Friday, February 15, 2008

Soul Discovery 10/2/08 Playlist

Lil' Fallay & Billy Soul Bonds

I've mentioned the show a couple of times in recent posts so here is last week's playlist which Mike has dropped me:

Cambridge 105FM

Sunday 12.00-15.00

Archived show is currently available 10.2.08

Play-list from 10.2.08

Lil Fallay “I wanna make love to you”

Chuck Jackson “Walk away from love”

Shantel “Arise Time to Shine”

Leonard Julien III “What she don’t know”

Arthur “Tell me why”

The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“Stuck”

Michael Dixon “I got somthin 4 U”

Marvin Yates “We must love”

Minister Bowie “I’m a winner”

Stanley Baird “I want 2 love U”

Maurice “How can you say you love me”

Bernard “Kingdom of love”

Bo Jones “I’m sorry if this hurts you”

Snatch Nelson “La da da”

Arthur “Where do you run”

Willie Clayton “Give you my world”

Dalton Reed “Willing & Able”

Michael Sterling “Why did you leave”

Lawrence Beamen “Alright with me”

Bobby Wayne “This house is haunted”

Nancy Wilson “Ocean of love” 7’

Doris Allen “Let's Walk Down the Street Together”

James Wallace “Weather the storm” 7’

Mary Gresham “I’ll never let you walk alone”

Lee Fields “At the end of the day”

Leonard Julien III “The love I let slip away”

Bernard “Never turning back”

Billy ‘Soul’ Bonds “Baby I been miss you” 12’

Zorro “You didn’t waste no time” 7’

Charles ‘Bo’ Grant “The things you do”

Terry Collins “The show must go on”

Father’s Children “If I”

Shibeli “You” 7’

Willis “(I just) don’t wanna be lonely”

Wendell B “You didn’t have to hurt your boy so much”

Izzy James “Caught up”

Willie Clayton “Gotta Love”

Mamon & Mamon “He will make it right”

Angel “Why me”

Anita Marie Hill “Our flame

For all playlists go to....... 209radio Forum (Soul Discovery)



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