Sunday, February 17, 2008

Joey Gilmore Gig Dates

Joey Gilmore has dropped me a bulletin to tell about his upcoming gigs.

18 Feb 2008 19:00
Gulfstream Park
Hallandale, Florida

22 Feb 2008 18:00
Village Pump
Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida

25 Feb 2008 19:00
Gulfstream Park
Hallandale, Florida

1 Mar 2008 20:00
Islmorada Tiki Bar
Islamorada, Florida

5 Mar 2008 12:00
Fort Lauderdale Library - Noon Toons
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7 Mar 2008 20:00
Village Pump
Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida

8 Mar 2008 21:00
Backroom Blues Bar
Boca Raton, Florida

9 Mar 2008 20:00
Coconut Creek Casino
Coconut Creek, Florida

14 Mar 2008 19:00
Sunrise Civic Center Amphitheatre

28 Mar 2008 21:00
Village Pump (Inside)
Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida

26 Apr 2008 19:00
Pompano Beach Sea Food Festival
Lighthouse Point, Florida

26 Jul 2008 11:30
Pocono Blues Festival
Blakeslee, Pennsylvania

26 Jul 2008 14:00
Pocono Blues Festival
Blakeslee, Pennsylvania

Born in Ocala, Joey Gilmore came to South Florida in the ’60s and hasbeen here ever since. Gilmore found his niche playing behind all the great soul, blues and R&B stars that passed through town, as well asleading his own successful bands and recording along the way.

Joey with Betty Padgett

This is his story from his website:

His love affair with the guitar began in his teens. “In the town that I lived in, there was a barbershop,”Gilmore reminisces. “And the barber that owned the shop was a sanctified preacher. He was a minister, and he had this little flat-bodied guitar. It was electric, no amplifier to it. And he would bring it to the shop with him, and he was trying to learn how to play. So, I would get to the barbershop early whenever I would go to get my hair cut, or even after school, I would hang around at the barbershop, because I wanted to get my hands on that guitar. I would take the guitar and they had these old wooden benches. I would lay the guitar on top of the woodenbench and when you would strum the strings, the wood, the bench, would vibrate, and the floor would, the sound would resonate, and you could hear it without the amplifier. I learned just from watching him.” Young Gilmore tried to keep his obsession with the instrument from his church going aunt, who was raising him, but word of the talented boy who played at the barbershop eventually got back to her. She finally heard him play with his group at church and was moved to tears. “She went straight to Sears and Roebuck and bought me a brand-new guitar,” Gilmore says. “It was a Kay, I think. And from that, we started learning other songs, other music besides church music. And that didn’t sit too well with her. But when she finally accepted that we could make money, that we could make a lot on a weekend,though we weren’t old enough to be in the bars without parental supervision, she would go with us. And would sit at the door and take up the money for us.”Decades later and established as a Florida legend, Gilmore provides a highlight at Blues Festivalsand clubs proving he’s one of South Florida’s best soul-blues singers while wringing blue notes out of his guitar.Joey Gilmore's career has spanned 40 years with performances throughout the United States and Europe. He has called South Florida home for the past twenty years. Joey is a true Blues and R & B master who incorporates new and varied styles in his music performing original compositions mixed with traditional standards in his high energy live show. His tenor/baritone vocals belt out tunes with a loss abandon reminiscent of Blues Legends from the 1940's and 1950's. This Blues man's major influences are apparent without sacrificing his unique style. Artists Joey has shared the stage withinclude; James Brown, Etta James, Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Johnny Taylor and numerous others. You can read some fascinating reviews and articles on Joey Gilmore here:

See the man in action here:

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