Charles Miller's saxophones and flutes and Lee Oskar's tangy harmonica, the ancient mystic rumblings of Papa Dee Allen's congas and timbales, and the rhapsodic tapestry of Lonnie Jordan's keyboards. Ruthlessly, time has taken its toll on this musical Magnificent Seven. Miller and Allen transitioned to the next life. Meanwhile, Jordan tours with an army of recruits under "the name" that is recognized the world over.

However, it is the remaining quartet of S.O.B.s - Scott, Oskar, Brown and Dickerson - which harnesses the true essence that the band has long represented - the unity, the harmony and the righteous fury that was at such ironic odds with "the (3-letter) name" they were saddled with for so long. Reborn as "The Lowrider Band" (with new members Lance Ellis on sax, Keith Vinet on keyboards and Chuk Barber on percussion), the funkiest jam band in the galaxy is riding back into town in a drop top Caddy and on a mission: to stake their rightful claim as the indisputable authorities of authentic All Day Music.


  1. julia8:44 AM

    Hi! I'm writing from Huntsville Alabama, USA. (I'm a white Obama supporter, how 'bout that?)

    I want to talk about Keith Vinet, the keyboard player for this band. I dated Keith in the mid to late 80's, and he's one of the special men in my past.

    This guy is an awesome keyboard player and composer. When I knew him he worked on Bourbon St. in the Quarter. He could hear a song once and play it.

    I met him because he was playing tasty jazz on acoustic piano one afternoon at the Famous Door. I was on my way to the grocery store, walking by.

    He wrote music too, and kept it all in his head. When he would play it, I thought of Stevie Wonder, Quincy jones. It was beautiful. I'm super picky about music, and Keith Vinet is a delicious composer in my opinion.

    Keith's talented father, Emile, also played (or still plays) piano, and Keith grew up with dad on Bourbon St. Keith studied with the patriarch of another New Orleans music family, Elis Marsalis, in high school.

  2. My name is gina i married keith in 2007.My husband is a brilliant writer and composer of music.He has playe with many awesome musicians all over the world and is currently promoting his album.He is blessed with a special gift.
    His father is no longer playing music and has relocated.
    I am so proud of my husband....

  3. Message for Howard Scott from "Tiger": See you at Yoshi's! You're a long way from School Street (Arlington TX? I went to school in San Antonio WAY back in the day)

  4. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Hi! Just ran across your blog mentioning The Original Lowridera AKA War. Chuk Barber, their percussionist was featured on my network's dubut music show and I thought I'd share it with you!


    Take care and thanks for keeping great music alive!