Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Soul Discovery 24/2/08

Otis Jackson
Mick O'Donnell was also doing the business over weekend with one of his best ever shows which featured over an hour of great new releases followed by a wonderful set of rarities/obscurities from ace collector Steve Guarnori.
Don't miss this show which both demonstrates that quality soul is still coming out of the States and that there seems to be a never ending source of obscure soul to discover!
Play-List 24.2.08
Michael Sutton “Bandaid” (Litty Dizzy)
Pookie Lane “You are appreciated” (Allson)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“What you you won’t for love” (Jomar Promo)
The Embers “This Heart” (Bluewater)
James Whitney “Goodness knows” (Whitney Music)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“Stuck” (Jomar Promo)
Duane Williams “Yes my love is real” (Soul Junction Promo)
Roy Clay “So Amazing” (R.C.)
The Newborn Harmonizers “Straighten it out for you” (T.B.H.)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“I’ll work for you” (Jomar Promo)
Shantel “Control” (Mo-Philly Promo)
Prince Kenyatta “I just wanna be loved” (A-Flat)
Albert Phillips &The Divine Messengers “Tomorrow may never come”(Quinn)
James Whitney “Let’s fall in love” (Whitney Music)
Wendell B “Can we get back to that” (Cuzzu)
Cyril Neville “Better half” (Jomar Promo)
Snatch Nelson “La da da”(Mardi Gras)
Special Guest Steve Guarnori on Soul Discovery
L.R. Superstars “Come to me” (Taps)
Samson & Delilah “Don’t listen to your friends” (Pittsburgh)
George Bussey Experience “I need your fire” (Foxy)
Zeal “Don’t you know” (Potential)
High Fidelity “Strangers in love” (Atlanta)Galaxy “Superstar” (Future Stars)
Chuck Proffitt “Love love love” (Lar Rom)
Gerald Wayne “Now I can see” (Stage)
Jetton & Prinz “Judge & Jury (Pilot Master)
Beaux Beatty “Back up man” (Playboy)
Floyd Beck “Fly by night” (Timeless)
X-Ta-C “Squeeze” (OK&T)
2nd Re$serection “You done let the daylight catch you girl” (Stanson)
Harvey Scales “”Trying to survive” (Magic Touch)
Sir Henry Ivy “He left you stand there” (Innovation)
Lee Fields “Take me back” (Angle 3)
Pleasure Seekers “Come inside” (Koala)
Michael Smith “Heavenly Inspired” (Pharoah)
Ira “Breaking Away (Sooza)
Tommy Tate “What’s the matter” (ABC)
Sam Dees “I found love in my backyard” (Chess unissued)
Kim Tolliver “Standing room only” (Pacesetter)
Herman Kelly “Still a little love left” (RCA)
Lorraine Johnson “If you want me to be more of a woman” (Atlantic)
Richard Marks “Innocent Bystander” (Free Spirit)
Reggie Garner “Spellbound” (OLA)
John Donvan “Looking for your love” (Paradigm)
Willie Feaster & Concrete Wall “Voices (Red Coach)
Otis Jackson “Beggin for a broken heart” (Mega)

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  1. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Great show just wish mr Guarnori would stop use his deliberate spelling mistake cover ups..